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  1. I stayed at the West Branch Angler last spring. The cabins are nice, right on the river. The fly shop is nice too, kind of heavy on the PFG. The restaurant/bar was fun, the food, as mentioned, not stellar. (Pizza Logs?) Stick to the burgers. The only negative really is the trucks on rt 17 right across the river. Kind of diminishes the wilderness experience. I'm looking for a similar situation but a little quieter. WBA would allow us to bring the dog, a big plus for my wife who doesn't fish. Oh, they have a pond full of bass and trout eager to take a fly if the wild browns are too picky.
  2. I don't have recent experience but several years ago we stayed at the Westin. I caught beautiful snook and a bonefish off the swimming beach and ferry dock.
  3. I got it to replace my Bose Wave. They still sell the Wave. It has AM/FM & a CD, but no wi-fi or bluetooth for about the same price. The Wave doesn't have an equalizer either. For this old hippy the Como is vastly superior.
  4. I listen to the radio a lot, in the car, at work and at home in the kitchen while I read the paper. I prefer non-commercial stations which tend to have poor reception and I got tired of the static. I got this unit for myself for Christmas. It has AM/FM, Blue Tooth, Spotify and Wi-Fi. No CD. WiFi is the key. It opens up the world of internet radio, and I mean the world: there are over 10,000 internet radio stations. Icelandic folk, Italian news, Russian rap, anything you can imagine and they all come in beautifully. Bluetooth with Apple Music on my phone means I can listen to almost anything on demand. I got white, I thought it would go with my white kitchen, but my wife doesn't like it. This is the Duetto, they make a smaller one, the Solo, which has all the same features but just two speakers. It comes with a remote control but there is also an app that lets you use your phone as a remote. I like it.
  5. I like Key West, I'd go back in a minute. We stayed at Southernmost: pools, pool bars, beach, beach bar & restaurant = good scene. No fish, I don't think I even tried. I got a bike and biked to a paddle board rental place and fished of the paddle board for little stuff. We liked riding the pedicabs to get home after a night of carousing. Last year we stayed at Sunset Key which is way upscale. You need to take a ferry to get there. You can visit if you have a dinner reservation and the shoreside hotel guests can come to use the beach.They have cottages, we were able to get a one bedroom unit which is rare. The ferry dock was swarming with tarpon, especially at night under the lights. I hooked several, landing none. During the day I got mostly jacks and Spanish mackerel. A fellow fishing with bait got some nice snappers. He had heavier gear and I gave him a jack to use as bait. He hooked a Goliath grouper but couldn't stop it. From the ferry dock. I booked a "back country" charter and the guy came right to the dock to pick me up.
  6. Gentlemen, thank you for your comments. Butch, I don't have any current battery packs. I noticed one blower shared battery systems with a chain saw. That could be useful for light pruning. I also see some of these blowers use two batteries. The reviews seem to focus on battery life, which is somewhat of a concern, but I could also fall back on the corded blower. I'm not interested in gas, the gas tools I've had don't thrive on neglect.
  7. Anybody have one that works? I have a Craftsman blower with a cord that I've been using over thirty years. It works great but the cord is a pain. I'm talking about just the front porch, garage, gutters or deck kind of thing, not the whole back 40. Thanks.
  8. We stayed at Principe, DR. The food was OK, drinks OK. We fished off the beach for not even a touch. But oh my god the women! I would go back just to watch the aerobic dance classes on the beach!
  9. Where does the ferry land? If it were me I would try for FA's anywhere from Oak Bluffs to Big Bridge (Jaws Bridge) on State Beach.
  10. My Derby duty is done. My single weigh in resulted in a short term third place boat blue, but I got a prize! $20 and a pin. Good luck to all and sorry for killing your thread.
  11. Today was great. Still windy but lots of fish up. I got FAs, stripers and a nice blue, 5.57 lbs but I’m on the board. All in Edgartown Harbor and off State Beach.
  12. I just went down to the boat but it’s too rough for me by myself. We had legit shots at FAs yesterday. 26 bass weighed in already, I have no clue where they’re coming from.
  13. I’m here in Edgartown but conditions have been tough, very windy and cold. Tons of bait, blues and some FA’s around
  14. He was on his way to dig out his dad’s driveway. He was an electrician. Three kids 5, 7 & 8.
  15. These are the tracks of an otter galloping and bellyflopping across the ice of a pond in Mahwah. I haven't seen the beast yet. .