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  1. Biden tax policy’s will ultimately hit the middle class and slow down the GDP. Having the highest corporate tax rate in all developed countries is not good for America and its workers/economy.
  3. Every country has a stain. Just don’t it it’s the right thing to say. I take it as a putdown on the USA.
  4. Inclusion standards. More BS. How about wining based on being the best in your category.
  5. US President Joe Biden Systemic racism in US a stain on nation s soul. Does Joe really believe this?. What a incredible statement for the POTUS. For the World to hear. ****ing unbelievable.
  6. Trump gets a D minus for how he handled it; but the Right people in the right positions made warp speed happen. Biden is riding on the coattails.
  7. NYC to sue Exxon for climate change. Cant make this **** up.
  8. And to think these are the balloon knots in colleges are spouting this crap to our young adults.
  9. He is nothing but a political hack. Appeasing to his base. There is no intent that this will do anything.
  10. Agreed. Problem is too many got caught up in Trumps personality. Which was hard to take. Foolish people
  11. I’n his day when he was mentally fit Jie was probably somewhat of a moderate dem. But the balloon knots he has surrounded himself and listening to are so far left is disturbing.
  12. Just a another term to marginalize Americans.
  13. The crisis falls squarely on Biden. His tone and rhetoric has created this.
  14. "Ascending the stairs of Air Force One on Friday, to fly to Georgia, President Joe Biden slipped and stumbled. Getting up, he slipped again and then fell. The scene was jolting and disquieting. Adversaries abroad will use it as a metaphor for the decline of the last superpower to emerge from the Cold War."