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  1. Looks like that feature is down (or has been moved and i can't find it) You going to have to copy and paste it
  2. But never about what or how, just where (and never here as we don't discuss where) Also, a tackle shops passion isn't fishing, it's making money, so you comment is off base there as well
  3. Wall (ish) First, rubber tubing over gutter nails Second, series of hole drilled with a hole saw then split down the middle
  4. Great idea !!!!
  5. The sudden temp drop and wind direction and intensity should get things moving in a big way. Everything should be moving now
  6. What a pathetic showing on both sides of the ball (outside of Barkley who's a beast) And you people abuse Jets fans
  7. This And I had a club meeting so I was close
  8. Of course it is, I'm going to be in NC chasing redfish for the next 10 days Prepare for epic blitzes
  9. On that note, can you believe that not a single fish was weighed in during the Korkers Cup last weekend at Montauk - WT F !!! How is that even possible ?
  10. You know that girl get freaky !!
  11. Not sure if anyone has posted this one yet Saw them with Pure Prairie League at Music Mountain in Middletown NY back in 1981, still the most fun concert I've ever been to.
  12. Just got in, soaked to the bone for more little fish - this is starting to get damned old, damned fast
  13. Yup this, the pain is real
  14. Fished hard both side of the top of the tide last night OC in the back Still catching the same 21" fish over and over, little bastage has been following me all around the state