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  1. Jet propelled organ donors.....
  2. In younger years, when I still skied out there, we would ski in the morning and fish in the afternoon. Never had much success on the Blue; the Colorado is another story, however.
  3. Orange & White clouser cut short- money in the Merrimac.
  4. I used to fish the Blue in my youth (grew up in Steamboat) People would ask me how it was and I would respond, "it blew"....
  5. Thinking about driving down on Saturday and checking around PI in the marshes.
  6. My appointment was done early, so no hooky for me..... Had to come back to work.
  7. 9 wt is fine. I used to fish the rocks on Cape Ann in this fashion frequently. 4' of 30 lb fluoro so you can reef on the fish. Half & half, olive, chartreuse, big eye deceiver in chartreuse, bright mush mouths all work. A little tumble in the wash and the retrieve out ( and hang on) It is awesomely fun, especially when the water is clear and you can see them hit. I have the RIO quick shooter intermediate on my 9 and my 8 and it is fantastic for quick shots ( hence the name I guess). I just ordered some short ( 2') furled leaders to try this year to try and prevent the hinge I sometimes get with straight fluoro.
  8. I am a fan of the rio striper lines for this application- 26' sink tip, short, stout leader, heavy fly- big gun rod.
  9. Tons of shags in the Presumpscot yesterday and the Royal on Saturday. I have an appointment in MA tomorrow morning and I am going to hit some stuff on the way back- might take a little North Shore tour...
  10. If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use....
  11. How about any striped ones around Cape Ann?
  12. Wow- very cool set up.
  13. Could be.... We are supposed to get hammered on Saturday into Sunday up here- maybe 2"..... That will frig up the rivers again.
  14. Heard from a friend that certain South Shore rivers are loaded with them.
  15. 184 in 2018... I am only up to 17 so far this year, so I need to get on my horse...