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  1. Overall, bigger fish for me this year, but much more inconsistent than prior years. Felt like fish were there one night and gone the next. Patterns / bites changed frequently and it was more difficult to key into patterns. The patterns I really keyed into were in the summer months and not the spring / fall.
  2. They wanna eat BUNKER the DOC
  3. I will take the fire tiger please thank you
  4. Korkers makes great neoprene socks with drains -- I recommend -- the grey ones drain well
  5. Pretty sure it says wave heights contemplate waves on the open ocean
  6. Is that a TB on the left near the small luna swimmer? Sweet. I don't think I see the lights out pikie in there.
  7. This is sick. So cool. Would be too tempted to fish it.
  8. Maybe creepers
  9. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.
  10. 9 foot rod, 30lb or 40lb power pro, 50 or 60lb leader Korkers + boga Knife + manley pliers w/ unused cutters on my belt
  11. Heavy...that is a sweet plug good stuff!
  12. If you are using braid you will shred them. I tape the casting finger up on the glove with super glue or marine goop and they don't get shredded. that is for gloves that will keep your hands warm. There are plenty of general outdoors gloves that are thin and strong and wont shred but they provide little warmth and will get wet.
  13. Thanks a ton! Sure I’ll take it. Thanks!
  14. I’ll take green darter pls