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  1. Sorry for the late response but i just finished a 90 hr work week. All the info is great thank you I spoke to my friend he said he has a couple more and might be interested in selling them. If he decides to do so ill list them on the site and give you guy a heads up.
  2. Hello everyone I have been on here for years but I have taken a couple years off due to buying a house, baby etc. I have forgot my login name and email address that I used to originally set up the old account. So this is the new one lol. A friend of mine who knows I build and collect lures dropped by the house tonight with two boxes he pulled out of his grandfathers house and asked me if they were worth anything or if he should throw them out. I laughed and told him never throw anything out.
  3. I dont know why every one is saying too much information the only way your going to be able to know where that is, is if you fish there already. He did not post town/beach/or inlet. But anyway nice fish congrats.
  4. Im still trying to figure out why they would use a picture of a trout for this years advertising.
  5. Dave588 if you could pm your email, I could send the pictures directly to you b/c I will not be able to post up here for a couple of days
  6. The B.C Ames has all different collets to be able to turn metal if needed, Im going to try and not deliver them, Im hoping for a local sale first if i cant get one.
  7. Yes it works, just tried it, the blade is 5 inches and i have no clue where to get replacements.
  8. [img=http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/3702346/width/700/height/437][img=http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/3702354/width/700/height/437] The Delta has a 43 in bed (Works) $50.00 The Sears & Roe. 23.5 inch bed (Works) $50.00 B.C Ames does not work have many parts for it and numerous attatchements $50.00 Sears and Roe. Saw worked two years ago when i bought my house $50.00 Im in Fairfield County CT PM me with any other questions i can supply better picks/ video if you want to see them work
  9. sept 10-11
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