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  1. I know things!
  2. Is anyone carrying live eels yet?
  3. They have a company with a weed grinding machine trying to get out the crazy amount of weeds that are growing in the lake. In my humble opinion they are wasting good money, that lake needs to be dredged.
  4. I use a 8 1/2 ft glass rod, from the 80's. I forget what blank but I had it made for slinging rigged eels. That rod can lift a 15# fish no problem.
  5. Wait until fall, let it die out, rake it out and plant grass seed in the bare spots. At this point your fighting an uphill battle.
  6. Years ago before Sandy the legend also known as Billy McFadden was netting herring in wreck pond when he saw a large bass cruise by, he grabbed his live lining rod and promptly caught a bass in the 40 pound range out of that pond. Billy was known for finding bass in different places.
  7. great carp bait
  8. Looking to live line some spot, has anyone gotten any in the Shrewsbury?
  9. Buy her an ugly stick, you wont worry about her breaking it.
  10. Are you catching blow fish in Ocean or Mo0nmouth county?

  11. When I was a kid the blow fish came into the Long Branch pier so thick that my dad and other's used to use drop nets to get them, those fish fed our family all winter long on Fridays. As has been stated they keep well in the freezer and are delicious. As long as your not wasting them I say have at it.
  12. Just wondering if I can fish for kings in the dark and sweat less.
  13. Not enough ways to thank guys like you! I salute you sir!
  14. The last time I raked I used prime baits to catch king fish! Baits that back in the day would have been called ice cream! God I miss those days.... but I thank god I experienced them and guys like Yinky, Joe LoPresti and Pat Ears around to teach me!
  15. Of course.. lol