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  1. I have been using a hollow pattern a lot this year- mostly because I am learning how to tie them better. The color combo of white, chartreuse and purple has been very effective though. Tying them from size 2 up to 6/0, long, short, sparse, heavy, flashy, in between. I have also been using a lot of dubbing brushes this year.
  2. Those look great.
  3. Capt. Pete, who sometimes posts here lives on Deer Isle- he might be worth a call. he guides out of Stonington
  4. Kennebago Brook Trout from CFR last weekend
  5. North of Portland, all my fish have been 20" plus, south of Portland, more of a mixed bag.
  6. Not as far north of Portland last evening- solid fish on a chart& white clouser and chart/white/purple hollow fly. All 20"" plus, one pushing keeper size.
  7. Very cool (and simple) pattern. Me likey.....
  8. That picture of the ledges and rhodis is one of my favorite pools on earth....
  9. Eric is terrific. Jim Bernstein at Eldredge in Oqunquit is also very good.
  10. I use the short shanks octopus circle for my striper buggers because I can't get long shank circles in red.... For whatever reason on that fly, red is better. I also use octopus circles on my striper "intruders" that I swing on the spey. Never missed a fish on those flies.
  11. Cool set up. I had the privilege of guiding at Casting For Recovery this weekend in the Rangeley area. This was my first time being involved with the event. What a great day of good laughs, great conversation, insight and even a few fish. Every once and awhile, we need a little perspective and this Saturday renewed mine.
  12. Nice. Doing well. Super busy at work but finding a little fishing time.
  13. Flyrad10- is my evidence anecdotal or empirical? I have been tying all my clousers, bunny squid, baitfish patterns, seaducers- everything with hair or feather on the mustad circle streamers since 2006. While my striper fishing was less frequent from 2006- 2017 (maybe 20-30 outings per year) Last year I had well over 100 days fishing primarily with circle hooks. I found, in particular, when sight fishing a flat with my so-called "flats bug" (see pic attached) my hook ups were nearly 100%- keep a tight line and don't lift the rod tip until the fish hooks itself. Size 2 circle streamer. My $0.02, YMMV.
  14. Just looked at the chart for my ebb spot... Guess I am getting up early on Monday morning to fish before work....
  15. I have been using those mustad circle streamers since 2006. I have had terrific luck with them. I don't have a problem with short strikes with them- keep a tight line and DON"T TROUT SET. The other huge advantage is never gut hooking a fish- corner of the mouth every time. My striper buggers are on shorter shank circle octopus ( for some reason, the red hook is more effective- may be psychological...) and I do have short strikes on those. But when the fish are on that fly, fish will chase it up to your feet. I have no idea why it is so effective early season, but it is.