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  1. Can you post a link to this sleeve style holder? You make a good point about a long lift
  2. When I'm at the beach I'd say degenerate rules are in effect. So perhaps I should shop around for some of the aluminum angle stock at Lowes or Tractor Supply and make a few longer sand spikes? Or do you mean actual iron/steel angle? Either way I can make it X inches long, then make a shorter PVC holder and a quick take down bolt system to piece it together.
  3. I don't know much about PVC other than I know I have a couple 'thin' walled spikes I made myself and a couple "thick" walled ones with a pretty flared top I bought. The falred top ius nice but don't know it matters. That said, I'll be using a casting reel for the first time this season and will have to go home and see how well that rests against the top of the DIY ones I have. I know my spinning reel stems ride the edge of the PVC but figured the metal was more durable than the PVC.
  4. Yeah, I had that measurement wrong. It's my older surf rod (a 10' Ugly Stik) that has the 19" butt. I know this Penn Battalion is a good bit longer.
  5. The butt on my new 11' Penn Battalion surf casting rod is too long for my PVC rod holders. I think the butt is 19" to the reel stem (I could be off on that measurement) and it bottoms out on the little metal crossmember and just doesn't seem to have enough rod in the holder. Yeah - I can go cut a new PVC holder but I do like the finished top on the nicer ones. And I'm wondering if this rod might be better off in sand spike style where there is the long aluminum angle bracket that can sink further into the sand. Suggestions on pipe holder vs sand spike style? And DIY or is there a good cheap one to just buy?
  6. When I take my surf rods to the annual beach house rental vacation we travel in our car and it’s always packed to the gills with stuff. We don’t have a roof carrier so my 2-piece rods are set with one under the rear window and the other end sticking forward, either between the front seats or along the side of the passenger seat. Either way they are in the way during the long drive but due to their size and size of the car this is the only way I can fit them. I just bought a 11’ Penn Battalion surf casting rod, breaks down into two 5.5’ sections. I want some kind of protective rod sleeve for it and my other 2-piece 10’ spinning rod as the trip can introduce some bumps and scrapes as we enter/exit the car and from other unexpected calamities (ok, clumsy wife). I have some of those mesh style rod sleeves for my bass fishing rods but I’d really like something thicker that offers more protection. Do you use anything to protect surf rods during transport? I do not have room for a PVC style tube.
  7. Sweet pics! Where do you fish? So far none of the sharks we've landed have been as big as those but have seen pics of similar sized sharks others have landed where we fish. So it is good to know the rod has the backbone to handle them. Do you fish for rays on purpose?
  8. hey now - no input?
  9. I'm taking a casting reel (Abu TC7000) to the beach this year for the first time and am planning to buy a new Penn Battalion. I'm used to using a very old 10' Ugly Stick surf spinning rod and will still have that with me this year running a Penn 704z. I'm trying to decide between the 10' and 11' MedHvy Battalion to go with the TC7000 casting reel. I'm fishing flat, relatively calm beach. Certainly no breakers to cast over. Primarily fishing for various species of shark of 2' to 4' and sometimes I see others bring in something bigger. 2 to 4 ounces of weight is the norm. Any real reasons to get one over the other?
  10. Thanks. Are these aluminum rails part of a mounting system that has different attachments or things they can do? I'm still interested in adding something, preferably one that comes from a family of attachments that are helpful for different things. I also have an older Tarpon too so any of those accessory rail modifications may get added to that hull too.
  11. Long enough that I forgot, but not subjected to moisture. Let's call it 4 to 6 years. This reel had been benched while I used a different reel but it is going to get used this year so I checked it out. Now I know that sounds like an eternity to you reel servicing gurus, but I have opened a lot of other reels also of same time between servicing and usually those still have a soft grease (even if it may be discolored). This one just stood out to me because it was very clean but had started to turn a little hard.
  12. Hope it's ok to jump in the thread with this question about Penn blue grease. I opened my older Penn 704z spinning reel last night to assess the service needs. Apparently I must have included this reel in a batch I sent for professional servicing a few years back and forgot I had done so because the inside of the 704z had a uniform coating of blue grease on everything. I don't have any blue grease so am not sure it's consistency, but this stuff seemed on it's way to being a bit sludgy. So either it is a heavier grease or perhaps it has a tendency to dry out quicker than some others? Don't know, just asking.
  13. I went deep inside it today as it felt a little rough. Looks like corrosion has deteriorated what looks like pot metal gears and created some rough contact surfaces. The bearings had some rust too although spun. I oiled/greased as needed and put it back together. Unfortunately the list of parts I would want to replace is such that I'm better off putting that money into a modern reel with a better drag. I'll use this reel until it feels like more work is needed again, then either toss it or part it out. It had a good, long run. My Penn 704z can be my surf reel this year. It's pretty old too but in much better shape, just cracked it open and still in great shape from my last service.
  14. Where I fish is quite docile. Gently lapping waves, no riprap or jetties. Biggest risk is a fish toppling the rod while it sits in a holder. That is rare here and I can flush out that levelwind if needed. Should the need to go without a levelwind come up I can consider using my Penn Senator 3/0. I have always considered it a boat reel and it seems kinda big (for me) for casting but this thread and thoughts of the upcoming beach trip have me thinking...
  15. I found my original package of parts they supplied with the reel. Extra brake rollers and a few other things. Do you guys attach your reel to the rod seat using the optional bracket that bolts to the reel foot and comes with the reel? Or is that more for boat road situation? I have been considering adding a leader to my surf rod setup since we’re getting better at targeting larger sharks. Originally we mostly caught little dog sharks so a package of shelled hooks with wire worked fine. The last couple years we’ve been pulling in 2’ to 4’ sharks and I figured we’re going to start losing more without a leader setup. I probably need to buy a new steel leader kit with pliers and ferrules to make my own.