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  1. haha thanks! I'm willing to play the game.... to an extent. Like I said, I have living arrangements set up until Fall 2021, so no a real rush.
  2. hahaha no letter on this one. It was actually one that we offered well above list and were in contention for... then the buyer started asking people to make concessions before going under contract or attorney review. It was things like not take any issues with inspections that are under 5000 per issue, couldn't address things unless structural or environmental concerns, wanted to know who would do all of the fire and c/o inspections paperwork/applications/fees to the township because they didn't want to and their realtor wasn't going to do them. Because of this we withdrew our offer... they were getting too cocky.
  3. Phew, got a lot more than I bargained for asking that question haha. A lot of good information and conversation though so it was good reading. As for my situation, I'm talking Southern Ocean County. I'm not forced to buy right now, I have arrangements lined up that can carry me until September 2021. Granted we'd love to get something quick and be able to move on and not have to deal with looking for houses anymore but we aren't in a rush and can wait and see. If something comes up at price we want we will certainly try for it but were not looking to make stupid decisions. There is definitely no inventory right now. A house popped up last week, on a Saturday about 10 or 11 at night. My realtor called at 8:30 Sunday morning to schedule an appointment for us to see it... we were the 18th showing that was got scheduled and I have no idea how many more after that. There was literally a line of people at the house waiting to see it.
  4. What are you guys saying in these letters?
  5. The last offer we put in was at $20k over... the buyer wanted anyone putting in offers to agree not to make an issue with the inspection unless it was major, defined as greater than $5,000 per each item. Then he starting adding and adding to his terms so we walked, and this was before attorney review.
  6. I recently sold my house and the closing is next week. We have been looking for houses and with the market being so hot (not sure if it’s just by me or if it’s all over) it has been difficult. There is no inventory right now so once something lists, it’s a race to get it and it’s all over list price. I realize that this is a seller’s market. With that being said if you were selling a house would you be insulted with an offer that included the following terms. Assume right off the bat you make the highest and best offer you can which is $20,000 over list price. In your offer you tell the seller that as part of accepting the offer they can’t show the house anymore and can’t entertain other offers and that you will withdraw your offer in 2 hours. So they can get 20 above list or take a chance that they might have someone offer more. I’m just thinking of how to gain a slight edge to try and put the odds in my favor. I’ve been going back and forth on this and I’m curious what people’s thoughts are. Does anyone else have any ideas to try and gain an edge.... obviously offering more, but there is obviously a max price.
  7. Negative. The only driver’s in the house are my wife and I. My oldest just turned 15, so soon but not yet.
  8. It was $675 or so for a 6 month policy, so I just doubled it to compare.
  9. Just from calling NJM they ran my insurance score because they were using a five year old one and that alone saved me $700. I'm going to call Geico today and see if they quote is legit, lol, seems to good to be true. Just as an FYI, my policy with two adult drivers and no kid drivers, with a 2019 GMC Acadia and a 2020 Honda Civic was $3900 when I renewed in January/February. I called and they dropped it to $3200 (currently). The Geico quote, with higher coverage, is $1400.
  10. When I first started looking in to this I called NJM and asked them about my rates. They said they used the insurance score that someone mentioned above but they only occasionally run it. She checked and the last time they checked mine was 2015. So she ran it again and just from that NJM dropped my rate by $700 a year. I questioned her and said so I have been overpaying for 5 years.... she basically said we don't run them often. So, even after they cut $700 off of my yearly premium, the Geico quote will still save me and additional $1800, so it would be $2500 cheaper than when I renewed my NJM policy in January.
  11. Just curious who has any experience with Geico. I currently have NJM and when I got them years ago they were saving me a bunch of money. Out of curiousity, after talking to a couple I work with they all said I am paying way too much for my insurance so I shopped around. Geico will save a me about $1800 a year for slightly higher coverage. I’d obviously love to switch and save that kind of money but I don’t want to if everyone has horror stories with their customer service or claims handling. Are their rates consistent or will I be getting a huge increase next year after my initial policy is up? Searching online there are good reviews and bad reviews so I figured that I would ask here. Thanks, Jared
  12. Do you have a picture of this, for the life of me I cannot picture this,
  13. 83 miles one way, an hour and a half if I'm lucky... which over the last 6-8 months isn't often. Ride in has been on average two hours a day for months, ride home has been better... until summer gets here.
  14. If they don't take a cut off the top of it, then the standard is 10%. If they take it off of the top then nothing.
  15. They eye candy isn't bad either... pick the right treadmill and you're set. Won't get views like that on your own treadmill or walking in the dark.