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  1. Do you have a picture of this, for the life of me I cannot picture this,
  2. 83 miles one way, an hour and a half if I'm lucky... which over the last 6-8 months isn't often. Ride in has been on average two hours a day for months, ride home has been better... until summer gets here.
  3. If they don't take a cut off the top of it, then the standard is 10%. If they take it off of the top then nothing.
  4. They eye candy isn't bad either... pick the right treadmill and you're set. Won't get views like that on your own treadmill or walking in the dark.
  5. I have the same plan, there is a yearly fee of something like $40 bucks but you won't have it until next year. At least that is what I get charged. $10.66 per month and the once a year fee. Still cheap enough. And it would be good for what you are looking to do.
  6. Would have to assume that they are thinking it weighs 100 pounds because of the 100 pound capacity?
  7. So... I picked one of the funky round cucumbers over the weekend and tried it... it tasted like a cucumber lol, it did have a lot of seeds though. I picked a few and figure that I will peel them and scoop the seeds out and enjoy the rest of it. Here is a pic that I took after picking them. I have four cucumber plants growing. I picked three regular cucs and three round ones all of the same plants and here they all are for comparison along with some other veggies in the pic.
  8. Today I will be in the area of the farm market/greenhouse where I got the started cucumber plants from and I'm going to stop in and show them and see what they think is the issue. I'm still curious. I went away last week and prior to leaving my squash and zucchini were fine but when I got back stem borers found them and destroyed them all, way past salvage so I am taking them out. With that being said this will free up a little bit of space, is there anything that I can put in now for a late summer/early fall harvest. I figured I have the space so may as well use it.
  9. I will pick one over the next couple of days and give it a try. I hadn't even thought of doing that....
  10. Any recommendations?
  11. Yea it’s supposed to be a normal slicing type. I was googling it and it says can be too much watering or not enough watering or too much fertilizer or not enough fertilizer. Really, it was no help so I figured I would come here for first hand info. The cucumber in this pic is from the same plant.
  12. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with my cucumbers. I’m getting quite a few doing this and only a couple of normal ones, and they are coming from the same plants.
  13. Gardening is new for me... I had to google male and female flowers, yes, I only have males and haven't seen any females. I have had the male flowers for probably three weeks now. I have to kick myself for this, I was thinking bugs and totally overlooking the obvious critters. Time to fix my fence and see if that helps.
  14. I think I have some type of pest on my zucchini. Some of the stems look like they are cut off. It looks like a clean cut. I haven’t found anything similar on google yet. Any thoughts? My other issue is they don’t seem to be getting pollinated. Tons of big beautiful flowers but no fruit. The squash right next to them are doing fine. I may try to hand pollinate this weekend.
  15. Home depot has timers that have four zones so you can run four hoses with four sprinklers. You can set the timers to come on in succession for as long as you want them to run. They are relatively cheap and then its just whatever hoses and sprinklers you need. Just search hose timers and it comes right up.