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  2. Thinking about making the trek down on Sunday for the day- keep the reports coming. I think it is about done, if not done, in Maine.
  3. I fished in York County on Saturday- beautiful outgoing rip- nada.... I will try my Casco Bay spot today and tomorrow after work and call it good probably ( or drive to MASS)
  4. Ethel Merman could just barely be heard over the roar of the wind and surf. A fishy looking, fishless morning....
  5. sandwich sized Ziploc freezer bag- you get a box of 50 fly boxes for $3.49.
  6. Nice
  7. I love them.... Both of these flies are about 6 inches long. I used the MFC weightless dumbells. Super durable and fishy.
  8. I got fish last weekend in two York County spots, nada at my two go to Cumberland County spots. I will fish on Saturday afternoon for what will likely be the last striper outing. On the flip side, that salmon river between Piscataquis and Somerset Counties is fishing well. Huge male on my 5 wt spey yesterday.
  9. Love the Abel.
  10. I fished 10 hours yesterday- In the bay, on the rocks, on the beach, at a river mouth in Cumberland and York Counties- 2 dinks. I had a better day Saturday in York County- 6 all solid mid 20s.
  11. Perhaps it shows, but I have found the OPST videos, in particular, very helpful with casting problems.
  12. Yarmouth Maine mud in July... By myself- had to swim out.
  13. Depending on the type of water- look before you even walk in. Don't get your feet wet until you have covered the 20' of water in front, above and below....
  14. Very nice! I did the same thing with my son- I would hand the rod back to him to fight the fish. He is now Guide #34043 in the State of Montana!
  15. This is so great to see.....