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  1. Lord knows that many decades ago we would save up to do an all day trip on a party boat although I hear them referred to as head-in boats more often. Boy did we catch some fish. We loaded fish boxes out of Plymouth and out of Hyannisport and Point Judith. It was great!! I have a friend coming from out of state with a couple of teenagers who haven't had much exposure to the outdoors but who are dying to go fishing. I can certainly take them out on my boat and hook them up with some schoolies no problem but I thought a good old party boat trip would be cool. Maybe even an overnighter. It's been so long since I've been on such a trip I just thought I would get some reviews and recommendations. I am not necessarily looking for the boats that always catch but I'm looking for a boat that always tries with a good attentive crew and a nice variance of crusty individuals leaning over the railing growling (Nothing personal) but very helpful if respected. If I play this right I might just bring a couple more young adults over to the dark side of fishing and yes even hunting and gun ownership. Anyone??
  2. This really is a cool thread! There must be hundreds of one offs and old plugs made and sold. I can see the allure of plug collecting but I'll bet it's another one of those collecting hobbies that you should have gotten interested in 30 years ago. Beautiful little pieces of art. Very Cool.
  3. I've got four minnow traps out in my search for chubs. What I have mainly been getting is a lot of beautiful little green crabs and a couple of chubs. I figured if I could find a way to keep the traps floating six or eight inches off the bottom I could eliminate the crabs. I can't however quite figure out how to do that. Even though I live in Marshfield it's hard to find brackish water still remaining in the ditches after the tide goes out. I used to buy the darn things by the "gill" or a half a cup. I have a 6,000-gal koi pond that has been running like a clock for years and years and years. I had some knucklehead do some work to it last year putting in a skimmer box and a new waterfall but basically he destroyed my pond which had been running beautifully. If you've ever nurtured 3-in koi into 20-in koi.and then have them all die is near heartbreaking. These things knew who I was and I could hand feed them. Well just to have some activity in the pond I've got 8 or 10 legal and above largemouth bass in there a couple of perch and a handful of bluegills. The problem is I can't buy enough shiners to feed the gluttons. If anyone has any pearls of information they could share I sure would appreciate it. I have been buying feeder goldfish for $0.30 a piece and I'm getting 60 for 20 bucks which is a good deal but I want chubs. Not only can I feed my bass I can give them a shot and try for some fluke. Where are the Mummichogs? With the state of our fisheries maybe we've overfished them as well. It wouldn't surprise me. There must be a couple of mumichog hunters out there. Have a great day. Seeing as my post is already painfully long is it legal for me to use a cast net to catch small bluegill and the like as long as I leave everything prohibited in the pond. Thanks. PS... How long would you think a goldfish would survive on a hook for fluke. I would NEVER introduce them to freshwater of any kind. That is a big no-no.
  4. It won't help you find your gear but years ago I had a 16 gauge side by side JP Sauer shotgun choked full and full with heavy engraving. It was the nicest gun I have ever owned and will ever own. I left it on the roof of my car and drove off. To this day I imagine someone chopping off the barrels in stock. The wrong person found it. I think most of the time people will make the effort to give you your stuff back. I can't imagine finding a wallet or a phone or fishing gear and not wanting to or trying to return it to their owner. Good luck I'm getting your stuff but don't hold your breath my friend.
  5. Well I made a couple if calls to folks with a bit more pull than I do and pulled a couple of strings I didn't even know I had. My registration was in hand in less that a week WITH a follow up phone call from them making sure everything was in order. My discussions with the EPO reveals that they have never had anywhere near the level of new registrations as the have this year and are overwhelmed working primarily from home and are waiting for Charlie to instruct them on what to do. If you want to have some fun call or Email the governor's office. They will respond with canned letters and links to nonfunctional web pages that say and do nothing of any benifits. I don't want to broadcast the who's, how's and why's of how I was able to cut thru the red tape but if anyone needs to be pointed in the right direction drop me a pm and I can point them in the right direction. I put the boat in on Wednesday and received my registration yesterday. Considering I had removed the old numbers I was standing out like a sore thumb. Now I will do what I ALWAYS do when the part time harbormaster's come along side to do a safety check. I simply say do you have a warrant or reasonable suspicion that I have broken a law in particular a felony. They puff up like a blustering bloated tick but go on their way. The Constitution which I'm a big fan of prevents the police from pulling me over without probable cause and the same applies to Harbor Masters. NOTE: I'm always willing to let the Coast Guard perform safety checks but never acknowledge that there is a firearm on board. It's none of their business and I'm not obligated to disclose that info. The last thing I'm going to do is put my firearm in the hands of some 20YO who hasn't had much if any experience with handguns. It's usually a 92fs stainless and it has a somewhat unusual safety where you pull the trigger to make it safe.
  6. I don't know those particular boats but I've always had a fondness for wooden rentals. I've been watching the tanks from Mary's Boatyard bashing into everything the renter could find to hit for 40 years. They have to be the same boats and I wish I knew how long they've been at it. What did they rent out at Pemington pier?? YEARS ago I took a girlfriend or two to the "Quincy Inn"? The only hotel I've ever stayed at with a sign in the bathroom saying "No fish cleaning allowed". Well seeing archival pictures of things you remember can sure make you feel old.
  7. I learned a long time ago that you can't buy a reel for your rod or a rod for your reel without trying them out for size. I ALWAYS take a new reel to the B&T store and put them on the rods I'm thinking of. Otherwise you end up with a poorly balanced set up in your hand. If you've ever had a reel to big or to small for the rod your yin and yang just aren't there and the fish. It's always a good chuckle to see someone fishing an 8000 on a 7ft light tackle rod but if they're fishing WTH. Good luck finding the right stick for you.
  8. I'm up round Scituate and Black Bass and Togs have always been allusive but the global warming(fake as you all know) is nudging them northward. So what do you the Vitamin. Is targeting Tog where you speak of a good bet?
  9. There are no honey bees. Consciously look for them and you won't see them unless your neighbor has a hive. The Northern Orioles nest in my yard every year and it's always in birch trees overhanging the driveway. They really enjoy building their nest above driveways. I don't feed them but they chatter and sing all summer long.
  10. I am admittedly a silly peasant and what was I thinking. I don't expect them to make things convenient for anyone but it sure would be nice if they tossed us a bone now and then. I'm afraid FISH BUCKET has a strong grasp of how things work. It's not so much the elected officials, it's the civil servants. Dan my man. All I wanted was to be able to register a boat. I was willing to make an appointment. I was willing to wait in a long line but to have to do it through the postal service is unreasonable at this point in the pandemic. I guess it probably doesn't matter what particular bastion of democratic stupidity I was trying to deal with the roadblocks would have been the same. It's like screaming into the wind. I am quite comfortable in operating the boat unregistered. I will have all the documentation that I sent to the state for a proper resident registration and I will make sure I have my insurance papers in line and if push comes to shove they can ticket me but I believe I could prevail. It's no wonder that Massachusetts is the ONLY state left that requires the police to be on hand for traffic details at $$$$ an hour. I would love to know how much money we spend for police details I just want to go boating....
  11. I can't believe that I just found out that boat registrations are only being done through the mail. It's my bad I should have looked into it a little more closely. What bothers me is those of us in the private sector are back to work and for the most part have been for a while. State employees have a pretty good deal going on. They certainly should have all been vaccinated by now and you've always been separated from them buy a piece of plexiglass so what's the big deal? On top of registering my boat I've been getting tax bills from my local municipality. Personally I think the taxpayers deserve an abatement of some sort. Why should we pay all of our taxes when the town has not been functioning as usual. I'm sure state employees and registry employees are enjoying themselves thoroughly and are no hurry to return to the workplace. Who cares about John Q public.
  12. The best way in my book is to tack them to a cedar plank and hot smoke them over Alder or you can just stand the planks up in front of a bed of hardwood coals. Forget what they say about eating the plank and throwing out the fish. It's just not true.
  13. I've boned Shad before and I'm proud of it. 25 years ago folks would come from New York and Connecticut with their campers and spend a week of nighttime Shad fishing. I don't know where the people went but the fish are still here. It's not quite like it used to be but it's still a good run most years. The best part about it is standing in the river with a lantern hanging near by hearing but not seeing people yelling "fish on". I always wait until the Shadbush flowers b4 breaking out the darts from Billy at the old North River Bait&Tackle. If your going to eat them stick to the bucks BUT if you want a real treat, dust a pair of roe sacks in flour and gently fry in butter. I haven't seen shad roe for sale in 40 years. There are not many fisheries that let you have a nice dinner b4 hitting the water when it gets dark.
  14. I locked my dog in the trunk of the car and I locked my wife in the trunk of the car. I came back an hour later. Which one do you think was happy to see me.. YukYuk..
  15. Who started this?? The op must have known it would bring a tear to my eyes. It's not just because Nikki was the best bird dog I ever had but it makes me a little melancholy thinking about all the water under the bridge over the 15 years she was my Copilot. I've got another Brittany now who's related to Nikki "But that dog don't hunt". Not enough wild birds and a day at Markover is to expensive. The new Brittany don't hunt but she looks perfect when pointing a tennis ball. She's a great little b**** but she will never replace Nikki the Wonder dog.