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  1. Thanks S J Fish. PM on the way! Thread Closed. Thanks SOL!
  2. Hey MW! What's your price?
  3. Pretty plug, unfortunately I don't have a PayPal setup. I was given $40 to spend for a plug giveaway among some friends. I can offer you $40 shipped M/O and you could send the plug after you receive the money order. Let me know. If not, would also be interested in a non-jointed if you have one. Thanks for posting!
  4. Looking for one of these types of swimmers, preferably in a lighter color. Anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  5. Sorry, only interested in a trade. I have it on display at the moment and it looks nice. But I'd love a bottledarter to fish so that tempts me hah Think about it awhile and let me know
  6. There are some small pointers on the plug. Noticeable here on the rear, pics attached.
  7. I would trade this jointed danny RM Rainbow trout for your bunker bottledarter? It has a few pointers from hooks/storage. Here are pics.
  8. Would you be interested in a rm jointed danny rainbow trout? May have a few dings from storage, I'd have to check. I like the Mikes bunker bottledarter.
  9. Do what Tom does and keep them in your bath tub
  10. If you will accept M/O I will take the 3rd one down (first pic of the updated pictures).
  11. I think it was bigger than 1oz, like 1.5 or 2. Yeah, the dude says it still hurts him on occasion to this day..
  12. Thanks for the looks, thread closed due to lack of interest
  13. Hey Chuck, thanks for the interest but going to pass on the baby beast.
  14. Looking to trade these CCW DP3s one for one. They are lightly fished and have a couple pointers, can provide better pics upon request! DP3s are 5 3/4" 2.9oz, get down and handle well in strong currents. Looking only for Mike's beast darters, dredge darters, jointed trollers or bottledarters. Looking for light colors only. Thanks for looking!