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  1. You got it, Man. I thought this was an old thread at a glance. Here's hoping this is the last hassle for a while.
  2. Which is what I did when that happened to me. I met with the owners of the company I worked for and had them brace themselves for what turned out to be a rough ride. It was stressful but winning was great. It never occurred to me to off myself. The girl who accused me came close to the edge and never knew it.
  3. Continuing in the music vein, I started this last night. The origins and early cross connections between bands and artists always amazes me.
  4. Same here. Knowing what her pu**y tattoo said was a rite of passage.
  5. Hard to believe it's the same band.
  6. I read the autobiographies of Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in succession over the summer. Both great reads but lots of polarity. Lots.
  7. Good job! I just had my second seventh and hope to make twenty five.
  8. It's rumored that her shadow once killed a dog.
  9. I much preferred FM before the girls joined...the Peter Green era.
  10. With patience and skill, there's no such thing as a locked back door. Deliver her first assgasm and she's a lifer. FWIW, I'm the straightest guy on earth.
  11. Who's the most popular guy in a nudist colony? The guy who can carry 2 cups of coffee and a dozen donuts.
  12. Good thing his brother has the right size rods.
  13. He settled for the box and cutting his 9' rods down so they'd fit. Unreal.
  14. The more hair I lose, the more head I get.
  15. Same here. Using Hugesnet now and its worse than my rotten cell reception.