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  1. Yes any tips on gear?
  2. Any Tip’s on who to go out with? I’ve never went on a head boat for sea bass. All info is appreciated
  3. I was going to go for fluke tomorrow but after seeing the river I guess I’ll go freshwater fishing! It’s a disgusting shade of brown and it smells. This was in Oceanport.
  4. I have had epic days and nights in Nor easters, couldn’t cast 50 yds but if you got out in that white water it was money. Also when I fished crabs a lot any NE wind got me fish.
  5. I love reading this stuff! I wish I had ventured North more often.
  6. Wondering if my boat will get opened
  7. What Sudsy said! Its all over
  8. We draw water in for some cooling but the temps only rise about 3 degrees on out flow. We are putting out about 5,000 gal per min. A far cry from when we were running , by the time the flow reaches the rt 9 bridge the current is negligible.
  9. A 6 guy orgy on the Asbury Park beach at 3 AM near the Berkely Carteret hotel at 3 AM in the hot summer of 82. My fishing buddy and I walked on the beach and saw @#$% no man should ever witness. I only wish we had cell phones with cameras back then..
  10. Are those floats for sale? This post is why I love SOL I learned something and want to try it this year. Thank you!
  11. For plugging back bays and rivers?
  12. Go to the Asbury show and pick up some Davis swimmers, decent price and fish love em!
  13. In my 43 years working there i saw some big fish caught and all released, we never weighed fish but wwe measured them and we had a few from 45 to 52 inches .