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  1. They used to be popular in the '80's at the ski resorts, take off your boots and kick back in the uggs. My wife had a pair, used to rave how warm and comfortable they were. I would have but they didn't make any that fit my #@^$ super wide feet.
  2. So for the Cabo beach thing you want fast retrieve, long casting, strong and durable, right ? I'm curious what fits this bill as well Just picked up a Shimano Ultegra c14+ 5500. Seems to have all those attributes Haven't had a chance to cast it yet but might be a possible choice if 275 yards of 30# braid with a bit of backing is enough. They make a larger model (1100 ? ) but that might be out of the price range
  3. I've been making them out of old car cell phone charger wife for years, never had twisting issues ever Older car charger wire is the key, newer stuff is cheaper and flimsier Idea ! I have a bunch extra and wire, crimps, and shrink wrap to make more, they'll be on the Chinese Auction table at the Food Fling
  4. What sizes are the split shots and do they have wings or are they round ??
  5. Spig, yer as tough as a piece or rawhide left in the weather for a month I'm confident you'll be fine
  6. Eagles beat the Pats - I was a bigger Eagles fan that day then any of you goobers
  7. You're offering $40 for 7 books and want me to ship? No thank you
  8. Books mailed, tracking numbers sent Still a bunch available
  9. I called an all LA SB back week one, might as well stick with that
  10. That's actually possible I was in the stadium that last game of the season in 1991 when all the stars lined up perfectly, five things, some very long long shots, all happened that day, and the lousy Jets by a freakish miracle, made the playoffs Place went nuts Jets got beat by the Oilers in the wildcard
  11. LOL ! Seven hours later and .........