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  1. I see plenty of shot gun shells where I fish and there is usually some fishing related plastic somewhere around
  2. Killing everything you catch
  3. Never snapped a mojo. Had issues with a triumph and a legend. Great thing is they replace them pretty quickly and for not much dough.
  4. I like a lot of space between the plug and teaser as well. I generally use Tsunami sand eels (on a flipping hook), surf candy, or a bunch of other random flies / teasers I have in the box. I usually reach for the eels or surf candy first if fishing a teaser. I fish them in front of swimming plugs, bucktails, and almost always in front of a tin. Get a lot of fish on the teaser. I'll take them off after the 2nd or 3rd sea robin. I find them helpful if the fish are keyed in on sand eels or small bait, but also to figure out what else is around. Would never had know there were LOADS of hickory shad in the surf right in front of me last year if I left the teasers at home. I usually have a couple leaders tied with these swivels (photo below) and the teaser gets fouled up less frequently for me, this is my preferred method. Otherwise I'll tie a dropper or just tie off the normal swivel. I feel tying off the same swivel gives you a little more distance from the plug to the teaser than a dropper. Dropper fouls less for me than tying to the swivel but if bluefish double headers are happening, I'm more likely to slice off the plug and the teaser with the dropper vs. just the plug or the teaser tying to the swivel.
  5. Tons of them eating dragon flies (I think) on the surface a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome to watch and they were keyed in on the surface so weren't bothering me. Loads of em.
  6. I left the box out east (might have those parts in it) but I won’t know if I have the parts for 2 weeks or so. I’ll keep you in mind. Wish I had the box with me right now.
  7. Welcome! Good work.
  8. Looking for the line roller only. Thanks.
  9. Dusk harbor fishing was good for me over MDW. Smalls on tiny plastics thrown with casting egg and bigger fish on swimming plugs at night. Outgoing tide.
  10. Anyone have photos of what these boats look like? Sound pretty sweet.
  11. cute little beagle peed on my plug bag.
  12. I hold the hook shank with vise grips, snip with bolt cutter and twist the eye with a small screw driver.
  13. It is a Danny Pichney Reverse Atom Flag by Cape Sams. Line tie is where it was designed to be.
  14. Beautiful plug.