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  1. Do they still only patrol the East side of the lake?
  2. Man those look nice. Oh and those boobs were pretty nice too.
  3. What I do is call the doc and ask for the sea sickness patch prescription but ask for it for the whole fishing season. They'll give you a lot more than you think and refill orders if you need it.
  4. I did a humboldt squid, mackerel, and sand dab trip about 5 years back from Randys Sportfishing. It was awesome and I thought the crew was decent. The captain definitely put us on the fish and we even fished longer than planned because the bite was so good. I got two of those tickets and planning on using them for salmon soon.
  5. Man, I miss hunting a lot too. Grew up hunting pheasant, dove, quail, duck, rabbit, turkey, and squirrel around Kern and Tulare counties. Pretty much had to give it all up when moving to the bay area. I have heard good things about pig hunting around here (Mostly Monterey) though I don't know much about it.
  6. Headlamps, jeans, and if the rocks are slippery a pair of these are AMAZING: http://images.************/is/image/cabelas/s7_811314_imageset_01?$main-Large$ Korkers are like velcro on the rocks! Rockfish are way more active at night.
  7. Hmmmmm....for a better shot at some C&R fish w/ lures, I would drop shot the jetties for rockies and perch. Not all monsters but fun. Def try at night.
  8. Maybe like 5 years ago I was testing my kayak there. I spooked several nice sized LMBs sun basking near the back were the weeds were. There are fish there for sure. A friend of mine claimed that they used to kill the bass there on big black rubber worms dragged over the weeds. Hope this helps.
  9. Would it be too hard to just destroy the levees and let it return to the way it was?
  10. Wait, possibly ~1800 steelhead killed? By what? What creeks are these. I'm intrigued.
  11. Took a long drive today during the incoming and high tide from San Quintin to Paradise to S. SF to Burlingame to San Mateo. No spawns but lots and lots of eggs all over the rocks. These fish are constantly one step ahead of me.
  12. Ahhh....I'll try and check it out today. Has this been a night time thing or are they spawning during the day?
  13. Is it still going on or is it done? I saw the Monkeyface news report. Kind of bummed out that I missed out.