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  1. looking for moss green
  2. I've been having a hard time finding 150 yd spools of 20 or 30 lb braid. Anyone else?
  3. Any opinions on this reel? I'm thinking about the 4000 high speed version for albies. The max drag setting is low though.
  4. I was down there today and the parking is open.
  5. Generally I would think most fishermen use the cast net to catch peanut bunker or mullet. Spearing are another target, but with a 3/8 mesh net you will only get the large ones, and when you do you have to remove a lot of them by hand as they are gill netted(ie stuck in the net by their gills with their snout sticking out). You may even get sandeels when they are around but again they will slip through a 3/8 mesh. A1/4 mesh will be better for smaller bait and some places even sell a smaller mesh which would get the spearing and sandeels.
  6. thanks. Strange rules. When the real crapolla hits the fan we are in deep whale poop
  7. Is the Manasquan inlet rail open to fishing yet?
  8. I saw where the virus is "killed" by uv rays, alcohol,bleach etc. Being outside should be good as long as you keep the social distance.
  9. I don't fish as much as I once did, but I remember mucho times when the beaches were crowded and everyone was hooking up.There would be the picket fence of surfcasters and the fish were there. What happened?
  10. Manasquan also posted signs on the beach where the wooden groins are located because someone got hurt. The groin to the left of riddle way is normally visable and most times the 1 to the left of the small jetty (which sometimes) is submerged itself. There is 1 to the right of the riddle jetty that rarely shows itself.
  11. If you see them on the sand when you get to the beach you better have an ava.
  12. the problem with catching eels by rod and reel is getting the small ones off the hook after they tie themselves into a knot and are covered with thick slime. It's time to cut the hook!
  13. Is there any kind of list for reel parts that will work in different brands? star drag knobs, spool knobs, spools,etc. Manufacturers must have some kind of uniformity.
  14. I can verify gulp sandworms work on the kings. Friday I caught 3 nice keepers (footlongs) and 5 6"inchers in an hour and missed a few more. I only kept the 3 bigger ones.All in cmc.