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  1. I shoot .310's in my black powder squirrel rifle but also been wanting to load buck. Did you get the mold yet? What do you think of it ? I'm pouring 2 at a time, which is fine for the rifle, not so much for shotgun. Also, do you recommend any particular roll crimper setup, I need to pick one up.
  2. He got there "early" I've made good time before and hit the gate at quarter of and they've waved me through. Making an obvious fisherman (not family going to the beach) sit there and wait within 15/20 minutes of opening is getting a bit letter of the law nit picky.
  3. Front and rear bumpers are powder coated, assembled, and installed. Needs some final wiring work then a lot of testing.
  4. Rear Bumper is powder coated. Ready to install tomorrow. Front bumper is being loaded up, winch, lights, onboard air, and whatever that red thing next to the blue air fitting is.
  5. Report as little or as much detail as you would like to provide the reader but please don't post specific street names or areas. A specific spot is too much information! It's not like telling a friend or two, posting it here is telling thousands. Doing so only creates crowds, garbage, and loss of our spots. For example, you can say that you caught fish in Ocean County but saying that you got them at Ocean Beach is a no-no. The terms to use are.......... Monmouth County Ocean County Atlantic County Cape May County North Jersey for the Hudson and other backwaters. County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays. Try to keep other conversations, inquires, and rants in separate threads.
  6. And now I see that it's been well covered
  7. Nope, that's a vintage screw tail, chicken scratch, Bomber. My favorite plastic lure of all time.
  8. 8 on the nose - what it's going to be after this conversion does have me a bit worried
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