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  1. Highly doubtful that would be Portland or Seattle Just got back from Seattle - what a total SH##HOLE that city has become ! The stench of urine, vomit on the sidewalks, homeless begging all over, in what was once a really cool town is a lesson in how not to run a city.
  2. LOL - had to google that
  3. Next they find the two guards dead in freak "accidents"
  4. Looking at the numbers it looks like a bumpy ride for a bit, maybe a slight market correction, but recession ? Not a chance. What is happening is that the MSM is doing their best to destroy consumer confidence in front of the elections. Hopefully the majority will see though it for the garbage propaganda it is.
  5. It's the Pats, rules don't apply to them
  6. Speedwell (Puck) will be there from Sept 1 through 13 - so we might be missing by one day ??
  7. I see an over .500 season (barring injury) but missing the playoffs Run the ball, play defense The kid they drafted at TE from WV isn't much of a pass catcher but he's a beast of a blocker and is a actually a hybrid fullback / TE Bell will do well running behind him
  8. Nope, which has been leading to a lot of this.........
  9. I called this the moment it hit the papers No way does he testify - way too many big names involved here
  10. The trail down Stealing that picture
  11. Had a guys name
  12. Pork chops / Pork Tenderloin / Chicken with Chili Peppers It can range from pretty hot to pretty mild, it's a roll of the dice with the peppers, you never know. Get a few dried chili peppers, we like equal amounts ancho and guajillo Take out the seeds and stems and grind em up (if you don't have a processor chop em as fine as you can), you want around 4 tbsp for a regular large pack (not huge family pack) of chops Mix the ground chilies with a tablespoon of cumin seed. Add equal olive oil and fresh squeezed lime juice to make a thin paste Marinate the chops for 30 minutes Sauté gently in a big pan with the marinade until done If the marinade stuff in the pan starts getting too thick add a splash of beer - you do NOT want it to burn You can grill or broil, but you have to be very careful not to let the pepper stuff blacken as it becomes bitter At any time that you need to thin out the pan use a splash of beer, (Fat Tire is particularly good) When they're almost, but not quite done, take the chops out and add enough petaled onion to cover the bottom of the pan. Add salt here (helps draw the moisture from the onion). Sauté until almost soft. Add the chops and any liquid back on top of the onion, cover and simmer on medium low until everything is done Final deglaze with beer Final season, salt and pepper to taste. Serve with rice and beans, slice for tacos.........
  13. Hey Cartopper The pocket at Big Monmouth where the tennis courts are now, where we used to pull right up with our cars, Where the bass used to trap mullet in the fall.......... it had a name, I can't remember it