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  1. Congrats Joe! Miracles do happen. My youngest daughter had the same thing happen, she was able to get preg with her first and had a beautiful daughter and then could not get preg for the 2nd. Multiple rounds of IVF and everything else and then decided to only have one child. Two months later bamm she was with child. Now we have a 2nd beautiful grand daughter. Power of prayer.
  2. Fixed it
  3. just curious I just picked one up, no box but good condition.
  4. 15 inch perch.msg
  5. Jobs, taxes, local economy is a good start. If you say no to everything in your community you go broke. Lacey is feeling the pinch now and it will only get worse. I don't have a dog in this fight I did my 44 years and now work a couple of days a week to support the decommissioning.
  6. I'm not sure why your yelling! I will tell you that it was committed to have the site back to green field in less then 20 years. The government actually allows the site to be mothballed after the fuel is out for up to 50 years. Exelon didn't want to do that so they sold the site and its fund to Holtec who has committed to clean it up in less then 20 years more like 10. In regards to the production of power and who gets it, when we produced power it was sold as a commodity so who ever paid the highest price got the power. with the new site I do not know that answer because they are no where near making a decision to build a plant and i doubt it will ever happen it this state with all its fugazy rules.
  7. Well the decommissioning fund is far more then 5 mil, and yes the plan is to go to what is called green field. If they build that new plant the foot print is far smaller then our current plant.
  8. The winter of 78 people were driving across the bay. Alot of stories of sunken cars or trucks. Not sure if that was just rumor but people were driving as i saw it.
  9. Rest In Peace Steve it was always a treat when I got to see and chat with you.
  10. Google Holtec and read about SMR's it an interesting concept.
  11. Just what we want more coal effluent out in the atmosphere.
  12. SMR would have no impact on the bay. SMR-160 does not need to be sited next to a river, a lake or sea unlike typical power plants. It is engineered to have an option to reject its waste heat directly to the atmosphere by utilizing its cutting-edge capability to operate using an air-cooling system in lieu of a large quantity of water. With the flexibility to use air-cooled condensers, SMR-160 can be deployed in the most arid regions of the world, such as a desert.
  13. This gun actually has a left handed safety, im going to get it switched to righty.
  14. I just picked one up from a friend for $200.00 and its never been shot. Anyone know what they are worth?
  15. That's a pretty fish!