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  1. Sorry for the late response but i just finished a 90 hr work week. All the info is great thank you I spoke to my friend he said he has a couple more and might be interested in selling them. If he decides to do so ill list them on the site and give you guy a heads up.

  2.       Hello everyone I have been on here for years but I have taken a couple years off due to buying a house, baby etc. I have forgot my login name and email address that I used to originally set up the old account. So this is the new one lol. A friend of mine who knows I build and collect lures dropped by the house tonight with two boxes he pulled out of his grandfathers house and asked me if they were worth anything or if he should throw them out. I laughed and told him never throw anything out. post-69468-0-93051000-1441851130_thumb.jpgpost-69468-0-52143700-1441851154_thumb.jpgpost-69468-0-01495400-1441851175_thumb.jpg

  3. [img=http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/3702346/width/700/height/437][img=http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/3702354/width/700/height/437]


    The Delta has a 43 in bed (Works) $50.00

    The Sears & Roe. 23.5 inch bed (Works) $50.00

    B.C Ames does not work have many parts for it and numerous attatchements $50.00

    Sears and Roe. Saw worked two years ago when i bought my house $50.00


    Im in Fairfield County CT


    PM me with any other questions i can supply better picks/ video if you want to see them work

  4. View PostNobody who's a local fishes the same spot every day, unless they're a local googan. Fish and bait move, and spots generally produce best on a certain window of current. I don't know of too many spots--actually I don't know of any--that produce 24/7 on every tide under every wind and weather condition.



    Yeah i know this but when some one says that they fish there everyday it is a pretty safe assumption that they live near the canal. So im sorry that I said locals

  5. I guess i was just blowing off some steam, i am usually very easy going and willing to help anyone then when these guys showed up and said that and then when i was leaving my buddy said he herd them talking how they fish that same spot everyday. Your right though out of the hundreds of people i have meet up there, to have run into 4 bad apples its not that bad

  6. I arrived at around 9pm on Friday talked with a couple of old timers hanging around the parking lot like i have done for about the past 8 years. I am young only 24 so some of them remember me b/c i am there multiple times a month all year. Then me my friend went down for a night of fishing ill say north of the Sagamore like i have been doing for years. Now we are the only ones in sight since it is down pouring.This is my friends first time in the canal so he is having the usual troubles so i go down to give him a hand, and four guys walk down and stand about 15 feet down currant from us right where i was standing. (These were local guys that know the ropes). So my friend has to retie so i start fishing this jerk says to me very rude "Do you even know how to fish here" so the canal being a BIG PLACE and me trying to avoiding any problems. We leave and go to another spot where we end up catching a 52 measured "No camera but bought one on the way home cwm31.gif " and (3) about 32-35 inches.

    So now the tide is going slack so we start heading back to the truck i notice the Jerks are just leaving so as they are walking up the rocks we are walking down right back where we were. First 3 casts 3 more about 35 inches. So i hope one of those four guys that were being a** holes reads this. Because you never know who you are fishing around in the canal. This is the first problem i have ever had up there.

  7. stamford would be awsome to fish, if you could get access to water with out getting your balls busted by the park police. although if you live in stamford then you can get park passes and fish some of the water but your still going to get your balls busted. The night life is good, safe city, great places to eat and very easy to learn how to get around


    If you want to know anything else shoot me a pm


    and i second Beamersbeers.gif

  8. View PostThe eely's are kind of unique, w/ a pencil top, how do they swim?


    Not sure I have seen that before, nice job.



    The ones with the black tails have little side to side action but the tail slaps the water and makes alot of commotion. The blue one with the ronz tail has great side to side action swims just like all the other pencils


    Thanks for the kind words, now i just have to land some fish on them and ill be happy.