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  1. I heave 2 rods when chunking, one reg with a 12-16" leader and one for distance with a 3-6". I use 2 12" rods, one with a penn torque100x mag (20lb mono, 60 shock) and a 525 mag (15lb mono, 60 shock). never had a problem
  2. Would take the Airwave if you coming down to NYC anytime soon. I cant travel at the moment, car in shop getting worked done.
  3. Funny thing is that here in the city in a known hotspot the cops are the #$$(-)&$ who purposely come up to your line with their boats and peel yards off your reel before cutting off about $5-7 of hardware. It's gotten to the point that we all take out our lines at certain time and wait for their drive by.
  4. This heat wave been holding me back from going out even at night
  5. What would be a good setup for these lil guys?
  6. Penn 525 mag abu6500ct mag not the best but user friendly and can put out some distance in the right hands
  7. Been using this knot since I found about it here a couple years ago. Showed all my friends the knot and it's all they use now as a shock leader. We're all bait slingers that use conventional with 15lbs mono main with 65-80lbs shockleaders, 3-6 wraps around the spool. This knot is the smallest and strongest knot ill trust to go through my guides. One day I was "stuck" so I grab my rod tighten the drag and start walking backwards dragging what I thought was a log, after a couple of repeated walks back reel and repeat (line singing almost breaking) 20 feet to shore I just get a big tug that causes me to run forward an loosen the drag, next thing you know I got a nice 48" stripper. Everyone just asked what line I use and what knots I tie, big game solar 15 with suffix superior 80lbs shock.
  8. Alberto knot all the way for 8&bait or as a simple connection to any leader. Also remember shockleaders are also used to prevent abrasion to the braid, even 80 pp with lots of nicks from sand, rocks, ect will snap. Just remember when tying lubricate and help the knot out by bringing it in with your fingers to allow a good bind.
  9. What's a knocker rig? Always used a FF for 8&bait with a 3-6" leader and never had any problems with the extra hardware. as long as you use good quality FF and swivels you'll be good
  10. The color you see there seems to be from either friction from the brake system or where the whole brake assembly came off( maybe glued). The white gear goes on the spool shaft and it's held in place as it has knoches that fit snug. Nothing holds the shaft with the spool as is completely round in the inside and it's free to spin. Gonna have to send it in or find a shop near me if the problem can't be solved as I enjoy this reel and want it operational asap. Still gonna keep playing around with it and see if I can resolve the problem. Thank you for the help
  11. [img=Well took the spool apart and cleaned it up. Still moving freely. One thing I did notice as you can too is that the brake assembly it's not attached to the spool unlike others I've seen. Can this be the problem? Here's another view of that]
  12. Yeah nothing is holding the spool to the shaft so it just moves freely in both directions. Yeah ill defenetly could have. Ty ill give that a try
  13. Here's a video. The spool just spins and never engages, the drag is tight and I feel the spools shaft spinning freely. Any one know what's ghat be wrong?