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  1. Who do you think is coming in? Look who his policies are favoring...pretty obvious. The average middle class person/family is getting shafted.
  2. California started this trend. Guadano was such a better choice, but the Libs in the state wanted this hack. Who runs and wins; on raising taxes as a campaign promise.
  3. Agree...and they are not just Mexicans and there counterparts but origins from other countries.
  4. if it was Obama's wall then it wouldn't be an issue. It is Trumps wall that is the issue. Meanwhile Americans are the hostages.
  5. The whole thing is a political stunt.... more fodder. The are two teams (dems/repubs). This is just another issue to draw some over to one side or the other....just like ever other platform issue: abortion, gun rights..yada yada yada.
  6. Probably not....good point.
  7. 29 years old...too young. Come back when you are at least 40. Not enough life experiences/wisdom in my view.
  8. Throw bluefish and weakfish into it as well.
  9. I'm not sure how this doesn't violate the 14th amendment and the equal protection. Why should some citizens be allowed to carry 17 versus 10. Or better yet why is PA allow to have drum magazines and the adjacent NJ have only 10. Boggles the mind. Does the 1st amendment change from State to State? Just saying.
  11. Agreed. But some municipalities are asking for more that the 2 required forms. A relative of mine who was going to do it; was requested to meet with the office in charge of the application process. "interview".
  12. I think transporting between states falls under the federal rules.
  13. Kinda feel that that Bush senior and his predecessors believed that the office of the presidency was more that than the person occupying it. After Clinton it kinda went the other way.? Obama/Trump really made sure of that.
  14. Another one lost from the greatest generation . RIP Mr. President.
  15. Really?