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  1. smoco. salp alert.
  2. Fished out back the other morning 9:30 to 11:30. I caught 5 fluke and missed another 1 on chartreuse gulp. All were small but they sucked those grubs down like candy. I did see some nice size snappers 5" or so.
  3. made a mistake. north side is sanded in.
  4. whats the cause of the surge in ocean waves now?
  5. Forgot to say it was high tide. They may be doing their job but they are getting help from somebody other than mother nature imho.
  6. fished southern monmouth county and a local jetty had sand on the south side almost to the end of it!
  7. thanks.
  8. Aside from an 1/8" bit what are the most popular bit sizes that are used? For a .341" belly grommet I'm thinking a 11/32".What other bits give a clean cut for grommets and belly weights?Also Im having a hard time finding a single long 1/8" bit at leat 6 or 8" and should that bit also be a brad point?
  9. fished a little this am from 6-7am smco. nothing for me. I did see some small schools of splashing bunker. I was trying for fluke with gulp and a lead head. water did seem cold.
  10. Many years ago while catfishing a brackish creek my friends and I saw a bunch of big killies and tied a worm on some mono and dropped it into the fish. We just had to jerk the line up upon a tug and catch the killie before it fell back into the water.
  11. He had a good show.
  12. thanks. I'll have to redo them.
  13. When you make the tail loop do you start closest to the plug body and wrap out towards the tail or vice versa?My tail loops are horrible.
  14. I tried mole crabs 6-7am. Nada for me. smoco
  15. i received my small order in 5 days. weights and grommets and some nose and tail inserts