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  1. Let me see I might have some but not the one oz
  2. What type of plug r u looking for ?
  3. Respectfully offer 400 picked up with no line
  4. If u don't mine me taking a look at it first in person we can make that work
  5. Respectfully offer 600 cash picked up
  6. Respectfully offer 380 shipped and you can keep the braid
  7. Ill respectfully offer 110 shipped for the typhoon
  8. I'm interested in the 2xl black fusion just gotta check the site n size myself
  9. I respectfully offer 80 shipped.
  10. Slower night for me. seen a couple guy keep short what a shame they didn't measure the fish and gaffed it and slammed it once they landed the fish.
  11. Nice to me u to dragon 9 tonight
  12. 25+ fish on out going from 26 inch to 31
  13. Ask for Dennis and tell him Pete and Tanya sent u over