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  1. Ugly ones. They have to try harder.
  2. Ask Gene. He'll know.
  3. Coon. They're everywhere.
  4. The cameras are cheap now.Mine is 3 years old and I paid less than 100 bucks for it.You`ll be surprised what shows up This is my next door neighbor that has never said a word to me,strolling right through the food patch.I put a copy in his mailbox.He hasn`t been back since.. These are just for looking Buck,JC. I`ve even named a few that were here last year.
  5. From the album Random Images 2014

  6. From the album Random Images 2014

  7. From the album Random Images 2014

  8. Plenty Bucks around this year.Soon they`ll be fighting each other not sharing a meal.These are the 4th 5th and 6th Bucks of the year so far on my trail cam.
  9. From the album Random Images 2014

  10. From the album Random Images 2014

  11. I`ll fish it in the surf at Assateague,Md. Thanks for the chance.I have an old 706 to put on it.
  12. Crab Alley,on the way back to the Harborside is real good too.Good happy hour.
  13. I totally agree.Good post.I have a friend that donated yearly to the Audubon Society until I told him what they were doing to us fishermen.He had no idea that`s what his money was helping to fund.He`s been on the beach with me and knows what it`s all about now.We some how need to pool our money.All these little clubs are good for somethings but they`re not going to win the war.Not when they can outspend us 100 to 1.
  14. Good Karma to you Pelikan.
  15. If Smokin wins the case, it means the dealer was wrong and eats the cap.How does he charge for storage on something he owned all along?