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  1. The 12 fits exactly one person. I thought about getting a longer one but there are so many other things to buy.
  2. Mine is poly. It's been a pretty good fishing platform, stable but not fast. If there is distance to cover I get tired. It is not stable enough for me to stand up, I'm 6' 200. I took it into some small surf to see what would happen and it didn't tip and no trouble at all in the Ramapo River. The seat is super comfy but it interferes with proper paddling technique. I paid $500 for a demo.
  3. This was an experiment I performed on my wife who is a proponent of under roll. It took place over several days in a hotel in Florida. The over roll is clearly the one being used compared to the under roll. What you can't see is that this is actually the second over roll of the trip.
  4. I wrapped chord around my MOE racks on my Yukon for padding, that's it
  5. Sea Sucker makes a suction cup mounted unit that has worked well for me for a couple of seasons.
  6. Andy, how does he fish for trout? Fly only or is spin acceptable? Is a half day enough? Which half, morn or afternoon? He is not all that far away, 1 1/2 hour drive for me, I could make it a day trip although I would prefer to stay over one night. Thanks.
  7. I was looking for forceps for trout fishing and I stumbled upon a medical devices site that has the manley type pliers in stainless steel. $80 or so as I recall.
  8. Mine is an inflatable, I got it because inflatables are more durable, surprising as it may seem. Bote has a nice line of both hard and inflatable boards, even ones with outboard power. Mine is a Red Paddle Co 12'6" Explorer. It is plenty stable for me at 6', 200 lbs. The bigger you are the bigger the board you should get.
  9. The purpose of the baffles under the roof deck is to keep the roof cool so that the shingles don't overheat and disintegrate. You can get shingles approved for use over unvented attics and be done with the whole baffle idea.
  10. I have had recent problems on two projects where we insulated under the roof to allow for a conditioned attic. In both, during the recent polar vortex chill, ice and condensation formed under the roof sheathing. Warm humid interior air was rising through the insulation to the cold roof deck and condensing. One home owner had R30 batts installed between the rafters with baffles to allow air flow from the soffits to the ridge vent. He installed a plastic sheet under the roof joists to prevent the migration of humid air but it wasn't perfectly sealed and it didn't work. The other home owner had a thin layer of spray foam applied to the rafters and roof sheathing and then made up the difference with batt. Same story, humid air condensed on the bottom of the foam, ran down the foam and out the soffits. Further research reveals that the proper installation would be for at least half the required R value to be applied to the roof deck as spray foam or that there be a layer of rigid insulation above the roof deck, under the shingles. Another option would be to sheet rock and paint under the rafters. All of these are more costly than the traditional insulation of the attic floor. I still believe the insulation belongs under the roof, but this will be an add extra going forward. The Department of Energy "Building America Solution Center" web site is a good source of up to date building science information. The first homeowner is going to insulate his attic floor. I think his real issue is warm humid air getting through the second floor ceiling. He has 4 recessed lights in each bedroom plus more in the hall and a pull down attic stair. The lights should have been sealed to the sheet rock and the hatch should be gasketed. The second homeowner will be adding more spray foam. Otherwise "Sound Batts" are a good idea for a premium job.
  11. MaxCat: Narrowsburg Inn and Chop House? I actually did a little reconnoitering yesterday, I drove from Port Jervis up to Narrowsburg. I had never been there before. I have no interest in camping, so the Narrowsburg Inn could be a possibility. I'm also considering a guide for one day, maybe canoe the next. I have a canoe and a bike, but the canoe outfitters seem to make it easier. Thanks again for all your advice, it looks like an incredible adventure pretty close to home.
  12. Thanks guys. I did a west branch float with a guide last spring but the fish were hard to catch. My son forgot his glasses and he couldn't even see the fly. I'm thinking we would have more fun with smallies. We wouldn't be keeping any fish anyway.
  13. Thank you Mr RapidfflowO. I have a couple of questions. It looks like this is a popular stretch of river and I would guess it gets pretty busy during the summer and especially on weekends. Would weekdays be better? Also, I found Indian Head Canoes have cabins. Are these OK or are there other cabins you can suggest? Thanks again.
  14. Friends, I'm thinking of a self guided canoe trip for me and my adult son this spring. The Narrowsburg area seems to have outfitters and accommodations, what do you think? Is it very busy there in mid May? Are smallmouth active then? Thanks.
  15. I have a Native Ultimate 12 and they advertise that you can stand in it. I can't and I'm a SUPer. So I'm on the same quest. I really like fishing from the SUP but some ponds don't allow them.