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  1. Hi guys- finally signing back on. I'm living in Colorado with my mom while rehabbing. I'm still wheelchair bound but trying to stay positive. I will be trying the adaptive ski thing for the first time on Monday. I just got an all terrain wheelchair that will allow me to access some rivers around here and chase trout. Hope all is well in the tavern and many thanks to all of you for your good thoughts and concerns. My son and I at his graduation in December.
  2. Looking at 19th-24th. This is in early planning stages.
  3. Thanks everyone. 18' Tripp Angler- super seaworthy. Looking at 9/18 or 19-24th.
  4. Normally, I would spend my September week at the West Branch of the Penobscot chasing salmon and brook trout. This year, because of a nerve issue in my left leg, I am not super mobile- no balance, not much strength, etc. Accordingly, I am thinking about mixing it up and taking my boat to Rhode Island to chase stripers, blues and funny fish. I know next to nothing about where and when- ideas- base of operations, timing would all be greatly appreciated.
  5. Boat fishing: 9 wt CTS affinity x with a 350 grain rio striper sink tip 9wt CTS affinity w/ an intermediate quickshooter Non- sight fishing wading: Formerly 13' Burkie rio connectcore and either 30' of t14 or 500 intermdiate skagit with 12.5 feet of t14 Sight fishing: Rio Bad Ass Glass- 8' 8 wt, rio quickshooter or floater.
  6. Will do. He is President Emeritus of the State Council.
  7. Wednesday through Sunday. Holiday in the Bay is the main site. I will pm you the calendar link.
  8. A reminder to those interested- TU's annual meeting/convention will be held in Portland, Maine this year. The local chapters, including Sebago, Mollyocket and Kennebec Valley will be hosting on-the-ground events involving major conservation projects going on in Maine: The Crooked River, where 90% of the wild landlock salmon in Sebago Lake Spawn, Frost Gully Brook in Freeport, a sea run or salter brook trout stream slated, for a dam removal, The Royal River in Yarmouth (and Maine Fly Company) to talk about the sea run brown fishery and on-going negotiations on dam removal, and Lockwood Dam in Waterville, one three dams on the Kennebec up for re-licensing, where TU and other organizations are pushing for removal to benefit atlantic salmon and other anadromous and diadromous species such as shad, river herring and striped bass. There will also be striper fishing events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning at sunrise. Feel free to PM me for more information. Hope to see some of you- I'll be manning my chapter's table on Friday at the Holiday Inn by the Bay.
  9. I fished PI for the first time in many years last year. I used to fish it frequently in the late 80s and early 90s. I figured with all of my skills acquired in the last 30 odd years, I would lay them to waste. Nope, out of 4 trips, my best day was 6 fish; my worst was 0 and a broken rod. I had forgotten the surf factor ( and weed) on the ocean side beach. Perhaps my tide choice was not ideal either. I'll go back this fall and give it another try though.
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