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  1. Well I know now, didn’t read that rule, how is anyone but a mod is allowed to reopen it ? You should fix that.
  2. No, what I did was correct your mistake of saying he “created” over 500 businesses when all he did was sell his name to them. So what’s really typical here, someone who can’t admit fault as I did just yesterday or a typical righty who spreads fake news ? And once again, I can criticize him because I voted for him.
  3. Jut another cog in the wheel of moving this nation forward. These old dudes like him and McConnell need to leave, they're nothing but obstructionists.
  4. What part of this don't you understand ? Those 268, not owned by him, he gets paid to put his name on them, this has been known since the 1980's if you ever read about him.
  5. Subpoenaed by Intel Committee, says he’ll take 5th or not show up. Is he willing to go to jail for the old man? What I find funny is the evangelical right supports these guys. If people were to ask what color is a man who had three wives, 5 children from them, and a son who is separated from his wife and vacationing with his new girlfriend ( and not the last) in plain sight of his kids (setting a great example ) , and has a rapper use the “F” word in the Oval Office and not even telling him to cool it with the language, most would say black/brown. What a terrible family.
  6. Yeah, I’ve been around here since 2001, I think I know who’s who in here and what their status is. ( are, not is far from, your grammar) Those pics you’ll take aren’t any different than his supporters in the south who also collect welfare. But Brooklyn is being gentrified by the upper middle class so in a decade it’ll be like Central Park West.
  7. Now trump said he compared his tax strategy to sport. Makes people feel good about themselves, I mean him. How many rallies did he call business people losers because they lost or did poorly at business ? Multiple times so I guess he’s the only non loser. Sooner or later, between the 10,000+ lies and his unrelenting teenaged girl tweets, people other than psychiatrists will realize he’s deranged.
  8. Please, if you’re going to profess your love for the man, at least get the facts correct; “Of the 515 companies that Trump has a part in running, 268 bear his last name, according to a filing with the Federal Election Commission. Yet not all of the buildings emblazoned with Trump's last name are owned by him; for many properties, he merely licenses his name to other developers.” This has been going on since he bankrupted the money his father gave him over the years. Still not the greatest businessman he claims to be, just one more lie.
  9. LOL Business skills ? He failed at every one he had. How do people fail at casinos, especially when you're the professed smartest businessman in the world ? The only reason he kept his businesses were the banks stood to lose all the loaned money so they kept him in business and he only received money for them using his name on the buildings. This is why he doesn't want his returns showed and he's suing Deutsche bank to keep the records secret. Snowflakes. Just like trump, always with the name calling. No one can have a civil discussion anymore ? Well, men can, but not many trump supporters in the PG apparently. Keep bending over for the guy that sticking it to you. How much has he spent in two years ? He said he'd eliminate it in eight years. CBO says it will go up over $Trillion in eight years under his reign. When will you guys learn that it's not trump, or Obama, it's every president since the 1950's that have gone onto a different agenda ? Eisenhower nailed it when he called out the M.I C. Don't think so ? We'll give Boeing another contract to reward them for killing the passengers of those two plane crashes even though we now know they knew about the problem over a year ago. That's out government today pal.
  10. Reagan said they college kids were being held captive, but they themselves said they weren't. The dead soldiers families thank you Mr Bush. Johnson knew the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a hoax; Next time I'm not doing your leg work, read some books about the history of your country.
  11. Biggest cop out in PG history. If the average Joe is showing overwhelming concern about this, then go ahead and disappoint them.
  12. Everyone here keeps saying he's following the law. Then, why do you support someone who is putting the country through this like a little girl instead of being the most intelligent man he says he is and presenting the documents that show he's done nothing ? What does he fear if he's done everything according to the law while we have tons of problems in this country ? He's playing the system alright, and lives are paying for it. It's all BS and everyone, including his supporters know it. I agree with the article but it should have been Republicans AND Democrats, because they both equally lie.
  13. Deflection. (When a person of your intelligence knows someone is right but refuses to agree with them.) Admit it, they get away with everything you and I would go to jail for. If you have knowledge of someone who told you they committed a murder, and you said nothing and the authorities found out, you go to jail. This week we find that Boeing knew one year ago that they had the control problem on their planes and did nothing about it. Similar to BP with the blow-out preventer. So the people who died and their families get nothing and Boeing gets more government contracts ? BP pays a fine in the Billions ? Keep bending over to make excuses for them. And once again, it's not out of animosity for them, I'm a God fearing man who wants good for all good people and I'm living comfortably, just not for those who are for themselves and game the system. Oh wait, that's what trump said in his book, he likes gaming the system !
  14. Trump surely agrees with me according to his 2012 tweet; The I meant the DOI, it's outdated. You should realizer that. You should also understand deduction. If someone says "All men are created equal," then how is it possible for any man to have slaves ? So it's worthless from the get go. The Constitution needs a lot of updating too. Those wealthy slave owners did then what they are still doing today, you just need to open your eyes.