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  1. I'm headed up Tuesday after Mem Day for a week, fishing the beaches of Edgartown
  2. So. We checked in to the Woodstock Hotel and did a little fishing in the very pretty Tannery Creek, right behind the hotel. We actually caught some trout, one of which came home with us. Then we found the Station, a bar in a train station with a very local vibe and some very tasty beer. Then we went to the A&P Bar for dinner. The food was very good. The Barn is just a short ride up the road from there. No tickets, they check your name as you drive in and give you a wrist band. We brought in coffee cups full of ice & Jack Daniels and went out for refills at intermission. We had Row G seats which were actually the last row of seats. It's pretty small. I guess about half of the audience was seated, the rest SRO. If you're standing room you have to get there early to find a good place to stand and then stay there all night or lose it. There's no stage and Jorma and Jack were sitting down so we didn't have a great view of the action. The music was etherial and magical. Larry Campbell sat in for a few numbers towards the end and no Dave at all. I don't know what happened to him. After the show we went back to the Station for a few more. Same crowd of aging hippies still there.
  3. I have a 1988 Sportsman, bought it new. It still looks new. Yamaha 115 still works. I think a bigger motor would help it get on plane with a heavier load. I used to get it up to 44 mph or so, now upper 30's is the best she'll do. Probably because of all the junk I load into it. I have a bow cushion and bow dodger that used to be good when my kids were little, I also have a bimini top. It's a pain but it's also a life saver on a hot sunny day. I replaced the seat cushions a few years ago and replaced the trailer. I have heard that trim tabs are worthwhile but I don't have them. I get about 3 mpg. I built a small table that attaches to the metal tubing around the motor well that has been very usefull. I wish it were a little longer, I think the ride would smooth out, but it is easy to manage by myself. I keep it in the driveway and trailer it mostly to Liberty State Park but also LBI & MV. I mounted a rod holder to the windshield tubing for run-and-gun bonito and albies.
  4. The same line up will be doing shows at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester and in Asbury Park this summer. I saw David and Jorma at City Winery NYC some years ago. I usually bring my son so he understands. I'm surprised none of you old hippies have been to Levon's.
  5. Just wondering what to expect. I’m going Thursday: Dave Bromberg and Hot Tuna. They seem to say potluck snacks? And takeout cups? Thanks.
  6. SUP

    I haven't tried yet but I want to. I think you would have to remove the skeg. If the skeg hits something you're going down. When you sit down on the cooler, or kneel on the board, the stability goes up exponentially.
  7. SUP

    I love mine for fly fishing ponds. I tend to keep them inflated for the season, transporting them on the roof rack. I have never fallen off while fishing. Mine are Red Paddle Co. Sport and Explorer models. The cooler is key, it's nice to sit down to rest your feet and to gain stability if a boat wake is coming or for paddling into the wind. I mounted a rod holder and a drink holder on mine, boat cushion on top. The drink holder is handy as a paddle holder as well. A bigger board will be more stable. Paddling will exercise every muscle from your fingers to your toes.
  8. Damn. I sent them two older Calcuttas for cleaning and service. They sent them back to me, untouched. They said parts are no longer available.
  9. The 12 fits exactly one person. I thought about getting a longer one but there are so many other things to buy.
  10. Mine is poly. It's been a pretty good fishing platform, stable but not fast. If there is distance to cover I get tired. It is not stable enough for me to stand up, I'm 6' 200. I took it into some small surf to see what would happen and it didn't tip and no trouble at all in the Ramapo River. The seat is super comfy but it interferes with proper paddling technique. I paid $500 for a demo.
  11. This was an experiment I performed on my wife who is a proponent of under roll. It took place over several days in a hotel in Florida. The over roll is clearly the one being used compared to the under roll. What you can't see is that this is actually the second over roll of the trip.
  12. I wrapped chord around my MOE racks on my Yukon for padding, that's it
  13. Sea Sucker makes a suction cup mounted unit that has worked well for me for a couple of seasons.
  14. Andy, how does he fish for trout? Fly only or is spin acceptable? Is a half day enough? Which half, morn or afternoon? He is not all that far away, 1 1/2 hour drive for me, I could make it a day trip although I would prefer to stay over one night. Thanks.
  15. I was looking for forceps for trout fishing and I stumbled upon a medical devices site that has the manley type pliers in stainless steel. $80 or so as I recall.