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  1. I called lamson and they said the konic 2 would fit.
  2. When I see a BFD fishing report it is usually the first thread I read. They are always enjoyable. thank you.
  3. I have a 7 wt BVK and I don't like it at all. It is way to slow of an action for my taste. I keep it for a back up, but i think i will put a 6 wt line on it and see what happens. I bought it from all the hype I read and was really disappointed. However, I am a devote TICRx worshiper!
  4. I own a couple of the Ticrx. The heaviest being a 9 wt. I LOVE THEM!
  5. Thanks capt g. Got to look at the inlet today and talk to a couple of people. Place looks awesome. Got to leave tomorrow though. No progress on the real-estate.
  6. okay so I search from my work computer and get different results, looks like there are a few.
  7. I will be going down to Jacksonville North Carolina area in about a week to look at real estate. Was wondering if there are any fly fishing shops in the area. Most of what I have seen on the internet pulls up guide services.
  8. That actually brings up a good point really boils down to....what are you fishing for? By the way if you combine the rod and reel with a hilltop style basket.......! Works fricken great!
  9. I needed a second reel for sinking line,i have caught hundreds of stripers on it this fall in the chesapeake bay....cabelas ( not a huge fan of box stores) RLS size 4 on sale for 69.00. Just bought a second one at that price last night. Is it really the gear that counts or the experience?
  10. No, single basket, hefty brand on sale. Rivits holding the cones.
  11. Just finish my hilltop style basket! Total invested $20, including a cell phone case that works perfect for my pliers. Engineering stuff is cool!
  12. How is the jb welds holding up?
  13. I have to revive this thread. I just bought all the matrials. So far i have $20 invested. I was going to rivit the cones, then i reread that you where going to try it. Well? How did it work?
  14. Look at that water behind the bluegill, really clear, what state?
  15. This little guy was on fire today. It's brother was the one doing all the work though.