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  1. Nature, fishing, birds, salt air, wind, weather, tide, water, moon, day, night... No goal for me. Just to have fun.
  2. I am so sorry Kevin. Stay strong.
  3. I would be interested in the brown trouts, eel skins and sand pikes if you were to sell them.
  4. Best of luck finding it.
  5. Is that $30 shipped for the two Atoms? If so, I will take.
  6. Sending thoughts and prayers and wishing for the best. I am so sorry you are going through this tough time.
  7. harder for me to get there. That is my problem.
  8. Those are very cool
  9. Pinzgaur...had to look it up...I think 70's and 80's but I am no expert. There was one with a for sale for a while ago outside a local train station and looked it up then. Looked very bare bones.
  10. Tonights results more like ~$900 for a pike and ~$1.5k for a weasel...god bless... Feels like bitcoin.
  11. Sorry, I mixed up the patterns. I thought this was a different one. My bad.
  12. What kind of fish did it choke on? I have seen some of those take down surprisingly larger bunker after a some work.
  13. Would love to hear some stories.
  14. Spofford is best topwater bluefish lure on the islands from the beach. When big blues are in thick out front I like to use these. An ava jig and teaser and once I know they are there switch to a spofford. Never caught anything but blues on em. The topwater chase is great.
  15. check to make sure your hook points are sharp as the rocks can dull them down quick.