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  1. Steve, could you do the top one for 40 shipped m/o?
  2. I will take the white popper for $20 M/O (don't have paypal) if you'll take that..?
  3. Creekrambler, probably going to turn it into an eelskin at some point so pointers are no worries hah. If you can wait until Saturday for me to ship. I'm game to trade for the spin. Let me know.
  4. I will get a pic up for you guys a little later tonight. The plug has been casted a couple times than put away into storage. Please understand, at this point I fish everything I own, so everything just gets thrown into boxes with everything else (until I get around to organizing). That said the plug does have a few storage dings, but its honestly not bad. Maybe not the collector quality though.. I am looking for a white Loki Seaslider on the lighter side of 2oz, BM Maple spin in light color, Big Fish Bait Co. Surfster in light color, Bernzy Commander. These plugs don't have to be new, in fact I would appreciate the mojo even more. I will do a one for one swap with any of the above mentioned plugs. It is a sweet Fixter, I just didn't put enough time into it, to confidently fish it.
  5. Which one cracks like an egg the least?
  6. An old timer found it and gave it to me because he knows I fish plugs a lot. He said he found it around Staten Island I believe..! Action is sweeeeeeet!
  7. Anybody have any idea? Seems to be wood.
  8. First off, no other popper I know of has the unique ability to swim on top on a straight retrieve like the 2 3/8oz SS Popper. That right there makes it a popper I'll always carry. Second it casts great and often times that is needed when you take winds or big surf into consideration. Plus it flat out catches for me. I have only fished the talking popper a handful of times, but if I remember correctly it's kinda like a popper that mixes the action of a pencil with that of a littleneck. Definitely a sweet plug and I'd carry it because sometimes that pencil action is key. But I definitely wouldn't use it as an all out replacement to the SS popper because sometimes that deadly swim/pop approach is killer, and when you have a wind honkin in your face the talking popper wouldn't do you any good. I also like littleneck poppers that don't sink and sit almost level on the surface. For a slower pop/pop/pause type of approach. Seems to work great in the back bays and when they're being less aggressive. Poppers that fit this would be things like Smack-it poppers or Big Don micro poppers (but those are tough to come by).
  9. Honestly, if you just fished bucktails, shads, and metal you'd catch fish. But that doesn't mean plugs are obsolete. Hell, you can catch largemouth sticking to nothing but a rubber worm, but if you fish enough you're bound to run into scenarios where there's probably a better choice even though the worm may still catch some. I think of lures in general as tools in a mechanic's toolbox. Each have their time and place and purpose. One may work all the time, but may not necessarily be the best option on all days. For example, you could buy and fish nothing but 4" keitech shads from March on, and just fish them on a jighead of various weights all year. You'd kill them and wouldn't even have to carry a tackle bag, just a pocket full of more keitechs and another pocket of different jighead sizes. But come late May early June you're there casting your keitechs catching dinks, and the guy next to you with the big pencil just hooked into a beast, you'll realize plugs still have a purpose. There are also plugs that for whatever reason attract better quality fish, so while it may not be getting the most action that night, like an sp would, it's getting you better quality. Again, all in all there are times and places for each. Tell the guys at M SS darters are obsolete and they should just stick to sps and shads
  10. I like Otter tails curlytail version, works nice for fishing bucktails deep, and the strip has a nice twistertail action that does the trick. However, I have noticed that if you don't store them correctly afterwards, they have the potential to mold badly, and can kill some of the curlytail action. So probably best if you put them back in the jar in a similar fashion as they were after using them. Oh, and they use a mesh netting similar to fishbites for the material of the trailer. This works great for keeping the trailer from flying off the bucktail, but results in a big pita/ripping of the plastic when trying to remove them from the hook.. My recommendation is to try and wiggle the hook around some after you hook the trailer, in an attempt to widen the tear in the plastic a bit so its easier to remove the trailer when the time comes. Though, you'll be hard-pressed to not damage the plastic a little while trying to get it on the hook for the first time.
  11. Thanks Steve, you prefer the drop shot nymph rig to the rig where the split is 8" to a foot above first fly? The drop shot rig does sound like it will solve my issue of the indicator sinking seeing as the weight will be further from indicator.. With the drop shot rig can I connect my 2 flies by tying tippet from the shank of the hook on the first fly to the eye of the 2nd fly, and than tie 6" of tippet to the hook shank of the last fly to split on the end of it all? That's how I prefer to connect things, rather than dropper loops or eye of fly to eye of fly etc. Hope that made sense, and thanks for all the advice!
  12. Been trying my hand at nymping for trout while I wait for the stripers to show up again. I fished about 3 days and only had one hit/hookup, nothing large, maybe a 13" trout, but lost him in some fast water hah. Anyway, I think it must be my technique being a little sloppy. I understand mending the line and all, but am not quite sure on where my indicator should be. I have been told 1.5 to 2x the depth of the water. But I am using a double nymph rig, and am not sure if this 1.5 - 2x is to be between the indicator and the splitshot (which is placed a foot above my first fly) or between the indicator and the first and or last fly. Can someone clarify this for me? The way I have been fishing it, I have been placing shot a foot above my first fly, and putting the indicator 1.5 - 2x the depth from the indicator to my last fly. I have been noticing my football indicator sinking a little too often, from what I believe is the shot weighing it down. So thinking my placement must be off somewhere... Thanks for any help guys!
  13. 1. SS Popper 2. SP Minnow 3. Mag Darter 4. Bucktails (3/4oz-3oz) 5. Pack of 6" Shads 6. Ava jig That 50? Whether it is or not, it's the minimum of what ya need imo
  14. Found what I'm looking for thread closed. Thanks Paul and sol!