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  1. Waypoint is great, and it's free, online, on Roku, etc. Two channels, fishing and hunting.
  2. The Highway Flat at MM 74 and the Long Key State Park flats are the most accessible. If tides are low the Craig Key oceanside flat is doable, but ya gotta slog a couple hundred feet through some muck to get to the hard outer flat. Permit, the Duck Key flats, but you 'll need a kayak to get out to them. Good luck, Islamorada/ Matecumbe is such a great area.
  3. I'm using mine more and more, just so darn easy and simple. My 12 footer is the go-to, but I just got a 9' that's cool on tiny streams. It took me a bit to get used to not having all the extra line, but heck, a 12' tenkara gives you 30' or so of reach, and that's all I usually need. Yup, have fun with it.
  4. Jam cleats on my kayak and SUP, quick in and out.
  5. I went through the whole evolution, starting with glass and cane fly rods back in the late 60's, got my first graphite in 1978 for Keys bonefish, spent a ton of money on a collection of graphites for fresh and salt over the next few decades, but in the last decade realized I never enjoyed the feel of graphite. I got rid of most of the graphite, went back to my glass and cane and added a few more of them and I'm happy as heck. I've got a 9'/ 9wt glass that'll comfortably throw every bit of line I need to throw in the salt and my 7 1/2'/ 6wts in glass and cane are so much fun to cast I can't imagine anything working better. It may be because I learned on that technology and it naturally fits my casting style, but it works for me.
  6. Good grief, Kid, you've got all the cool toys.
  7. I still do, love it for smallmouths. Way back when I lived down south the 308/ 408's were our go-to reel for bonefish on the flats, never let us down, and that was when the Keys bones were clocking in at 8-10 pounds on a regular basis.
  8. Yolo Yak is worth a look, I love mine and beat the heck out of it floating rivers around here. Roto molded tri-hull shape, 11'10", 58 lbs, 340 capacity, super stable.
  9. Hey BFD, those jigs will be fun. When I lived in Islamorada we found out that the snook and bonefish there were absolute suckers for a bucktail jig. We used a brand called Millie's, not available anymore. The boxing glove style at 11 o'clock in this photo were all we used.
  10. Add Long Key State Park and the Highway Flat/ Anne's Beach. Man, the 70's were awesome down in the Keys.
  11. And then there's this:
  12. Journey 1st generation, awesome, 2nd generation, pop junk Fleetwood Mac 1st generation (Peter Green), awesome, 2nd gen, pop junk Both bands made all of their money in the 2nd generation.
  13. The negative comments have been floating around for decades about the San Juan Worm, same thing. I almost feel like I'm cheating, but there's not a brook trout alive that'll turn down a pink SJW. Have you seen these new Dragon Tail streamer fly tails they're selling now? Wait for the controversy to start with those.
  14. Kold Kutters for sure.