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  1. Schweet.... Love the jiggy guy.
  2. That is a good question...I just looked om the feather crat website and they don't say. It is hefty for sure.
  3. I started using furled butt sections this year on my salt rods- 2' for sinking and intermediate and 3' for floater. Love the way the turn over. There's a swivel at the end of the butt to tie in the tippet- very slick.
  4. Very nice.
  5. Interesting.... Several people thought my striper bugger worked so well last because it looked like a fast swimming and moulting crab.....
  6. The guys up here who consistently get the most (and biggest) fish on flies fish crabs. For me, it is like watching paint dry...
  7. I fished in Derbyshire for a weekend in 1985- Duke of Devonshire private water near Chatsworth- even then I was required to whack every fish I landed.... And had to dress- shirt & tie, no wading...
  8. I hooked my first one from the beach in 1998- bent the handle on my Battenkill 8/9 with the knuckle bash. By the end of 4 days of fishing, I smoked two battenkills. All white yak hair clouser. was the go to.
  9. check your PM. Gorgeous fish.... I still find it hard to believe the fishery that is now the Yampa....
  10. Check out the mustads- circle streamer- it is the same shank length a regular mustad streamer hook. The fly pictured in a 2/0 hook with 3.5" puglesi brush. These hollows give you a good idea of how long the shanks are. The upper fly is on a regular circle/octopus
  11. I tie everything on circles mustad C71 ss.
  12. This article has zero to do with C&R mortality; it is strictly about the over-population of popular sport fishing waters ( and introduced species). If you are concerned about C&R mortality, keep them wet, not bait, no trebles, use appropriate sized gear and don't fish if the water is too warm. Recreational C&R mortality will be greatly reduced by restricting methods that cause the greatest mortality. If you catch a keeper, and keep it, you are done for the day- no more high grading.
  13. I use a piece of a dunkin straw....
  14. Great pics guys. I have not fished in over a week......
  15. Where are you fishing? In town? ( grew up in Steamboat) Chubby with a dropper never fails. Euro nymphing mentioned above should be effective too.