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  1. The last time I raked I used prime baits to catch king fish! Baits that back in the day would have been called ice cream! God I miss those days.... but I thank god I experienced them and guys like Yinky, Joe LoPresti and Pat Ears around to teach me!
  2. Of course.. lol
  3. Nothing like being a good distance from your spiked rod while your raking and have to try and sprint through knee or waste deep water to get to it..
  4. I will take you up on that.. if it happens
  5. Thank you!
  6. I have a night snook / tarpon trip set up for June 24th in Miami and I was wondering if I should bring a couple of metal lip swimmers to see if I can get a bite on one. Id love to see that surface blow up..
  7. Hey John, Yes the same company that I am going to work for after the license transition will be doing the de-commissioning. I have already been asked if I would mind going up that way now and then. So we will see. Im gonna give them 18 to 24 months then really retire. But you never know.. Im just not the retiring type.
  8. I have been doing well Steve, still working at the nuke plant but now into decommissioning the old girl. As for the hot dog he runs a lot of pop ups around Atlanta and does fancy fixin's for the bar crowds. The kid is known around Atlanta for his cured meats etc.
  9. I had one last year in the garden, I went up to my 2nd floor with a scoped 22 and was waiting at the window, up drives my wife who looks up and says " Jesus Christ Lee Harvey everyone on the block can see you, get the F down" Lol. We still laugh about that.
  10. I never thought Id do it again but you guys have me thinking about breaking out the rake and giving it a go. I still have everything hanging together in the garage, my rake and my bag. To catch a few fish on crabs would be such a treat.
  11. Y- But it was a bit of a drive from my home grounds and south of me! Where they still have jetties similar to what I cut my teeth on. It was worth the drive and loss of sleep during the week.. Not a place to fish on wkends
  12. A friend of mine in Atlanta started up a hot dog company called Pig Mans Goods. I have been having his dogs shipped to me for a while. Try them out.
  13. I got burned out from all of the BS on a lot of my spots and beaches so I took a little time away but then got started again. This time though I fish like I did when I was younger, a lot of night shift work, back bay, rivers and I am happy with small fish. I work 40 miles south of where I live so I get to fish different spots and they pay off as well. PS AC is banging if you get my drift.. lol
  14. I would try and snag some live bunker and then fish them right before and thru the slack.
  15. Thanks guys!!