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  1. Great Story
  2. Thanks again - lots of good thoughts here - another rabbit hole :-) Hum Dive booties with stocking foot waders sounds interesting, Over sized flats wading boots might work also, Simm flats wading boot goes up to size 14, my shoe size is 11 but just. I started out really cheap with waders and found out (after) 3 pairs add up to not being cheap. I got a hard wedge of sand under my stocking foot and wading shoe, but that was 25 years ago and really cheap waders. I had Cabelas neoprene bootfoot waders which were pretty good but hot - The Simms bootfoot were night and day better for spring, summer and fall - much lighter and more comfortable to walk in.
  3. Lovely bunch of Danielsson reels - I am going to replace my ancient Ross Saltwater III reels on the 8 weights with Danielsson L5W 6nine
  4. Nice fish Jalholl - is that a shrimp pattern.
  5. Thanks for all of the reply's. My Simms bootfoot may be older then 20 years and I think were a early breathable bootfoot prototype - they have muck boots boots. After 10 years when I sent them in to Simms for the one free leak repair I got email asking where and if I bought them as bootfoots? I bought them from the Fairfield, CT fly fishing store shop, which like many fly fishing stores is now longer. They are very well made and didn't leak at all for 10 years. I will have to hunt around for a replacement Bootfoot - Simms seems to have only a lighter weight cheaper version or $800 version with a water proof zipper in the front which I dont want. I will take a look at the Orvis selection and the other suggestions - Another issue is that stores have so little waders in stock to try on. By now It should be possible to buy a really good breathable bootfoot wader that lasts at least 5 years for $500 or less.
  6. My 20 year old Simms boot foot waders are done, many leaks have been fixed with aquaseal per the Simms method, but now large areas of the fabric gently seeps water. What is the latest advice regarding boot foot vs stocking foot waders for the salt and sand. My experience was that stocking foot waders used to build up wedges of sand between the stocking foot and the wading boot - then I had cheap waders and wading boots. Has that improved with the latest high end stocking foot waders? I would like some recommendations and experiences for a new pair of waders for the salt, Simms, Patagonia and Orvis are the brands I know about. I am open to socking foot waders and spending a little more for waders that hold up longer. I have been happy with simms, my waders are well made and kept together with out tears. Thanks
  7. I can not comment on the Danielson L3W 7ten but I have (2) Danielson L5W 8twelve reels, one from the days when Loop marketed Danielson in the US. Both of my reels still perform perfectly and have no corrosion after years of being fished in saltwater. The stainless steel, other materials and craftsmanship is top notch and buying direct from the factory is a bargain for such a quality reel.
  8. Thanks guys for the very useful information
  9. Thanks for the info on the 4 wheel drive permits, I have a 4 wheel tundra - now I might concentrate more on fishing the Montauk area the the last 2 weeks of September.
  10. Amagansett Beach house timing has got better - now we can stay Aug 15 - thru complete September ! I would also like to try wadable sand shoals for fluke. Thanks for the info guys
  11. good job - it can be tough to get stripers or bluefish to hit a fly when they are hitting tight bunker schools.
  12. I am staying on Cranberry Hole Rd in Amagansett , north shore, Long island - first week of august thru 1st week of September. The beach there is pretty shallow and warm this time of year. I would like to find some wading spots to fly fish - could be north or south shore with parking. Also - is it worth bringing a kayak Thanks
  13. Thanks for the post - great way to enjoy fly fishing and socializing.
  14. Another great informative thread, I appreciate Cary taking the time to collect all this information together. I had no idea about the technical details of matching fly line diameter line to leader sizes. From my observation (back in the day), I have always thought that stock saltwater leaders butt section was way too skinny/floppy and short, so I made my own leaders For 10 wt - I cut off of 4 feet of 80lb for the butt section, 1 foot +- of 50lb mono, 1 foot +- of 30lb mono, 18 inch of 20lb mono for tippet. 8 wt - substitute 60lb for 80 butt, then the same as the 10 wt. I use blood knots trimmed tight sometimes with a drop of super glue Stepping down from 80 lb directly to 30 lb I feel is a hinge point and doesn't knot as well as line more closely matched. Now I use fluorocarbon instead of mono which sinks faster.
  15. I am in