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  1. Banded ( duck hunting company) makes a breathable waist high boot foot. I have the Simms G3 Guide pants and love them- wear them all the time.
  2. Killed by the wind both days this weekend. I fished from 4:30 am- 11:30 am on Saturday at two usually productive outgoing spots and got nada ( well I almost hooked myself with a 2/0 clouser). Yesterday had engine problems and almost washed up on the mud... slightly frustrating.
  3. Awesome stuff Drew. My work and other life stuff has prevented me from getting out as much as I would like. My big trip of the summer is in three weeks- West Branch of the Penobscot. I did really well last year with the euro rig. I have not fished the Hanak Alpen yet ( bought the 5 by mistake, but I will be fishing big water and big fish) Balanced with an old Ross Gunnison 2. Tying up some heavy stonefly anchor flies- I have plenty of dropper flies. I have had some real break throughs in the past season or so, similar to you. Looking forward to more.
  4. Alewives are now officially present. Going swinging at an outflow tonight.
  5. wow..... Sat on a new pool on Monday, hoping for a spinner fall that never happened- perfect conditions, but...
  6. I would love some westerlies... the CTS 11/10 that I purchased from HL last year here was up to the task- 450 grain third coast Skagit, 10' t-14 worked beautifully.
  7. Blew hard all weekend. More easterly component though. Brian- I seem to recall discussion at the Fishing Center that one could not catch a social disease on an east wind.
  8. If they are usable great, otherwise keeps them out of the waste stream, at least for awhile.
  9. I can do it- not well, or a do cross hand/back hand with my left hand on top. In this case switching hands would not have made a big difference... Bloosfisher- it's a different kind of fishing and not totally size dependent. I started out with a 7 glass switch and it handle fish up to 30" just fine. I upgraded to the Beulah Opal 9/10 beach rod in 2018 and love it. The Meiser Spey is a different beast- it is a real spey rod and I am still figuring it out. The grain window per Meiser's chart is much heavier than what I am using
  10. Canaltime- It will change the way you think about striper fishing. I rarely use a single hander on the beach anymore (unless sight fishing). I am committing to using this spey rod and swinging flies more this season for stripers.
  11. RedGreen- I'm left handed so overhead was out of the picture. This is also a true spey and does not overhead particularly well.
  12. you can send to Fly Vines in Missoula, MT and they re-purpose into bracelets, lanyards, etc.
  13. Just will not let up... SE 15 when I went out last night- made the beach unfishable, so I stayed inside the river mouth. Recently set up my 7 wt spey with a 400 grain OPST intermediate head and 10 ft T-11. Getting decent casts with wind sort of off my left shoulder (also left handed) with my backwards circle, pretzel spey. No fish, but good casting practice. As it got closer to dark wind ticked around to S and SW at about 10 and crushed me... I was casting like Aunt Mary's goat. Mised one fished and saw one caught. Our water is still cold. Hoping to find some fish this weekend.
  14. for streamers- sink tip or poly leader and some weight of the fly. Cast slightly upstream and then mend down towards the bank so your fly is swimming head first- and hang on... Go super stout on tippet- 15 or 20 maxima clear and short- bend hooks before you break off.