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  1. Unions are too strong and have the politicians by the short hairs. This state is ****ed.
  2. Agree. I don't buy the "whos going to pay for it" BS. Any sane person would want this.
  3. 0ver 500 hundred municipalities, schools, administrators,police departments ...yada yada. You get the idea. Need to regionalize. Not a revenue problem,but a spending problem.
  4. Water is relatively clean in central Monmouth county.
  5. Engineering Planning /Design is considered part of the construction process, so technically it could be considered "we started the wall". Just saying.
  6. Booker, Waters, Harris, and other loons; that is the face of the democratic party the public is seeing.
  7. The rule of law is what keeps the fabric together. The leftist don't seem to respect that.
  8. Thats Thats because most of the people who voted for him don't really pay taxes.
  9. Trump is overplaying his hand. No need to go down the anchor children(14th amendment).
  10. I denounce him because he is a leftist loon. That fact that he is Jewish is irrelevant. Remember leftism is its own religion. Not sure why so many Jewish people vote dem anyway. When it comes to supporting the Jewish state of Israel and religious liberty the conservatives have done a better job.
  11. Agree. Plus she doesn't get a pass for running roughshod over Bernie.
  12. Google's way. Extract as much time and work product from their employees as possible. Nap Pods, cafeteria, bring your pets, gym. 24x7. No need to go home. Just stay here.
  13. You had to think that this day was going to come. Mass manipulation of information based on ideologies from a select few. Skewed search results......yadydada.
  14. Out front while the water is still green doable. Once it is brown very tough.
  15. Run by unions, rampant with corruption and kick-backs. Cities infested with leftist/socialist milking the system. Next Pot will be legalized and possible re-election of a sleazy senator. Just Wonderful.