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  1. I am fishing relatively shallow freshwater so my unplayed line is just coiled to the side of my seat. I only need about 15’ total. If I used more I’d consider one of those dog leash or clothes line solutions.
  2. My trolley ring is a caribiner itself. Easy to clip in / clip out. I have my anchor rigged with the zip tie for a break away, and the anchor line itself is secured in a jam cleat shown earlier. One quick yank and it's released. To keep my trolley from moving on it's own I bought one of those YakAttack anchor trolley locks that come with their kit. It secures the trolley in place very well but I control the anchor line itself with the jam cleat. Yep, anchoring in current can get wacky fast. Been there done that so I'm careful to only do it in low current situations.
  3. Any deals being offered for the Topwater PDL? I see nothing at Old Town website. Might be paying MSRP which would be a bitter pill to swallow after reading about the good deals and sonar freebies. I'm in Virginia if it matters.
  4. I am relocating part of my DIY anchor trolley and can't reuse all the original screw holes I created. What product is recommended to fill the holes? Just a basic silicone sealant?
  5. Yes, I have one of those on my kayak already. It keeps the length of my anchor line secure but since my trolley goes both ways I didn't see how I could use it for trolley control. I think my mini zip zag cleat arrived in the mail today so I am just going with that. 2 more holes but oh well...
  6. Oh and thanks for the offer to send me the pants. Let me do more research on this equipment and I might DM you with some questions.
  7. You guys are referring to gear that I have no knowledge of. Like dry pants - I don’t know what these are or what other equipment goes with them,etc. Or booties...there are lots of different styles and I don’t have all th pros/cons of all the different options figured out. I appreciate the advice but I think the product space is so much wider than I anticipated so am still a bit overwhelmed by the choices and terminology. I bought these 0.5 socks for warmer weather. I still wish I had bought thicker booties, but don’t think i’ll Need them for another 6 months so figured i’ll Continue to learn before something. This is may not matter but I didn’t describe my fishing environment. I fish skinny streams that are a foot or 2 deep where there are any riffles. There is deeper water but generally calm and less risky. That said I get it that a kayak can flip anywhere/anytime as there rarely is a trip I make where there isn’t some close call or freaky situation. At other times i’m Fishing small ponds. I wear my pfd and am an excellent swimmer and carry a dry bag with spare clothes. I’m a life long fisherman but probably this my first year of kayak fishing so early in winter. I’m hoping my enthusiasm will continue this Fall so I’m doing my best to learn from this threads i’ll be better prepared and equipped. I do like to buy more fishing stuff and also stay warm and dry
  8. I don’t know Japanese either
  9. With warmer weather arriving I went with the NRS Hydroskin 0.5 Wetsock to wear under my Keen water sandals. They do seem to let water in pretty easy and my feet get wet. Once my feet got pretty cold from this but i can't tell if that was from perhaps being too tight or they didn't keep my feet as warm as expected. I could get a lightweight wool sock but I know it would get soaked. At this point I think mother nature is going to warm thing sup such that my feet aren't going to get cold if they get wet, at least until next Fall. Then I might get the NRS Boundary boot which is supposed to be waterproof. I thought the neoprene was going to be some wonder warmth type bootie? maybe it takes a much thicket style? I know this one is only 0.5mm neoprene and is more a sock.
  10. About 10 to 12” from each end. Yesterday the current was pulling pretty good so there was some swinging, and it seemed to occur when the swinging increased the angle of the direction of pull. A zig zag cleat seems like the ticket. I think I have found a suitable location. As much as I don’t want to mount one it’s better than dealing with the unsafe situation when it starts to slide and create a sideways pull.
  11. Yesterday I fished a decent flowing river that kept moving my anchor trolley from either front or rear position where I wanted it to the side. It was like it was doing it just to fight me. I do not have a cleat or anchor lock to lock the line so need to address that next. I really don't like the idea of the standard zig zag cleat because it just seems to have all those hard edges that I don't want it right where I enter/exit the boat. My boat design (Pelican Catch 100) is built such that the side of the kayak is impossible to see because the top has an edge so most anchor trolley work is done by feel. I could get good with a zig zag cleat if I had to but am hoping there is something better if I ask around. I like the idea of an anchor lock but again in my boat it would be down on the side where I couldn't see it and I'd prefer to be able to see it. Any other options or products to consider? Any low profile cleats?
  12. I've been focused on this issue for weeks now. While researching an elegant solution I dropped my iPhone7 in the lake and never recovered it. My replacement is an iPhone8 and supposedly "Rated IP67 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes) " so I have been using a simple shock absorption case to protect it from drops. That said, it feels like just a matter of time until it takes a swim. It is thin and slippery and I can see it slipping out of my pdf pocket or any other common ways phones go swimming. It will sink so I know I need to go back to at least a tether. I have grown to hate the waterproof bag because it's a pain to open/close and pics can be blurred thru the plastic. I know it will heat up come summer. I also have an Otter Box but that is so damn bulky during daily use I stopped using it. Since dropping is my main concern (given the phone is highly water resistant) I am going to attach the tether to my existing el-cheapo slim case I use now. I see where the tether lead can be slipped between the case and on of the openings. I have one of those retractable Boomerang things.
  13. The bowline is my goto knot and the one I wanted to tie, but I can't hold the anchor line tight and tie it under tension at the same time. I could try the elastic cord idea at one end but think that along with the Harkens is going to really allow the anchor trolley to move. Maybe I will remove one of the harkens to give it less freedom.
  14. Before the Harkens pulleys it was tight, now these Harkens allow it to slide so easy that changes in kayak angle relative to the anchor line angle allows the ring to slide up or down from where I really want it. Hence the need for a cleat (that I was trying to avoid) or one of those locking anchor line do-hickeys. By the time I'm done I would have been better off buying an anchor line kit and getting all the nice pieces
  15. I've had this DIY anchor trolley for years on another kayak and it never stretched. At least that isn't my experience. This is genuine mil-issue paracord if that matters? Originally it just passed thru 2 small carabiners, one at the front and one at the rear, but was hard to move the trolley. So on my new kayak I added a Harken 224 roller cam thing at each end and now it rolls like butter. But I can't get my knot cinched tight so it rolls like greased butter right now because the line isn't tight enough to help get it just right.