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  1. Signed today 4 years 40 mil - team option for year 5
  2. I heard it was 250K for every player, no more, no less Takes out all the "I had better stats and deserve more money than that guy" crap
  3. And that's not going to happen if fishing is allowed ? What utopia do you live in ?
  4. How far south ? No way was that in MoCo
  5. It's not that they're women - it that these women (Waters, Pelosi, Waren, AOC) are flat out NUTS !! I'd vote for my wife (smartest person I've ever met) for president in a heartbeat And she thinks these women are NUTS
  6. No, just no Even if I had Arab Sheik kind of money no
  7. Based on the wording I guarantee It's an insurance thing Eff em, go fishing, if you drown or get eaten by a gator it's on you
  8. The beach access vote was postponed due to the last minute amendments they stuck in there that gutted the bill and were obvious put together by the lobbyists who clearly own this states government. Seems obvious that the goal was to kill this bill and do in in a way that they can claim it was us that were against it. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs to contact their legislators and tell them that you will vote them out of office if this bill is not passed in it's original form. Share this so everyone knows who the people you elected actually represent (it isn't you)
  9. Wait... what ??? Totally different things Fluid bed just keeps the powder from packing down You need to heat the jig before dipping in the fluid bed
  10. Yeah really bad. What the hell were the Jets thinking Overall I like the new league, it's like the minor leagues for the NFL They need to work on the announcing though - The crew that announced the early game on Sunday, Tiki Barber was on it, was terrible ! I'd rather listen to Joe Buck.
  11. Get a used pair of vintage Sargents with the nickel finish off ebay Nickel finish protects from rust - I'm still using a pair that was my grandfathers over 50 years ago