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  1. Couple reports today of Albies 60nm out of PP. Still waiting on info. Bragg has been great. Most had 20+ today. They're back!!
  2. Use a 4/0 treble as stinger and stick it behind the dorsal
  3. I change my vote to American Shad!
  4. Yes, nature created them to be rigged weedless
  5. They might work, maybe.
  6. Bay Pipefish
  7. A bone Super Spook is a great topwater for the bay. Ima Skimmer is a good smaller size spook. Small metal lips can produce really well at night or early am. 1oz Sinking Super Strike Little Neck is a great lure because it casts a mile and you can swim it too. I have a small white popper maybe 3.5" that works well too not sure brand but there's tons of comparable ones. I always look for a weight transfer system to help with casting because many times fish can be busting on the outside and you need that extra distance. I don't really have a big arsenal of topwater lures just a handful that are tried and true.
  8. The bay is all about spots and patterns. Only way to learn is experience or get fast tracked by someone who knows. Run and gun. If you don't get bit within the first dozen casts they probably aren't there. Have a few different spots to try each outing. Get out and put your time in and you can develop those patterns. You can catch fish in almost any conditions if you know where to go/what to do in those conditions. Dawn/dusk/overcast/dark cloudy days topwater will usually get it done. Bright sunny days you'll do much better with subsurface offerings. Muddy/stained water you'll do better with lures that make noise/vibrate. Downsize your lures for the bay. Small light colored swimbaits are schoolie candy. White lures are by far my top producer. At night bigger topwater swimmers and glide baits can be really good. All these fish were caught and released in the bay except the one that choked the Jigman mini pikie. That one turned in to some delicious tacos.
  9. Bluefin trevaly?
  10. http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/650660-electro-shocking-delta-stripers
  11. I had some yesterday for the first time. Killer Bonito salad sandwiches. I was really impressed. I hear it makes great Sashimi too. Doesn't freeze well though,best to can it after its been frozen.
  12. That sanddab looks 100% halibut to me
  13. That is wetsuit territory.