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  1. I don't fish as much as I once did, but I remember mucho times when the beaches were crowded and everyone was hooking up.There would be the picket fence of surfcasters and the fish were there. What happened?
  2. Manasquan also posted signs on the beach where the wooden groins are located because someone got hurt. The groin to the left of riddle way is normally visable and most times the 1 to the left of the small jetty (which sometimes) is submerged itself. There is 1 to the right of the riddle jetty that rarely shows itself.
  3. If you see them on the sand when you get to the beach you better have an ava.
  4. the problem with catching eels by rod and reel is getting the small ones off the hook after they tie themselves into a knot and are covered with thick slime. It's time to cut the hook!
  5. Is there any kind of list for reel parts that will work in different brands? star drag knobs, spool knobs, spools,etc. Manufacturers must have some kind of uniformity.
  6. I can verify gulp sandworms work on the kings. Friday I caught 3 nice keepers (footlongs) and 5 6"inchers in an hour and missed a few more. I only kept the 3 bigger ones.All in cmc.
  7. That is what their web site says.After 5:30pm anyone on the beach are trespassers. Also, anyone on the beach before it opens are trespassers .I've been to jenks in the early morning metal detecting and at night during the summer at the bar and see people all the time on the beach.
  8. The summer concerts are probably where most slug em down.
  9. an ink, a dink, an inky dinky do. Pick me and I'll thank You!
  10. Caught some small fish 16-20" off a local jetty during the incoming. Loads of loons around. All fish caught on shad baits.
  11. When the mullet start running you can bet your bottom dollar on 2 weeks of humongus surf until they're gone.Then later you'll get some cigars.
  12. Took the kayak out this morning about 10:30. Fished west of the 35 bridge in brielle using a 1oz bucktail and gulp and a ft above that a leader and hook with some local nuts. I got 2 keepers and lost 2 more on the nuts in 45 minutes. I wasn't feeling good so I had to pack it in early.Water was beautiful.
  13. I have those gelato jars. I bought 3 of the planos also.
  14. That shark video is pretty awesome.