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  1. ramtown for me since 84.
  2. About 55 yrs ago in keansburg there was gull by a wooden groin with something wrong with it (i forgot what). I got too close to it and its beak sliced my finger like a razor.
  3. I'll keep that clue in mind.
  4. How does one go about putting real faces on members who fish in your area?From reports I know I'm close and it's like a murder mystery trying to put it all together. I'm thinking demonee, eels, nam69, and sintzu.
  5. Just what i would expect out of howard stern.
  6. I was just looking at a web cam and saw more than the usual amount of seagulls on the beach. I was wondering if thats a sign that there is more going on in the area more than normal as far as fish and bait in the area.Baring foul weather it would seem to make sense.
  7. I played softball for the chicken coop. They did have good chicken.I grew up in the burg and Im glad I did. Nuff said.
  8. I've been fishing a long time and now I'm probably considered an old timer.I also like catching a jumbo blue which I did the other day.If I can avoid it, I don't touch it. I grab it with one of those lipper things and release it.Same thing goes for hickory shad. The shad I hold over the water and shake off.They smell worse than bunker!
  9. Plugs were the thing.
  10. They are here. Check nj fishing reports. Big ass drag pulling beasts.
  11. 10am today. mc ocean water crystal clear. jumbo blues 13-15lbs.
  13. I'm sticking with duolocks.If I only used lures friendly to the clips I think they are better but,that's not the way it goes.
  14. where's the rod he was using? I see the plug and line but it doesn't go to any rod that I can see. Yesterday was very windy also and I don't see a ripple.
  15. I never caught them on pink or rattle traps.I still have rattle traps but no confidence in them.Years ago I even gave one to a member here that wanted one so I mailed it to him.I did good with a leadhead and a green with black worm. Not a culprit but a bass pro worm I think.I did good with the fin s trout also when they 1st came out.