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  1. Thanks for all the good feedback. I found something else that retains most of the usable bed space (length and depth) while still giving me some storage. Just can't find any decent reviews of it anywhere as it looks like a factory accessory that few have purchased. It's cheaper than the $1200 Decked system but still pricey at just under $900.
  2. No, not my fishing stuff unless I was making a dedicated multi-day trip. Even then maybe not. In general I'm going to keep tow straps, hand winch, tools, jumper cables, etc. and probably some heavier camping stuff (shovel, axe, etc). I used to keep that stuff under my back seat but with this truck I plan to keep my rear seat folded upwards and put down a dog bed for my dog on the floor. He's getting too old to jump down from the higher platform of the seat. I also like that the Decked unit raises the floor up because with these newer truck designs I can't reach over the side of the truck and pick up anything. The truck side is just too tall. I just took it fishing for the first time Friday and couldn't reach over the side and lay down / pick up my rods like I used to. So loose some usability but gain some back.
  3. The Decked system will support 2000 on top
  4. Excellent points. I found a pic of the Decked system in a 2019 Silverado - looks like the bed is deeper so less of an issue with the kayak hitting the glass. But I am going to check on this possible issue a little more. Thanks for pointing that out. I do fish a short kayak - a 10' Pelican Catch as I'm primarily fishing small waters. But I also have a seldom used Wilderness Tarpon 120 that is twice as long as this bed system. My truck has the short bed which is 5'8" and the Decked unit is even slightly shorter than that. I think the way I strap down my kayaks will keep them secure but I'll keep this in mind.
  5. I use camelcamelcamel - it's legit. But all I can find on Amazon for those boots is a specific listing for size 12 (and one for size 5). Is there a general listing? I think setting a camelcamelcamel alert for the size 12 may not tell me when my size is on sale.
  6. I'm on the edge of pulling the trigger and buying this Decked solution for my new 2019 Silverado Trail Boss. It comes with the sliding drawers and the elevated bed surface that can support up to 2000 lbs. I don't see any real barriers in terms of loading/unloading my kayak other than lifting one end up about a foot higher before sliding it in. My truck will have accessible tied downs exposed (unlike the photo below) so no issues getting a strap across my yak to hold it down. Lots of positive reviews across outdoor/truck forums yet don't recall any from active fishermen.
  7. I'm fine as far as it sliding along the bed, it's just that edge which seems to be wearing very quickly. Truck is brand new so trying to keep some of that new truck bling looking good as long as I can.
  8. Is there some kind of automotive / outdoor tape I can apply to this edge of my tailgate to prevent wear when loading/unloading my kayak? The tailgate edge has a plastic cap over it but the bottom of the kayak is wearing it down very easy. Must be a very soft tailgate cap.
  9. cityevader - I have tried very hard this year to accomplish what you are trying to do. I will try to stretch a nickel when i can, because I know I'll spend the savings on yet some other additional fun gear . So it makes sense to me to save money where I can. In my case I bass fish a lot and go through a lot of braid. What I wanted to do was backfill with mono, then have a topshot of 150 yards of braid. I know that over the course of a couple months 9sometimes weeks depending upon where I fish) that enough of that 150 yards will get broken off, or nicked and I cut off a few feet, etc. to eventually all I have to do is unspool whatever residual braid remains and all I need is another 150 yards of braid to go on top. There are a couple websites that will help you calculate the desired amount of mono backing and braid if you provide them the line diameter and spool capacity. It's just math but let the website do it. That gives you the amount of each you need to spool on. I tried to use the Berkley line counter that somebody above posted an image of, but I find that little gizmo is unreliable and gave me bad measurements such that I would get the initial mono backing amount incorrect, then I didn't have the desired room left for the amount of braid I wanted. Lots and lots of winding and unwinding and respooling have me ready to bash that crappy line counter with a hammer and stop fooling with trying to save a few bucks. Going forward I think I'm going to spool the whole thing with braid (maybe 5after 0 yards or so of mono backing), buying the larger bulk spools when they go on sale. If you ever find you have a reel with a lot of fresh looking braid that never gets used you can always backspool that onto another reel since braid will last a very long time if protected down under other line on the reel. I've also done football fields but again all that has aspects that are just a pain in the ass. I don't have a shop within 100 miles of me that spools line by the yard so that is never an option for me.
  10. Holy ****
  11. I have caught quite a few over the years so was always comfortable handling them. This one was not a large one. But it did some kind of crazy ninja jujitsu maneuver and reached around and stabbed me as intentionally as if it had a hand with a knife in it.
  12. Anybody else get 'stung' by a stingray? After 40 years of saltwater fishing I finally got nailed. It wasn't a sting, it was a stab by a spine, and it went deep into the knuckle joint of my thumb. That **** hurt...and kept getting worse. It hurt so bad I couldn't comprehend how the pain was related to what had occurred and it confused me and freaked me out. Finally learned the trick about hot water and that brought near immediate relief.
  13. Nothing but negative, frustrating experiences here with Tackle Direct customer service. Consistently poor, no need to go back.
  14. I like it a lot. I think I will get the spinning equivalent and relegate my 30 year old Ugly Stik 10’ surf rod to backup / loaner duty.
  15. Used the Battalion for several days here at the beach before I sunk a 9/0 circle hook in my big toe. Good times catching 2’ to 4’ black tip sharks. Rod did magnificent and the long butt did not feel as awkward as I expected. Don’t think I’ll be chopping it. .