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  1. Does this freeze well?
  2. I saw something this morning to the effect that gofundme is giving him some money while it is investigated and that they have something in place if this happens (insurance policy). They made it sound like he will get the money somehow, and I would have to assume his lawyers know this so they still get their piece.
  3. This is my first year with a garden and my garden sucks... I have a lot to learn. All of my stuff was planted Mother's Day weekend. It was all planted in organic top soil and I fertilized with miracle grow. I bought the following plants from home depot already started: 3 tomato plants - had one fruit total and something ate a hole in it. 2 eggplants - had one flower on each and they fell off. 2 red pepper - I currently have one pepper growing about the size of a tennis ball 3 cherry tomato - I got about 10 ripe ones that we ate and probably have 10 green ones still 4 jalepeno pepper - I had one pepper grow to about two inches and we picked it. I have one or two more tiny ones that are still growing 4 cucumber - the stems look crappy and dead but they are still growing and I have three bigger cucs already and a bunch of small ones. 6 silver queen corn (outside the garden) - three were destroyed by animals and weather and the other three are actually doing pretty good. I plated these from seed: 4 pole beans - plants are growing but still don't have a bean 4 zucchini - plants are growing and some flowers blossom but I am not getting any fruit basil (in a pot) - I have like four stems of basil with leaves 6 sunflower (outside the garden) - one got eaten and two got weedwacked but the remaining three are doing pretty good. And it's not even that they are not growing fruit, but the plants aren't even growing that well. They are not getting big and busy like everyone else that I see. I think I have a lot of work to do on my soil once this growing season is over.
  4. Ok thanks for the info, I’ll change up my watering habits. The soil is a load of organic top soil, I didn’t add anything additional and the way it looks is how it came.
  5. So.... this is my first time having a garden and I have some questions. I took a couple of pics and I’m not sure what is going on with my plants. I’m thinking maybe too much or too little water but I honestly have no idea. I’m watering them with an oscillating sprinkler every morning for fifteen minutes. This is in Ocean County. For the most part it seems like every day I have more and more yellow leaves on everything and they look pretty sad. The whole garden Eggplants Tomatoes Cucumbers String beans Thanks for any thoughts. Jared
  6. I'm planning on starting a small raised bed, 4x8, to enjoy with the kids... just the basics, tomatoes, cucs, maybe a couple other things. I'm gonna hand till the soil underneath and the purchase some organic garden soil to fill it. Should I put down a fabric barrier on top of the natural ground or does it not make a difference. Thanks.
  7. In January I booked Southwest from Philly to Orlando, flying out on Easter Day for 4, $1400. Two bags per ticket free.
  8. Make sure to clear you cookies and browsing history each time you check. I learned this the hard way.
  9. I'm in. Thanks for the chance.
  10. My son and one of his friends have been messing around with this. They have done oreos (regular and peanut butter), twinkies, and snickers. The things I have picked up from them... Snickers have to be frozen first or they turn into a giant ball of lava. Oreos and twinkies float so you can just drop them in and scoop them out. Snickers sink so you need to put them on a skewer and lower them in and hold them for a bit or else they just sink and lay on the bottom. I think they said after you hold them for a bit and the dough starts to cook then you can let them go and it is fine. Oreos seem to be the biggest hit out of everyone that has tried the stuff. Hope this helps.
  11. I'm having an issue an looking for some ideas... In my kitchen I have one wall that has two regular outlets and one GFCI outlet. They are all connected (not sure if that is the right word), in that if the GFCI trips all three plugs go out. One plug has nothing in it, one plug is my refrigerator, and the GFCI is my microwave. Sunday night at 9:30 it trips and my fridge goes out. I happen to notice in and reset it and began working again. Woke up around 1 a.m. and it was still working. Woke up and 6:30 Monday morning and it was off again. I reset it and it came back on. I had stuff to do and left the house and came back around noon and it was still working fine. I unplugged the fridge and cleaned the underneath of it and vacuumed all of the dust out and removed the panel in the back and cleaned the dust around the fan and everything. Plugged it back in and everything ran fine all day. Around 9 or so last night it trips again. I reset it, unplugged the microwave and the fridge was still running fine when I left this morning. I have someone going to check it again around lunchtime and then again later in the afternoon before I get home from work. I plugged my microwave into another different GFCI outlet this morning. This way I can see if either of them trip today. What are some ideas for my next course of action? Test my appliances somehow, and if so how? Replace the GFCI outlet in case it went bad (assuming they can go bad). I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks, Jared
  12. So yesterday evening an electrician rewired the fridge outlet and took it off the GFCI. Since then no issues. The GFCI is still on the the originals outlet because it is near a sink.
  13. I tried this and the meter didn't read anything. Not sure if I did this incorrectly or if the meter wasn't working.
  14. Trust me, I'm not! Agreed! And this exceeds mine.
  15. The current gfci is on the first outlet. But this can be a possibility. I understand this. And if I were to put the fridge on a dedicated outlet, even though the breaker will not trip, doesn't this mean there is still an issue with my fridge? I would just be masking the problem. Or if something trips a gfci but not a breaker it's not really a problem?
  16. Update... replaced the GFCI at 8:00 last night. Ran fine and then tripped it at 5:90 this morning. I guess I’ll be calling the appliance repair guy today. Also, I checked this morning and every outlet in my kitchen is connected to a GFCI outlet.
  17. NJ, Ocean County. I don’t have nearly enough electrical knowledge to do this.
  18. Well, it ran from 9:30 last night until 5:00 this evening with no issues and then it tripped. I just stopped and got a new GFCI outlet and will replace it when I get home from the dentist with my son. I’m hoping this will work as a temporary fix and I’ll call an electrician to run a dedicated line for it.
  19. Why is that? And in this particular situation I would have to run an extension cord across my kitchen to get it on a different circuit which is a bit impractical.
  20. I have been looking this stuff up online this morning. I still a little unclear and maybe someone can clarify this for me. If the fridge (assuming it's the fridge and not the microwave causing the problem) is on it's own breaker then wouldn't the same issue just trip the breaker? Or do the gfi's trip easier?
  21. Both of the appliances have been plugged in and working the same way for the last 10+ years. This problem just started happening without anything being changed.
  22. There are no other GFCI outlets on that circuit. I can try and replace the outlet and see if that does anything.
  23. I may give them a try tonight and if I do I'll report back.
  24. It's funny you mention this... One of the fathers of e of the girls on my daughter's softball team has pet chickens and ducks and just a couple days ago gave me a half dozen fresh chicken and a half a dozen fresh duck eggs. Any specific reason you were looking for the duck eggs, something special to do with them?
  25. 7:15 AM Saturday morning, my 11 year old shot his first deer, a small doe. Was a 5 yard shot and the deer piled up in sight. I don't know who was more exicted!!!