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  1. So, you wear panties?
  2. I follow the Yankees, but I am starting at 1st tonight.
  3. Savfish and Nick both fish the 1305 and are two of the very best drum fisherman anywhere. Me, I have both 2 1305 and 2 1306. I much prefer the 1306. I find that I have to slow my cast down more with the 1305. I also feel it lacks power when fighting a fish. For me I feel the 1305 is the perfect 7 oz rod. 1306 is perfect 8oz and cob head rod. Whatever ya get Nick will build ya stunner. He has built 8 rods for mover the last 15 yrs. He is a master.
  4. She is just rambling, making no sense. She talks about Jim Crow laws, werent those Demarcate. Get your story straight lady.
  5. What country does Stacey Abrams live in? In certainly isnt this one.
  6. Dont leave fish to find fish Cant catch yesterdays fish Fish have tails, not homes
  7. Wanna bet you are wrong?
  8. Patch, my apologies. I read it as Outer Banks not Outer Beach. Sorry just worked a 14 hr day and wasnt paying close enough attention. My bad sir.
  9. Yeah, no, dose not happen. In 30 yrs of fishing here and having worked in tackle shops here it disentangling happen. False Albert's yeah sure. Bluefin, yellowfin, blackfin, nope, not even on the piers. Dolphin, king mackeral, maybe a small sailfish, tuna no. I'll give you a brief period in the mid 90s where bluefins could rarely be seen off the beach in the winter feeding on stripers.
  10. You do understand he opted out of his contract with the 49ers and turned down an offer from Baltimore. So the reason he is unemployed is his own choice. But that doesn't fit the narrative does it....
  11. You and Jeff got a 2nd date?
  12. Most kings and cobia caught on it are under 15# but have seen some monster pompano caught on it.
  13. Gotcha, jerk jigger. Will catch anythhing, blues, flounder, albies, spanish, cobia, kings, trout, pompano, ect.......
  14. Capt Pat Bracher 305.745.3408 He is absolutely the man. Look up guided flat slams in the IGFA record book.