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  1. Yeah wont be there till early afternoon but out going late afternoon I am hoping for a couple. Don't know if line not in water right
  2. Spendind some time with better half tomorrow. Headed to fort popham she wants to get a striper. Wondering how it has been need for specifics just wondering how the bite has been
  3. Prayers are sent from Maine
  4. Possibly heading down to the mouth of the kennebec on sunday to fish that area. Wondering if anyone is having any success from shore. I know I can't soak bait yet so what may be my best option. Plugging, jigs or flies? Also is it single hook down there right now or can you have trebles on?
  5. yeah it is a pretty cool spot. Hope the fish come up in good numbers this year. In the cape last weekend and caught my first 40" fish. 4 am chest deep on a flat casting a popper in the light of a full moon. Slammed it hard, couldn't get pics because my camera was underwater but had 2 buddies witness it and get a tape on it before we released it unharmed. It was awesome.
  6. Has anyone heard of anything being caught around popham or the mouth of the kennebec. To early yet?
  7. Hey gang, Finally down to one week before I get to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend on the Cape, been a long time coming. I don't want anyone to spot burn obviously but I have been reading some posts and am a little worried about the location of the fish. Because I am not from the area I have been fishing spots that everyone knows about for the last 5 years. I know this because of the number of fisherman and women I see there on my yearly trip. Don't have a ton of time to explore. I am staying in N. Orleans and typically fish around the chatham and brewster area. Doesn't seem like the fish have made there way up there in great numbers or are they there? Just looking to see if anyone is having luck in that area and monomoy area. Don't need specific locations but may consider venturing out and trying other locations if the fish have yet to make there way to that area. Again not looking for a specific place, rock or beach but general areas meaning towns etc. as far as the location of these little gems. Any info. is greatly appreciated and you can PM me if you want.
  8. Ok gang here is a little cry out for help. I have been coming down to the cape (Chatham, Orleans area) for the last 6 years on memorial day weekend. I really enjoy reading the posts of how you guys are doing all through out the season (Wish I lived closer). Now I am a hard core fisherman but still relatively new to the striper scene compared to some of you. Basically I have been throwing swim shads and sluggos. Every now and then when we see a blitz going on we will toss top water stuff, and off course chunking, and when nothing is biting it turns into throw the kitchen sink and I have tried some things that some of you would look at and laugh at me but hey they are fish and who knows what they will hit when they are not biting. I am just looking for some ideas as far as lures that are popular down there, colors, sizes. I figure the bass must be like any other fish and matching what they are eating and size will increase chances of hook ups. I looked at the online store and it is overwhelming, especially for a long weekend. Striper scene is not that great in my part of Maine so my arsenal is minimal. So far a good day for me in 6 years has been 5 fish for the whole weekend and that is when we know fish are in so there is only one thing wrong, ME. Either location in relation with time of day and what I am throwing. Any suggestions on some lures that may work during the Memorial time of year and maybe color patterns and sizes, what is typically around for bait. A view of my bag would be swim shads (White and Holographic, Sluggos (White), Big Surface Poppers (Blue, Yellow/Black, Needle Fish (Blue and Black), Some Rapala's) Sorry it's so long but any info. is appreciated thanks.
  9. Hey gang, Great to hear that you starting to catch fish . My friends/family are looking forward to a nice memorial day weekend on the Cape, this is our 6th year coming and always have a great time. Unfortunately this year we lost one of our members to cancer who was also the person who took care of renting a place for us to stay, and with everything that went on we kind of dropped the ball on this year. I know it is probably pretty late but just wanted to know if anyone has any info. on a place to rent memorial weekend from friday to monday around the chatham area.
  10. A friend of mine went out the other day and unofficially broke the state record for thresher. 14 1/2' and excess of 500lbs. Took him 3 hours to get it in. Unreal, saw the pictures this morning, unbelievable fish.
  11. MidCoast? Where abouts, give me a PM, been working my area. I've seen some small baitfish big enough to cause a boil in the water when they surface but no action. Tried a spot on the outgoing tide, just porpoises and seals.
  12. Is anyone catching fish between Belfast and Bangor up the river. Heard of a few and saw some tinker maks caught of a pier.
  13. A couple years ago a friend of mine and I caught 2 with in 10 minutes of each other. He foul hooked his using a swim shad and I caught mine on a chunk of mak. They were both pushing 5 feet. I truly is amazing to catch these fish, they are awesome. It's pretty neat to watch them jumping out of the water as well. Seems like more and more are being caught.
  14. See fish are being caught in souther maine Any idea if they have reached kennebec area Popham beach. I'm here in Belfast and hoping the run is a lot better than it was last year
  15. Any word on how hardings beach is right now?