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  1. HI SOL buddies, this is Jeff's Wife, Lyn Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, his obit is in the paper today, you can go to to read it. He was the love of my life and my soul mate, never will be able to replace this loss. Cast one for him....
  2. ou812
  3. And then again maybe some never will...
  4. Look at the head on that..... Got off the short-bus....? Nice job.
  5. Leave it alone, you can got to the beach,or any public pool for that matter and see as much if not more...of what some "people" find objectional....
  6. Is the handle "knob" bigger or the same size as the 250? Is it round like to 250? or like rectangle? It looks round on the VS website...
  7. Shoot me if I'm wrong ....but buying a 50 cent newspaper with a credit card will continue to irritate me.
  8. A guy in front of me at the Seabright 7-11 today, used a debit card to buy the Asbury Park Press for 50 was all he bought.
  9. Hey, she is rich, she is young....thats not bad at all.
  10. TNT does...he is good!
  11. I'm more than a little concerned about the learning curve...I'm not an expert by any means, but some of the things that I've seen...well, just puzzle me I give anybody credit for getting out there and trying....but so many people have just so much to learn.
  12. Wow...u really think so, rat...based on fact you got that?
  13. Like Fidel Castro eating a roastbeef sandwich..
  14. cool
  15. by the was 8:04 am on a Wednesday morning...