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  1. did a little metal detecting today at my fishing beach(no treasure). The beach lost a lot of sand and it looks like there will be a bar aka southern beaches with a nice trough.before the big seas at almost high tide the end of the jetty sides rocks were barely under water.
  2. The mullet love it when the surf is like this. Its good cover to get out of dodge and not get pinned in some jersey jetty pocket.
  3. Nice. Close to the river and ocean.
  4. As long as the reduction boat is 3miles off state line they are good to go as far as the feds are concerned.
  5. Nothing going on for me this am. 1 snapper. not much seen. They are still killing those 10" fluke down the inlet though.
  6. somco got2 22" bass on a chicken scratch redfin and 1 on a strike king paddle tail. fished 6:30-8:00. Saw some mullet and small bait fish around. The surf was bigger than I expected. I also saw a decent amount of albies way out.Fish were biting close to the lip.
  7. If you are going across the bridge and see someone with a redish hat throwing something thats me.
  8. I didn't know a switch could be turned that changes summer to fall!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats the proper etiquette for spearfishing and fishermen? The sport is growing and it seems like its okay to fish right where inlet fishermen are fishing.
  9. found it when i was clearing up snags with a grappling hook at glimmer glass.Its a good spot for families with easy access but there is a lot of vegetation on the bottom and over time lost tackle adds up and needs to be removed.
  10. Anyone know the maker of this lure?
  11. somco small bait in the wash and schools of bunker just kept on coming by going south. fished 6-7:30 water getting cleaner but still a little stained.My focus has been albies but no consistent sitings. I think they like the magic hours between 9 and 11 with clear water and plenty of bait which you can't match the hatch to.
  12. fished this morning 6-8. quite a few dolphin and only a scattering of small bait. I missed a couple of somethings at the lip. albies
  13. last 2 days albies made a brief showing.Lots of small bait and today there were schools of bigger bait out of range.(maybe mullet)
  14. the youngins get mixed up when they hear what the HOT lure is!