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  1. He has no choice in situations like this. Secret service has the ball.
  2. Went looking for fluke down at the southern end of my range Is it September already? What's with all the tiny 2 lb blues ? (and the MOB of people fishing for them)
  3. I have always believed that a Penn 706 on a Lamiglas XS101MS is the best all around, one step past beginner, time to get serious, setup you can get. It can be found cheap in good used condition right here on the Buy Sell Trade Can do everything pretty well, from jigging and plugging to properly working a pencil popper (the manual pickup isn't great for bait n wait, this is a plugging rig) Super tough, you'll be handing this down to your grandkids one day When you upgrade to the VS/ZB reel, Century/ODM rod .... this is the perfect backup setup. I always have my 706 greenie packed in the truck just in case something goes wrong with my ZB, it's a cheap insurance policy.
  4. Whatever, still not me
  5. No, definitely no ! Some other guys are starting to use the cat eyes and I'm getting a lot of "did you make these" questions
  6. And anyone who claims these companies are not trying to guide the public perception via editorializing via omission, stamping and removal, is far too delusional to bother having a discussion with. If you have Yahoo mail, pay attention to the articles that they add to your e-mail list, then click on an article and look at the article list on the bottom of that - pure raging liberal propaganda 24/7
  7. Which is exactly the reasoning. Trump knows this will take years and sooner of later these huge companies will buy up enough congressmen and senators to squash it, but it may cause them to step back a little bit in the short term.
  8. Based on that reply it's obvious you didn't watch it. You really need to keep quiet when you've no idea of what you're talking about (that goes for everyone, even me at times) Digging around trying to get a handle on this, this is what it seems to be about at this moment. Section 230 was created to protect a brand new entity, the internet, and it's content distributors from lawsuits. Now, decades later, these companies have grown huge and are editorializing by omission, stamping, and removal. They should now be as liable as any other media outlet for their actions This order is setting guidelines for the FCC to build a set of rules to renovate and bring up to date sect. 203. Nothing there to go to court over as this order does not set rules on its own. When the rules come out there will be lawsuits, that's a given. This is a good thing, these giant media outlets shouldn't be allowed to guide the public perception. This places too much power in the hands of just a few people. Imagine the hair on fire running in circles screaming if these companies were editing out the liberal side
  9. It could be, could even be less How much do you want ??
  10. Located in Manalapan - Central NJ Great for a trap shooting club Reclaimed ballast from a set of giant, almost 4' across, tent bases that covered a large pool. Measures out at about #7 1/2 shot / 342 to 358 pellets per oz. (Weighed out a ounce and counted them out, did it 3 times) Some is a little damp, some sections got some water intrusion, but very clean, nothing like the beat up field reclaimed stuff that's dug out of the ground $1.25 per lb. Minimum 50 lbs up to 3,000 lbs (price is negotiable for a large amount) Actually have 5K but keeping 2k for myself Obviously no shipping I've got some 50lb bags on order but until they come in, please bring your own bags or buckets I've got a small cement mixer on order, the shot will be tumbled dry and treated with graphite then bagged, at which time the cost will go to $1.75 a lb
  11. Where are you located Been out of it for years but I have a LOT. Few years ago sorted through, kept the best and gave over 10K cards to my nephew, still have thousands Example, was a grand prize winner of the Topps football 1995 sweepstakes, have a one of a kind set from that Quite a bit of memorabilia as well You'd have to come go through it