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  1. Yolo Yak is worth a look, I love mine and beat the heck out of it floating rivers around here. Roto molded tri-hull shape, 11'10", 58 lbs, 340 capacity, super stable.
  2. Hey BFD, those jigs will be fun. When I lived in Islamorada we found out that the snook and bonefish there were absolute suckers for a bucktail jig. We used a brand called Millie's, not available anymore. The boxing glove style at 11 o'clock in this photo were all we used.
  3. Add Long Key State Park and the Highway Flat/ Anne's Beach. Man, the 70's were awesome down in the Keys.
  4. And then there's this:
  5. Journey 1st generation, awesome, 2nd generation, pop junk Fleetwood Mac 1st generation (Peter Green), awesome, 2nd gen, pop junk Both bands made all of their money in the 2nd generation.
  6. The negative comments have been floating around for decades about the San Juan Worm, same thing. I almost feel like I'm cheating, but there's not a brook trout alive that'll turn down a pink SJW. Have you seen these new Dragon Tail streamer fly tails they're selling now? Wait for the controversy to start with those.
  7. Kold Kutters for sure.
  8. Nothing crazy, and I already have it. My Hardy-made Orvis CFO III that I bought new in 1972, it's called the "upside down CFO" because the graphics on it are upside down when it's mounted on the rod, kind of a collectors item now but mine is in well used condition after fishing it for the last 45 years and still works like new, just a little jewel. Only the "III" model is that way, and the story is the Orvis marketing guys wanted it to look that way so it looked good in their catalog, so not many were made.
  9. There's a line in that book where Joe says it takes him 20 minutes to tie on a new fly or tippet. Back in the 60's when I first read that book I didn't get it. I do now.
  10. Lou Tabory, "Stripers on the Fly" Dave Hughes, "Wet Flies"
  11. 1966 and 1972 VW Beetles with roof racks for various canoes and jon boats, I made hundreds of trips to the upper Potomac River and trout streams of south-central Pennsylvania, . Replaced the bugs with a 1976 Ford F100 short bed with a cap on the back and actually lived in the back of that for a year in the Florida Keys. I was building a couple of houses for an architect on Lower Matecumbe and he let me stage my truck in the driveway of his beach house, tough duty. I went through a few other F-series trucks, Subaru's and Chevy Blazers and now have a 2009 Tacoma 4x4, best vehicle I've ever owned.
  12. Always. One of my favorites, a couple of Jim Smith's, a 43 next to their 95. You can always dream....
  13. About an hour, 100 lb tarpon off of Indian Key drawbridge on a 9wt, lost it. I had no business casting to those monsters.
  14. Started with a bunch of buddies when were were 13-14 on the local bass and bluegill ponds, basically taught each other how to do it, and then everyone got into fly tying as well. Got horribly addicted to trout fishing and barely made it through college because of it, then got into bonefish and tarpon and lived in the Florida Keys for a couple of years feeding that addiction. After 50 years it hasn't let up at all, and I'm pretty much back to trout full time now. What a long, strange trip it's been.