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  1. the white stuff is flaky residue from the consumable bobbin. I don't exactly know how they are made and if they are supposed to function by braking apart like this/
  2. Oh yeah - thinking about your use in open water.... On my Old Town PDL106 I am still getting a little intermittent cavitation on high. The kayak version of the Xi3 is short-shaft, and I think by the time you add in my OneObjective bow mount and the quick-release mount bolted on top of that that maybe my motor head isn't as deep as it could be. I don't know what mounting might be for yours, I wish my motor head was a couple inches lower. I haven't heard others complain of this, and in truth I can't lean down and see if it is cavitating when I'm going full speed, so maybe it isn't doing it. I'm hearing some noise sometimes that sounds like cavitating. Could just be worrying about it and thats a normal sound of the prop spinning and I'm closer to it in the kayak. All that said....I feel like the 36" shaft is the bare minimum for a kayak and wish it was 42" instead. So back to your use....if you have some rolling waves moving your bow up and down more than a couple inches you could have the prop coming in and out of the water. If you suspect this is how you will be operating then maybe see if Minnkota offers a longer shaft option. Or I guess Motorguide too.
  3. I have had one for about 2 months. It has definitely helped extend my range and he spotlock has been great even if it jumps around a bit. My limited understanding of GPS is your signal is +/- 6 or 10 feet so makes a little sense the unit will shift around a bit. It moving water/current it has been less of an issue but in still water like a lake it can change the orientation of the kayak around which can drag my bottom baits around and hang them up if snags are down there. It has some other features besides spotlock. One is 'heading lock' where it is supposed to hold a particular direction if you click that button but my keeps seeking back and forth - more than it should, and it can swing the kayak back and forth a good bit. It's really annoying and half the time I turn it off and just make adjustments as needed. I'm in a Facebook group for Motorguide motors and lots of folks are really down on the Xi5 and Xi3. Not sure if that is because the bellyachers all congregate there or if there are a tons of problems. It's an expensive unit and I would expect it to do something simple like go in a straight damn line which it struggles to do. For example - yesterday I was slowly bumping some baits and gave it a particular heading lock of a large house about 3/4 mile away, on a heading I knew would cover the depth I wanted. Kayak was aligned to the house, motor head was aligned on the house, but the stupid thing quickly turns about 15 to 20 degrees off center and sets a new course. I reset it, turn the heading lock on again and it just keeps wanting to walk off-center like a hard headed dog. Some folks say it's because it's on a kayak and a large boat would minimize those changes but the friggin thing is designed or at least marketed directly at kayak users so they should make any adjustments to it's responses to adjust for the intended use. Bah. I've had it go bonkers a time or two on the water and go unresponsive with weird beeping but a power off and back on fixed it. It's still helpful for my style fishing so I'm happy to have it, just disappointed it has those issues for what seems like basic functions in this day and age. I don't know why but I never even bothered to see if Minnkota offered a similar model - and I recommend you at least check and research it to know your options before you buy. On the positive side - unrelated to the motor - I did buy my first lithium trolling battery and love that thing. I won't even say the brand since to many love to bicker over brand but it is half the weight of a lead-acid and the run time is so much better. Expensive as **** but you only cry once, right? Every time I pick it up and feel that light weight I instantly am reminded how happy I am with my purchase. Regarding salt water - I don't know what they say and I primarily fish fresh. The motor head itself would be easy to wash off each trip, I just don't know if incidental waves or splashing over the box might cause issues with the electronics.
  4. Yesterday my NRS Otto Matik pfd self-inflated out of nowhere. Heck of a surprise! It was a beautiful sunny day, I was sitting still with some baits suspended under me when it went off. It has never been wet or in the the water and the pull cord safety clip was still in place so that wasn't it. Is this common? I pulled the bobbin and see flaky white stuff - what does that suggest? I am 100% confident this thing hasn't been in the water or rained on.
  5. I want to use these older plugs on upcoming striper fishing trips, all of these are probably 25+ years old and hooks are rusty or dull. Where can I buy replacement hooks and any tips to ensure I am getting the right size? Stores near me would only have bass sized treble hooks and these are much bigger.
  6. My strap length doesn't need to change as it is set for my 2 kayaks, so I don't really need the ladderlock adjusters. I went with these much thicker metal strap adjusters and I don't see them bending. The previous ones were basically sheetmetal. These new ones can handle more tension without bending. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078HQTJW7?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  7. I'm taking a baitcaster or two - my regular bass rigs. They are not saltwater rated (Daiwa Fuego, Daiwa Tatula) but it;s just 2 days and I'll be sure to rinse everything off each day.
  8. I mostly fish freshwater but have booked a 2-day guided Speckled Trout kayak trip late April. I'm not exactly sure the average size to expect for the Speckled Trout. I generally like using lighter tackle and trying to decide among my 1000 or 2500 size spinning reels and various rod combos. What do you recommend for inshore OBX trout? Not sure if I should be expecting any puppy drum or not either.
  9. Dangit, I'm back. The factory C-Tug plastic ladderlock adjusters all broke over time. I have to cinch my strap tight and the buckles break. And I also bought a few of these flat metal slides from Strapworks but they are thin metal and the center bends so it doesn't hold. The thinness of the strap is likely also an issue. My strap fell all the way off yesterday while it was off the kayak and almost lost it. Strapworks sells a thicker bar slide - might order a few of them.
  10. Item no longer available (moved to Facebook Marketplace)
  11. Item no longer available (moved to Facebook Marketplace)
  12. Penn 940 Levelmatic in good shape. A little rash above the clicker and freespool levers. Reels function fine. Had the reel serviced and drags replaced 2 seasons ago. Includes the original handle and the Penn 24-920 handle. $50 Paypal F&F and you pay shipping.
  13. Penn Senator 3/0. Includes original handle and the Penn model 24-56 Large Handle attached. The large handle itself sells for like $30. Reel works just fine. Has lost a little chrome across a couple frame posts.$45 Paypal F&F and you pay shipping.
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