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  1. Would a small diamond jig with a tube work? I've got a bunch. Any particular color? Thanks
  2. Any particular lures for a barracuda ? Gotta assume metal fished fast, heavy leader.
  3. Is White St. Pier worth checking out?
  4. Can that I get that license at a Walmart?
  5. Thanks everyone, probably not going to use bait. Also, can I just get the 3 day license when I get to Florida, I will be north of Miami a couple of days before going to Keys.
  6. Only there for 3 days, just want to play around , nothing too serious. Not really a "fishing" trip. If I catch anything it's a bonus.
  7. Thanks a lot
  8. In 3 weeks going with wife to Florida, with 3 days in key west. Bringing an 8 ft rod and reel to fish from the beach/bulkhead/dock at the hotel if possible. Any particular 1-3oz lures I should bring down there with me? I figured some Storm shades, small tins, etc. I'll be staying on Stock Island right outside of Key West if that helps. Thanks
  9. Wow, lots of great info here, thanks for all the responses.
  10. How about Marathon, seems nice. How far is that from Key West?
  11. Good stuff, keep it coming, thanks a lot guys. Drinking seems to be the main activity down there, sounds like fun .
  12. Going down to Key West for a few days in January with wife. Any hotel suggestions would be appreciated, especially ones on the beach. ( fishing suggestions also needed) Thanks
  13. Kansas opened up for Hot Tuna back in the 70's, they had an electric violin player that was so freakin loud we had to run to the lobby. Pretty sure my ears are still ringing! Diagnosed with tinnitus but surprisingly have minimal hearing loss (so far). Anyone ever take those supplements that are supposed help?
  14. Wife has been spraying our pumpkins with hair spray, seems to be working .