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  1. It's been up for less than an hour so I'm not particularly negotiable yet Tomorrow evening I might discuss breaking it up, but I'll be surprised if it's still here.
  2. I've been turning for 30+ years and this is the first one of these I've ever seen. Picked it up sans handle along with a matching parting tool Anyone ever used one? Was wondering as to the quality of the steel, is it worth my time to rehandle (it's not like I need another gouge in this size but iffin it's good steel.....)
  3. I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at there
  4. That's pretty much what I'm selling, the rest is incidental The stove is nice to have - the ability to make coffee at the point in Montauk or at the inlet on IBSP is massively important. The toilet, which (God willing) you'll never have to use is a required item on the beaches in Long Island
  5. No longer have the 4WD, got a van - time to let this stuff go Almost complete IBSP / Montauk kit (Just needs a jack and jack platform) Trailhead deflators, virtually new, might have been used twice Toilet in a box - never opened Folding shovel Heavy duty tow strap setup Tool kit Travel stove 80 lb tire gauge Staircase carpet treads (new) $110 takes it all
  6. That's fine Easy way to tell. If it has advertising on it, it's not a site that's allowed .gov is pretty much always allowed
  7. You go 'Gunner !! Happy Birthday
  8. Agree Anyone who paid any attention to either the Dolphins or fantasy football in general knows that Gase is an idiot - he barely used the best player on the team, Kenyon Drake - 120 carries total for the entire year. This new GM is a buddy of Gase, they have history, so it seems that the Gase brought him in and is going to be the real person in charge - in other words, the Jets are effed !
  9. I read the title and though this was a thread about the tranny sports thing
  10. I learned that lesson the hard way - $500 Daiwa Surf Saltiga, repacked with grease twice a year - still rotted inside
  11. Yup. it's fluke, not exactly a species that puts a strain on your gear The only thing to pay any attention to is "will salt water rot it away". If not then it's fine
  12. The second I saw the word "Hogie" I knew this thread was going to be a complete shoobie fail "Hogies" are those crap arse sandwiches you gt at WaWa, you expect trash like bologna on them "Subs" come from decent Italian deli's
  13. Bullsh*t !! I make everything look good !
  14. Isn't the entire LGBYRXW... thing about equal rights ? What's equal about a guy in a skirt competing against girls ?