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  1. I'll check that out. Dedecated fisherman the Europeans they will target anything? A little Norwegian cod fishing from shore! OMG
  2. Just a quick dumb probably obvious question? I get a lot of new reels with little gaskets in the box. I just noticed on a new Shimano that they were not drag washers as i thought but spacers used to adjust line lay on the spool. Can some dumb it down and tell me how i would use them in practice?
  3. In practice it's not really much like auto insurance here in MA it appears? I believe here an adjuster has to apraise your auto within 5 business days and you don't have to take pictures to submit with the claim. Lucky to get a return call in this case. Farmers Insurance in OK. Sounds like the first big mistake. They kept asking me what kind of tractor a Cobia was. I have to look a little deeper because my gut feeling is that it's very close to auto insurance in practicr? I also believe out of state insurers have to operate within the laws of the state your in. If that's the case then they are open to punitive damages? Maybe i should call one of my buds still happily pushing pencils.i would really like to just be indemnified and just get my boat back.
  4. Ive been looking w/o success for 3, 4, and 5 oz jigs molds? It would be great if they were multi gang but singles would work? If anyone is tired of inhaling lead dust and has molds they're not using i would love to buy them. In in lieu of selling your molds maybe we can get together. You bring your molds and I'll bring the lead and lead pot and we can share the cost of hooks. Ideally I'd like to buy a couple styles. Ideas and items welcomed? Thanks
  5. I had no idea that there was more to these clips than just parking the end of the line. The Saragosa 6000SW and 8000SW don't have the clip but the Stradic C5000XG does. Live and learn but still a bit confused? My word, i have been fishing for 45 years and dang it, I'm still not to old to learn! TY
  6. I'll miss those goofy little clips but it looks like I'm the only one. F
  7. My son-in-law drove my boat into a bridge before the end of last season. The insurance company felt he was responsible for the accident, regardless of his thinking that people were jumping off the bridge in front of my boat. I’m ok with him trying not to propchop these kids. it’s been over 6 months since that accident and the repair place is doing nothing and has 10k in a check and there will more. Does my insurance company ( in OK) hold any responsibility in seeing this gets resolved. I go visit the boat vendor sales owner and hes just blowing bubbles with mo reel info. By contract does my insurance Company have any responsibility in facilitating resolution. No questions of liability. Estimates in hand, check in hand AND THE BOAT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BY THE INSURANCE COPANY. They had me take the pictures and relay that information to them. Does the insurance company have any responsibility to see this claim through to fruition? An auto adjuster in MA has three business days to take his pictures and evaluate the claim. Do i just cancell my check and drag the beast of a boat somewhere else.
  8. I couldn’t make up my mind and just splurged big time and bought a Stradic 6000 a Saragosa 6000HG and a Saragosa 8000HG. That's a lot of mullah in my budget and I’ve just noticed the spools have no line clips. I use those clips and I believe every reel I own has them. Instead of the clip they give you a glorified rubber band! Whats the story with this madness? I've got 8 or 10 Shimano reels and I'm a bit irritated. If they're saving a nickle there, what other shortcuts are hidden internally? Of course i can deal with the issue but I don't like getting cheaped out.Maybe its because I'm the only guy that uses it? IDK.... &:)!@!
  9. I think I will try the ultrasonic cleaner a bit later on. I’ve used it on firearms parts with the dawn before and it get rid of so much debt that you couldn’t believe it. Everything gets the blow dryer and a good dose of REM Oil. Works like a charm!! I use either crushed walnut hull but I’m also willing to use corn husk reptile bedding when needed at a lot cheaper than the walnut. I put in a few teaspoons of brasso and let her go longer than suggested. It get sieved out with a classifier and then I hit it hard with a blow dryer just to make sure nothing is in the primer holes. It all goes into a bag with some case lube and given a good shaking to make sure all the cases are covered. The brass ends up looking new and is clean as a whistle. Makes me want to go to the gun room and build a few hundred 9mm rounds..
  10. Hey folks. I have an ultrasonic cleaner I use to clean range brass for reloading. what if any drawbacks are the doing the same thing to clean the parts of a reel I’ve broken down into little bits? I thought a drop of downy and an hour in the cleaner would do a great jobs and I would immediately dry them with my wife’s hair dryer and then give everything a shot of Rem oil to get some oil on EVERYTHING and then oil and grease the beast. If that’s not a good idea what sort of cleaning agent should use? In the past I’ve used a lot of WD and then just used the house compressor to blow all the WD and any remaining crud out. Them it was a spritz of WD and a thorough application of oil and grease. Bad idea? In of that what should I be using to clean the real internals?? Thanks for the good answers I always get on this forum. You guys are always help full. one more question if I may? I need friction rings for a couple of 10 yo Stradic 6000 and it’s been discontinued so I’m striking out in locating. Is there a substitute? You guys have a great day and thanks again for your help!
  11. I get my gifts from a guy outside of the system and get twice as much as a dispensary for my money which is huge. I will say I’m really sick of named strains. Skittles, Lava Cake, Guava, and dozens of others. I just tell the guy I want the best flower he has on the top shelve. That’s $10 a gram but he gets a lot of cheaper grades ( still pretty good if your a light hitter. If anyone lives round marshfield I could easily hook you up with the guy thru Signal. Just keep in mind it’s a gift or a donation which is legal for the end user. later folks oh yeah. edibles, pre-rolled, wax and shatter are always on the menu with a huge variety to be had!!
  12. Wow!! I’ve forgotten the Toms ever existed. It wasn’t over fishing that did them in was it?
  13. I always take a picture of my licenses just in case. The wardens and EPA can more easily respond to poachers and what have you. Personally I don’t know why the DFW can’t hire a few more enforcers. They certainly generate enough funding from license fees, stocking, and additional land I’ve called from the ditch and no one shows up. Maybe the feds could hire someone to hunt down law breakers.
  14. Well I think I’m getting older but not smarter. I went into the basement and found Penn, Star, Tsunamis all rated to handle up to four ounces. I think I getting to the point where I don’t even know what rods and reels I have on the rack. I’ll take a couple of those rods to the B&T and match them to the reels I’m thinking about. The 5000BG and the 6000 Saragosa feel to small for the rod but it’s a big leap in size to find the right reel for the job. Reels seem to be getting smaller with time. Is that because the reels have gotten stronger or is it because so many of us use braid? I’m pretty confident that the 5000BG with 40lb PP will put just about any fish I catch in the box. I gotta keep better track of my fishing junk right after I find a heavier set up for footballs and the like. It wouldn’t handle the seal I foul hooked last year. I would like to land one or at least go for a Nantucket sleigh ride in the yak. Maybe I shouldn’t try that!
  15. I have the same problem with my older Stradics a 6000FI and an 8000FI. They have run great for a lot of years but they didn’t get used last year at all and are now bound up tighter than a frogs butt. ZAFisher suggested it was a decomposing rotor brake and I’m pretty darn certain he is correct. ZA?? Do you think Halidyn has the same thing going on. The blue remnants being on the outside and not the inside made a lot of sense. Now if I can only find the corresponding part to the part number he provided but it looks like a snowballs chance in hell that I’m going to find them but the hunt is on. It would be pretty cool to put these reels back in the rotation that’s for sure. whatcha think ZA? Same problem or not related?