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  1. Does anyone have a technique for trolling mackerel WITHOUT needing a backbone remover, rigging needle and floss? I have tried breaking the Mack's back in a few places so it's more flexible and i have tried putting a small weight in the gullet of my bait and wrapping it in Magic or Whisper thread. No matter what i try the Mack just does not run true. They seem to do a slow twist while being dragged thru the water. I have used Macks rigged by others to catch a couple of small Marlin and big Spanish but the crew gutted and brined the bait prior to getting on the boat and had a cooler of rigs set up and ready to go. I did try Anybody have any non-proprietary hints they can share. I tried to pick up a backbone remover, rigging needle, and fishing floss but I'm ready to go on-line and buy them but rigging still seems like it would take longer than I'm willing to spend doing it. I will gut a few and snip the Bbone in a few places put in a gremlin rubber cored and tie it up. I'm also finding brined Macks are not as firm as i had expected. I've actually got a dozen Macks stewing in a really strong brine of rock salt and baking soda which keeps the baits color intact but we will see how that works. Anybody?? Any suggestions?
  2. I've found a nest on the ground before and they are the size of a golfball. The neat thing was they shingled the entire thing in little flakes of lichen to waterproof it. You can steal your neighbors hummers but putting out your nectar first and keeping it fresh. Oh yes as a sidenote they don't spend a lot of time at feeders when they have young to fledge. They don't feed the little one nectar, they feed them little insects. I guess it's a protein thing. The adults only spend as much time at the feeder as they need too for their energy. I dont know if the adults ever eat bugs? I haven't but you can train them to drink/eat right out of your hand. Funny little birds that get irritated if the feeder isn't out when they get back from South America..
  3. I find the most effective way of getting into a big fish is to put your rod down when nature calls. The big ones know when your taking a wizz.
  4. Hey Bob. If you really want to keep the critters of your basil and other produce get your self a bit of "Remay" or row cover. The water and sun get through but the critters don't. It's really great stuff and will keep you basil blemish free. Just remember that if you use it on crops that require a pollinator make sure you lift it up so the insects can do their duty. Happy Gardening
  5. I have a coupla questions and thoughts regarding the circle hooks i despise so deeply for a few reasons. One of them is i find them difficult to rig a whole or chunk mackerel on. I'm sure they would be fine for hanging clams on the hook but i can't remember the last time i used them. For the macks i have been using them in combination with "magic thread" and am going to start using a bait needle but I've always been a pull the trigger kind of guy as i find bass love to pick up and drop the bait a few times and them not take it so i try to pull their lips off and very rarely hook them in the gills or gut. Circles have killed my bite to hook up ratio. Im guessing with dead sticking multiple rods your chances of hooking them deeply is increased BUT I do not know that to be a fact. Is there a tutorial on how to rig and use the hooks properly on cut ✂️ or whole baits?? The state sight says something to the affect that the mortality rate of circle hook caught fish is reduced tremendously but the hook up rate must be reduced just as just as much which they don't mention. Am i the only one who is having so much trouble with them?? I was also wondering if all east coast states are moving to the circles as well or is it just us I guess J hooks can be used on "for hire" vessels which must be because hooks ups are more common making their clients happy. The other thing is that J hooks can be used in conjunction with artificials. If i was to use a J hook with a couple of inches of tube on it would I be legal? The state says.. When a recreational angler is fishing with natural bait attached to an artificial lure that is trolled, jigged, or casted and retrieved (e.g., ‘tube and worm’).” Would the attached picture be legal even if i shortened the skirt a bit and hooked a tinker through the top of the head? I let 99% of the bass i catch go free " and wouldn't have been against a two or three year moritorium but i do want to practice catch and release but firstly i must catch. If someone can point me in the right direction on how to use the darn things effectively. Long winded and incoherent again but if someone can offer any hints i would be greatful. Some of my buds are making up rigs with both circle and J hooks but are using thoss paper clip style thingies so the can quickly change up when the feds show up.
  6. So few large fish out there i have downsized my set ups to match the 25 inch fish i have been catching. Still enough rod and reel that i don't exaust the fish but make the smalls feel bigger. Im pretty sure i could land a 30lb fish and my expectations of that get slimmer every year. The fisheries are way out of balance. Loads of fish but not many biguns. Most of the shorts will never amount to much. They are genetically doomed to be smallish fish. I hope it's not true but i believe it is.
  7. I rarely find Black Sea Bass around Scituate and when i do they're small. Some guys catch tautog regularly round here but even catching a mini is tough even when i try to target them. Same for fluke. A couple at the mouth of the north but for small fish and a lot of time put it. I was hoping to get a roadtrip in to where they can be caught more readily but I've developed trailer troubles, the boat and a lack of logistics. The bass bite here is picking up so the south shore is coming around so buzzards will last another year. This will be the year that fish that are unknown around here are hitting the decks. At least i can target Cunner.
  8. Tried to fill the cooler with macks today out near the 21 can but couldn't put more than 25 in the box. For the most part i was fishing in 60ft of water and the macks were marking at 45 or 50ft but i packed it in because a bunch of nice cod were coming off the bottom to grab the Sabiki. Mixed in with the cod were short Black Sea Bass which i rarely see around here. Do folks target them? I also caught what i think is a giant Cunner?? I had no idea they got any bigger than 6 or 8 inches but this guy pictured with a big bottle of ice tea had to have been over 2 pounds. Is it unusual or do I just not know Cunner?
  9. Ed... i hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm thinking you will not see it again. That would break my heart. 30 years ago I had a JP Sauer & Son 16 guage side by side with modified and full choked barrels and the nicest piece of walnut with more engravings than you can imagine. I came out of the woods and put the gun on the roof of the car and drove off. I feel your pain but i figure i won't get stuff back but then if it does show up im that much more pleased. Dang it if i don't hate doing stupid things that I can't remedy. I hope I'm not rare but i would return it as fast as i could. Do we tell the cashier she gave us to much change? I hope so. Good luck.
  10. I always have liked to have multiple line spools loaded with different lines for different occasions. I even remember some manufacturers would include an extra in the box. Well i grabbed a 4500 BG yesterday because i really liked the 4000 BG that spent some time in the water last season. I think the BGs are a great reel for the price. Well i started looking for an extra spool today and some are coming in at $78.00 plus S&h which is 60% of the cost of the complete reel. Is that price reflective of actual manufacturing costs or is it a gouge. Shimano and Penn seem to enjoy the same practice? What's the deal?? I don't mind paying, i just like to get kissed before I do. You guys have a great day. The spring honey dew list is done or close enough and the skow gets hung on it's mooring today.
  11. I've never heard a yote bark but that yipping and stuff makes me think it's hyenas. Walked down back a week ago when to pack were a 100 yards apart. I had a nice Ruger Mark target pistol but retreated thinking a bigger gun might be in order. A friend of mine snares them all year long. They kill his sheep, chickens, cats etcetera and he says he is ashamed to be breaking to be breaking the law but doesnt know what else to do. Has anyone noticed the lack of road killed skunks and possums. The fishers eat them and even the yotes will eat skunk.
  12. I guess i will put the 150 or 300yds on braid on the level winds FIRST and them fill the spool with backing. Probably going to just use mono as backing. Its not like i have a shortage of equipment. TY...
  13. In general i like to put enough backing on most of my reels and then top it right off with a 150yd box of braid. I'm not catching a lot of fish that are going to get anywhere near my backing. The Abu 7000HSN and a Penn GT high speed that I'd like to back so that topping it off with 300yrds of braid fills it right up. I've always used dacron for spinning and conventional gear. Having a few spare spools for the BG's, Stradics spinners makes it easier for sure. Do you guys back or just put on as much braid as it takes and if you do back are you using mono or dacron. I'm not cheap and waste plenty of money on doodads that are not necessary. (Still looking for a braid clipper that keeps on clicking). I just have hate having partial boxes of expensive braids. Anyone? Thanks
  14. With good sun and good soil it's a lot easier to grow good bud outdoors than it is to grow good veggies I'm afraid. As long as the bud rot doesn't get you a couple of healthy ladies should provide more than enough flower to last a long long time. All you have to do is decide what you want to grow. Girl scout cookies, gorilla glue, Orange Crush, White Widow and a thousand other choices. Personally i think it's funny how they closed recreational marijuana sales but let the package stores stay open as essential but I cant imagine what would happen if people couldn't get a 30 pack or a jug of vodka. Now thst would be scary.
  15. You can find statistics, graphs, charts, poll, predictions to support most positions. I have my own thoughts on COVID but you have to be willing to adjust your position as things progress. There are far more questions than answers and where do you get your information. Are there any unbiased media outlets? I can't help but think they're all full of crap I can't imagine how you ramp up the system to manufacture millions of testing kits in a few weeks. Is that going to require a motivated private sector expecting huge rewards? Its difficult to even envision the huge projects that are going to have to happen even if the virus is brought under control. One giant hurdle will accessing the generic medications most of us take. These things are produced in China and India not here. We've sold off those manufacturing capabilities to save a few bucks and there may be a price to pay. For no particular reason I think this thing will either fizzle out or be the next Spanish flu of 1917. We'll see.