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  1. 6 am driving over a back water spot and see a couple of swirls. Stop and bam!
  2. You got me! I was more shocked that you were back on the beach!
  3. Somewhere guys seemed to come up with the idea that 40 inch fish equals 40#’s ! I see it all the time.
  4. The wife won this and it’s not needed. A Weber 1200 propane grill. New $259.00 yours for $125.00 plus $20.00 shipping or I can deliver a reasonable distance or it can be pick up in West Long Branch.
  5. I’ll be selling a TC 45HC/410 but I don’t know if requires a pistol permit or just a firearms ID card. Any info appreciated.
  6. I have enclosed a pic of the label and a pic of the wire. I don’t know squat about welding wire. But I have numerous spools of the stuff and willing to sell way under what it’s listed for. $ 10.00 per spool
  7. I have a quantity of 035 welding wire to sell.
  8. Brand new never opened Weber tailgate grill sells for $ 259.00 selling for $190,00 plus 10 shipping
  9. Selling for family friends estate sale! A brand new size 4 X pair of grunden herkules bibs. $100.00 plus 10 dollars shipping. PayPal or Venmo
  10. Thanks Lou ! Shoot me an email at fishforfun123@yahoo.com and we can work out details.
  11. 04 McFadden ! Plug was never fished but did make it in the bag. 25.00 plus 5 for shipping. Selling this for the family as the owner has passed.
  12. Excellent! My email is fishforfun123@yahoo.com send me your address . We can work out payment through email. Thanks.
  13. Unfortunately I do not! If your interested make an offer. Thanks
  14. Previous owner passed away and I’m selling it for the family. Plug is in excellent condition but I do not know if it was ever fished. Not rash on it. Asking 100.00 plus 10 shipping
  15. Bob, I cannot begin to thank you and others for what you have done for this country! Thank you from me and my family!
  16. I use that color bucktail in the summer when the fish are swallowing sea robins! Great color!
  17. Agree whole heartedly! While these blitzes are phenomenal I’d still go back to the 80’s when we had bass dusk to dawn on needle fish ! We had legit 100 fish nights but we fished solid 8 hours and sometimes on the same jetty front.
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