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  1. You are a good guy DG.
  2. Pompano, sea mullet, surf fishing outer banks. I bet it would launch sand fleas or fish bites. We use 12s and 15s for drum fishing. They are great reels.
  3. Vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc will prevent most stuff.
  4. We got a pool and a lake, lakes good for you.
  5. Looks like a painted turtle and looks like a coon got to the eggs.
  6. Your dog looks depressed.
  7. 2 slices of white bread and some Dukes mayo and you are in business son.
  8. Here is where it gets even better in Dare County. Local residents can leave and return to the county as they please and residents of the 2 surrounding counties can enter Dare at any time. Yet I cant go to the property I own and pay tax on. BULLSHUT
  9. Pond is good for Red
  10. I drum fish and mainly on Hatteras. I use 17 or 20# mono, so excuse my ignorance on the topic. But where is skill or challenge on catching a 20lb or even a 50 lb striper on 50# braid even 30# or 40# ? I must be missing something, but why no use 20# braid and get even better distance and have a better experience fighting the fish.
  11. Italian issues have to due with the fabric and leather trade with China. Iran is due to Chinese works in Iran working on new train line.
  12. CTS is a great rod, most serious drum fisherman are using them. A few use other such as Century, Vega, the new hellfire, tommy farmers rods. The CTS can be bought in a 50/50 split. Nick at Nick's custom rods is the man and who you should be speaking with. He is on facebook.