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    Fished the hell out of Long Island Sound and the ocean beaches for 3 decades before moving upstate.
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    Power boats, marine art and my beautiful wife.
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    Count the days until I can just live.

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  1. Good luck and whatever you do never assume it’s just a fart.
  2. Nope. A buddy of mine alive and (somewhat) well at least from the ankles up. Flip flops shouldn’t be in his footwear rotation ever.
  3. As unbelievable as this may seem, I saw far worse toe nails last weekend. Some were assorted shades of blackish green while others were like Red’s. I wanted to spray paint the dude’s feet.
  4. Same here and never have. No Under Armor or any other poser crap. If I’m loyal to any brands they’re Levi’s, Woolrich and Helley Hansen. I don’t think I’ve owned a pair of sneakers in 30 years.
  5. While MIA. for a while , sytheteacher could spin a wild yarn about his never ending string of Penthouse pet girlfriends.
  6. I have to disagree. Different perspective altogether. When you’re shopping for bras or jeans, ALWAYS bring a man with you. Women really have no idea what makes boobs and asses look good, while we are instinctual connoisseurs.
  7. Sounds good so far and while unconventional, getting the salary on the table early gets a big unknown out of the way. Benefits have monetary value, lots of value if premiums and copays are low. Less salary and good benefits can be better for your wallet than crappy, expensive coverage that you get to pay for anyway with all that extra money you held out for.
  8. I was going to post this after skimming the whole thread but didn’t get that far. The frantic speech pattern when challenged, the downward spiral in coherency and not knowing who to attack first are all tells. Game, set, match.
  9. I just went through this. In fact tomorrow is my 1st day. Khakis, collared shirt and nice shoes. Wear a watch if you have one and leave your phone in the car. Don’t be cocky, but sell yourself and your skills. Good luck. A friend sent me this to lighten the mood:
  10. Great album. I was there at MFP that night.
  11. The classifieds were always fun and it was a good source of live music listings.
  12. Empire
  13. And run around with it like a flag.
  14. Murderer