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  1. I would be surprised if it didn't work
  2. Thanks for the explanation
  3. How does that setup work? Do they run a seine with the center console and the middle boat and pull it on the big one?
  4. I did too -- it was annoying. Not my first time but this one didn't look like a coast guard one. I think it was a private or commercial one and not PD or CG, etc. In the past when I have been lit up it was usually USCG looking for something or training.
  5. Those are pretty. I want those.
  6. I hope she is OK. Sending my best. Good luck. Also watch out for deer this time of year, people.
  7. Pretty sure none of those are saltwater
  8. They ate every last damn apple off of all 4 of my trees this year
  9. I think he uses 11 foot Century's at one point it was on his website what he uses for each plug
  10. I have had fish leverage the hook against the plug on fixed hangers. Didn't lose the fish but gnarled the ring.
  11. Mayo is pretty easy with a good blender - some mustard, salt, lemon juice or vinegar and egg yolks. Spin and add oil slowly.
  12. Never heard of dukes. Kewpie is Mayo + MSG so it is just better.
  13. That sucks!