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  1. Best night this season was on the pearl bomber for me. Hadn't fished one in years and it lit up.
  2. do you need to bring it in a lot or can you leave it out all season? I just don't want to be bringing a bunch of rods and an out of my house all the time or having to take the reels off. The salt and sand isn't that bad what was bad for me was the pollen build up and crud from the leaf blower.
  3. That is terrible. I have never had any issues there. Sad to hear. I will be more careful now. A lot more folks out there fishing this time of year than other times of the year. Thanks for the PSA and good luck.
  4. I have a practical question for non-van staal users. I get that not everyone swims 10 miles to a rock when they go fishing. I am just curious but can the stellas be stored outside in the rain and stuff and be fine? or do people bring their reels in and out of the house every time they go fishing? That would be annoying for me. My rods/reels in active duty pretty much live on my roof rack, or propped against a tree or fence when not in the roof rack. If I won't be fishing for a few days I might put them under the car port. I will bring them inside in the winter.
  5. I prefer no glow for striper fishing
  6. Good fishing tonight with lots of bass up to ~15lbs. Fished for 3 hours and the hour and a half that it was a fish every cast I was the only one on the beach. Doesn't get much better than that.
  7. Thanks for the insight. Was wondering how it worked. I assumed they were doing what they do legally. Looks like it's been the same boats / flags / floats for years. I also don't think gill netters are messing up the migration. I have seen them there for years. Sometimes the fishing has been good when they are there and sometimes it has been terrible. They are always pretty tight to the beach at least where I am. Sometimes I watch them haul their nets through the binos and somedays they make out like bandits and other days it looks like a waste of gas or just dogfish city. Sounds like fishing to me!
  8. Been a tough stretch for me. Bunch of fishless trips in a row. Fish for an while and nothing. Then a hit or a brief hook up and drop. Then fish for a while and nothing. Seems like I am getting one good shot in a night and missing it. Can't find anything consistent out front. Seeing lots of anglers and very few fish.
  9. I don't know much about commercial fishing or boats. Are these 200 fish transferrable? Like could a captain get his 200 and the mate another 200? I feel like I see the same boats running out of shinnecock most days. I assume those boats are able to harvest more than 200 fish in a season. I did some rough math (just guessing) and 200 fish @ 12.5lbs gross x $20 gross weight = $50k. Again, I don't know anything about boats but they aren't tiny boats (not HUGE either) but I assume they require a fair bit of maintenance, fuel, slip, winches, etc. Then the cost of crew and the nets, etc. And you are subject to risk in the market price of the fish but that sword cuts both ways. It ain't cheap retail but don't know what the distributor or wholesaler takes. I would be shocked if there was much $ to take home at the end of the day if each fisherman had to run their own boat and crew. Feels like pretty thin margins if any. That said, if a fisherman could get more than 200 tags thru sharing, buying or trading them, they could probably scale that pretty well and some money. Just curious how it works. There has got to be some $ in it otherwise they wouldn't be out there. Feels a lot more like earning a living or scraping by than greed and riches. But I don't know all the ins and outs so I am just guessing.
  10. Thule ski rack works perfectly never had an issue. They have locks. Just don't leave your rods and reels unattended in public parking for a long time.
  11. I haven't washed one of my VSX150's this year and it sat mostly outside or on the roof of my car since April. It felt slow so I cleaned it up and put some grease and oil on it tonight. Feels great now. I noticed rust on my clicker as well (first time I noticed this on any of my reels but I don't check often). I also get some rust / discoloration on the counter balance weight. Part is probably not stainless. I am not that worried about it. Edit - mine also did not look nearly as rusted as the one posted at the beginning of the thread. Just a little bit of rust.
  12. I snap at least one 10'6 legend a year. All breaks have occurred randomly at the inlet.
  13. I have the vego brand beds. They go all the way down so there is a lot of soil in them. They sound like what you are looking for. Various sizes / heights available.
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