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  1. Guide, ski instructor and erstwhile college student. The outfitter he works for most frequently is based in Livingston, but when he is not booked he will take other trips, walk & wade on Spring Creeks, Madison, etc. One of his Big Sky buddies is involved with Skwala, so that's how he got that gig.
  2. He gets a lot of inexperienced anglers.
  3. Lower river- below Livingston.
  4. Tougher day yesterday- sparse hatch and not a lot eaters. His clients boated 10, hooked about 30- mostly nymphing. Today is the last day for the flies for food auction- skwala has a pair of carbon waders and rain coat. He is floating the upper Madison today and then back to the Mo for about a week. The trestle and highway pictured above is the take out at 89, correct? Friggen terrifying in normal conditions.
  5. My birthday present- one of their sun hoodies- is being delivered today.
  6. You can get a carbon jacket and waders right now if you want to bid in the auction for guide relief. Check out Skwala's insta page.
  7. My son is using it. He is also one of the "models" in their ads. He said their jackets are the best he has ever used.
  8. I'll have a report from him tonight to post. He's on the MO today, Madison tomorrow and back on the Mo from Saturday to next Wednesday.
  9. Got it from me- short range dry fly cast.
  10. That is my son in the picture.
  11. It goes back to the "old days" of the Tavern in 2008/2009. great movie also.
  12. He is back there today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. He usually gives me a report at the end of the day.
  13. My son had a lights out day on Sunday with a massive PMD hatch on the Mo.
  14. That house belongs to the owner of Sweetwater Fly Shop in Livingston.
  15. I just talked to my son who lives in Bozeman and guides primarily on the Yellowstone. He spent the day stacking sandbags in Livingston. Armstrong's and DePuy's are both flooded out.