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  1. Why go to India when you can go to Lancaster County? Think Harrison Ford in Witness. You'll look plain.
  2. Love those Sherman Denton fish prints over the tying bench. What club is that?
  3. Bob -- Are the openings south-facing? Most birds don't want direct sun. Turn the entrances north or toward shade. Are there natural perches nearby--trees or bushes? Most birds like a little cover to land in going in and out of nests. How close are the boxes to one another? Bluebirds for instance are pretty territorial. Can't recall without resorting to goog, but you need some serious yardage between poles/houses. Swallows are a little more more neighborly. As Ditchbag asks, what kind of houses are you using? The diameter of the opening is fairly key; a quarter of an inch either way can mean the difference between bluebirds and trashbirds.
  4. New guy (not to SOL or gardening, but to this thread) checking in. First an answer, then a question. Answer: On sources for potatoes (and I haven't read the whole thread), a favorite of mine is Fedco Seeds in Clinton, Maine. This year, they're offering about 40 varieties. They're Maine Certified, and the prices are much better than Johnny's, my other Maine potato and seed vendor. Gnarly black and white catalog, but great to deal with. Question: What creative solutions have you guys come up with for tomato cages, especially for long-season sprawling indeterminate varieties like Sun Gold? Even the largest of those inverted wire cages braced with stakes isn't supporting/containing the plants. Anybody fabricate PVC cages? Wire mesh trellis 6'-8' high? What have you got? Thanks in advance.
  5. MitchellNJ won this thread in post #5
  6. Just had a male bluebird at the suet feeder. I'm in Dartmouth, two miles north of Buzzard's Bay. Down here we have Great Blue Herons year 'round. Saw one flying up Slocum's River on Sunday. Same for Turkey Vultures--see 'em in every month. What's interesting is that this is the second year I've seen wintering Black Vultures. Never used to see them much north of Pennsylvania, nevermind in winter.
  7. Thoreau said "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Gunner gets it. Nice essay.
  8. Noted. Thanks, HillTop.
  9. Dick et al, is the Bear's Den show at the shop or a nearby location? I couldn't find an address or venue identification on the show page on the Den's website. TIA.
  10. In the past, The Saltwater Edge has run, in tandem with Orvis, one-day fly fishing courses, but typically in spring, after the season starts. SWE usually runs some fly-tying courses and tying nights over the winter, but I haven't seen anything yet in emails from them on schedules. Call the store. Same for Bear's Den, pretty sure they have tying classes. Worth a call or visit to their respective websites.
  11. Sheila Hassan is a a student and colleague of Joan Wulff, one of the best fly casters of all time, male or female. When Sheila was teaching with George Roberts ten or so years ago, I took the course and worked with her. Can't speak to the book but she's a terrific teacher in person and her husband is a member on this board. So. . . recommended.
  12. I was contending with Horsehead or Gray seals off Wellfleet bayside on Monday. The straight pull is pretty diagnostic.
  13. Dick -- Tell me what hospital you'll be in and I'll borrow a doctor friend's scrubs and stethoscope and sneak into your room with a couple of cups of DD--one to put in the drip line for the caffeine effect and the other to leave open by your bed so you can smell it. Taste isn't as important as smell anyway. Joining the big school of fishermen here sending good wishes to you and positive messages out to the universe.
  14. You understand, don't you, as Sull 155 said, that Mute Swans are an introduced species, like Starlings and House Sparrows. They are trash birds that do not belong in this ecosystem. They eat the eel grass that is the forage of good native species like Black Ducks, whose numbers are down as a result of swan population growth. There are communities with out of controls swan numbers where, anecdotally, animal control officers are addling swan eggs to reduce the population. That they are a protected species is, like the protection of gray seals, a crock--with unintended consequences that harm native species. Bring on the golf clubs, and use the kayak paddles edge on.
  15. FB - I understand. Thought I'd lob it in just in case. I use it with an 10'6" Loomis rod that a geezer like me can cast 4 oz. with all day. But not your 6-8. Had the Loomis rod for sale last fall but no takers. Buy the rod and reel together. Outstanding combo--old school tackle, 21st century performance.
  16. Just saw this. I've got an Abu 6500 C4 LE in violet. Swedish-made. Modded with a power handle, ceramic spool bearings, and c4 bearings on both sides of the level wind. Bought here many years ago from a great member named Thumb-burner. Comes with box, OE handle, tube of lube, and wrench. Not sure what it's spooled with, 12-15 mono of some kind. $125 shipped.
  17. ksong -- will you be at the RISAA show in Providence next weekend? It's a big show, seems consistently well-run, and draws Connecticut, Rhody, and Massachusetts anglers. Just read on another thread here on SOL of a guy coming from Vermont for RISAA. Not to be missed for an outfit like yours, I'd think.
  18. For many years, the Loomis Surf Series rods, especially the 1064 and 1066, were the gold standard of Atlantic surf rods. Light enough to cast all day and strong enough to whip big fish. This rod is a joy to cast, and with a souped-up Abu, can reach waaaay out there. Two-piece factory rod, charcoal gray graphite with black guide wraps. 10’6”, rated for 15-40# line and 1-5 oz. lures, with 2-4 ounces as the sweet spot. Hypalon foam foregrip and butt rewrapped (at CMS? Natick Outdoor?) with cork. Approximately 26” to center of reel seat and 35” to hook keeper at top of foregrip. Tight ferrule and tight reel seat. Light scratches here and there from normal use. Price is $250. Willing to meet buyers halfway in southern New England—say from Providence to the mid-Cape to Boston. If you want it shipped, shipping to be billed at cost for PVC tube, bubble-wrap packing, and UPS ground delivery. STRONG preference for local buyer and handoff/pickup. Prefer M.O. or personal check to PayPal.
  19. On a tidal river with no wind tonight. Threw 1-oz. Crippled Herring and Kastmasters, 1-oz. bucktail, 1-oz. Storm Shad, and 1.2-oz. Surface Tension plastic plug. Could get 50-60 yards with the metal, a little less with the plastic and rubber. Out of practice with my thumb and tuning the mags on the reel, so no attempts at hero casts. As I said above, this rod, while rated down to one ounce, shines above 2 1/2. Where are you located? Happy to give you a test drive.
  20. I paired it with an Abu Record 60--similar frame size and performance to your Pro Rocket. Great combo. Not sure I ever threw one-ounce sized metal or lures. Will rig up tonight and throw some 1 oz. Crippled Herrings and plastic/rubber and report. I do think this rod really starts to perform at 2 oz. Thanks for your interest. Stay tuned.
  21. Swedish-made Abu Garcia Record 60—superb and smooth levelwind conventional reel, 12.9 oz., 5.3:1 retrieve ratio, right-hand retrieve, 145 yards of 14# line (this is NOT the high-capacity/HC model). Tuned up with carbontex drag washers, new levelwind with C4 bearings on both sides, and black-knobbed power handle. Mechanically perfect; minor typical usage scratches. Included in sale is slightly gnarly original box, original gray paddle handle, Abu lube and wrench, manual, and schematic. Will throw in a new pack of Carbontex drag washers for an Abu 5500 and the original levelwind hardware. Purchased here on the BST forum from SOL’s own ambassador to India, Maruthu, hence the good karma. Price is $110 shipped. Prefer M.O. or personal check to PayPal.
  22. Three Hawg Hunter plugs, bought 12-15 years ago directly from Brad under the Sagamore Bridge. The two Polaris style plugs have never been fished; the pencil has been fished a couple of times. Brad tested and balanced every plug he made. These are superb Canal plugs for catching large. Priced to fish, not as collector’s items. 2.2 oz. purple squid Polaris, treble hook on the belly, single tailhook dressed with bucktail and flash. Epoxy coated and bearing a legible Hawg Hunter logo in white. $30.00 2.4 oz. blue&white mackerel Polaris with red gill trim, treble belly hook and bucktail dressed tailhook. Epoxy coated with barely visible HH logo. $25.00 2.9 oz. blue&white pencil, belly treble and bucktail dressed rear treble. Epoxy coated with legible HH logo in blue. Some belly hook rash. $25.00 Would prefer to sell as a lot--$75 for all three, before breaking up for multiple mailings. All prices shipped. Prefer M.O. or personal check to PayPal.
  23. I was taught to cut at the tail as well as gills, both sides to the bone, on the theory that the fish's heart would be pumping out blood fore and aft, making for lighter flesh. Has worked well for me for table fare that night and smoking.
  24. Tough to get past the cheesy name, but a boater neighbor put me on to an app called Willy Weather. Weather display includes temp., humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction. Also has tides, moon phase, sunrise and set, UV index, etc., etc. Pretty easy to read interface and it's free.
  25. No one commenting on the irony that The Onion ranks ahead of Info Wars and basically tied with Breitbart? Last I checked, The Onion at least has the decency not to pretend that everything it prints/posts is anything but made up.