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  1. DNR stocks the Patapsco with trout, and this year they really stocked a lot of them. Due to the high water folks couldn't get on to the river so there's still quite a few left, but they won't last long once the water starts heating up. I was up there a few weeks ago fly fishing for smallies and a few nice rainbows surprised me. As much fun as they are, wait until late summer/ early fall for the smallmouths and big bluegill to get active. Cool river, further downstream you can get into largemouth and smallmouths, white perch, yellow perch, sunfish, fall fish and stripers, and now that they've removed the Blode Dam they'e hoping the shad start running back up.
  2. Good stuff, Marcel, quite an adventure.
  3. Yup, use what ya got, they'll work fine.
  4. That's a beautiful brown.
  5. Cool, throw it in. 7.00 on the way.
  6. I spent the day up in the hills fishing a blue line with my favorite fishing buddy. I was fishing for the gorgeous 4-8" wild brookies that are native to the creek, but the state also throws in some big rainbows and goldens in the spring. No restrictions on how you can fish for them, so the stockers usually only last a few weeks before they're all pulled out by the bait and lure guys. We've had a lot of rain lately so fishing pressure has been kind of light and some of the rainbows and goldens caught me by surprise when they charged out of their hiding places. I fished a 9' Tenkara, perfect for this place, fly of choice was a pink San Juan Worm, and I probably lost a dozen flies to the overhanging trees, time to hit the vise. Wet wading felt good on a warm day, and boots with spikes are a must on this creek. Mo did his best to remove all of the loose sticks from the creek in true Labrador Retriever fashion.
  7. Check out the Gary Loomis interview on April Vokey's "Anchored" podcast, fascinating to hear him talk about the early days of graphite and what he went through to get Lami and Loomis up and running.. I've got a couple of his IM6 rods (built with his blanks branded as Cabela's), wonderful rods. If you were buying graphite early on there's a good chance they were built with his blanks.
  8. That'll work, PM sent.
  9. I'll take that, PM me your paypal info or however you want payment.
  10. I've got mine doing double duty. I take the bottom three sections off and slip a foam fly rod grip on it and fish it as a 9' as well, perfect for tiny brook trout streams, but it really shines as a 12 footer.
  11. I picked up an Aventik Mini from Amazon, it's a 13 section/ 12', maybe a foot long collapsed, 6:4 action, great rod. $60.
  12. Old school for me, Yellow Seaducer.
  13. This time of year in the Keys just pick a bridge or lighted dock with moving water and there's probably tarpon around. Night time is magic down there.
  14. Check out Burkheimer Fly Rods, they sell blanks as well.
  15. I listened to the Orvis podcast last week, the guest was the R&D Manager from Scientific Anglers and they were talking about leaving lines and rods in a hot car and he said heat is only a problem to modern fly and monofilament lines if it gets near the melting point, and the Orvis rod guys say the same thing about rods. UV, on the other hand, can weaken lines, but modern vehicles have UV blockers in the glass so even that isn't much of a problem. I still don't leave 'em in the car.