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  1. Did a kayak trip behind O.C. last night. Decided to try a chum pot with bunker. Did good there the night before with The Bagman. I think all the stripers left to find the bunker that wasn't there. Got a 30" way up current, Berkley jerk shad, Arkansas shiner.
  2. I seem to get less wind knots then the Power Pro, may be a coincidence. Kinda noisier when a fish is on ( at least on my equipment), the finish is not a smooth as PP.
  3. Jon, I guess I missed what ever happened, to busy fishing. If it aint fun no mo, time to go.
  4. Down here in South Jersey the fish of the day seems to be bluefish. I been gettin most of mine trolling a clear holographic plug. They haven't been jumping, so you wouldn't even know they where there. Bring pliers, it's a little hazordous trying to unhook a bluefish thrashing all over your lap with treble hooks.
  5. I got an Old Town Loon and made my rod holders from PCV pipe, 1-1/2" I think. They're in the aft section. Made slots in them like Tom sugested. I guess they're about a foot long. I got threaded caps and threaded couplings. I glued the couplings to the pipe and bolted the caps to the kayak. I attached the caps with big washers with little holes(I think they're called aircraft washers - you have to go to a real hardware store to get them, not Home Depot)and used stainless bolts with lock nuts. I troll with them and haven't had any problems yet. The nice thing is you just unscrew them to store or drain your kayak. The bad thing is if you hand tighten them to hard, you need a pipe wrench to lossen them up.
  6. Didn't do any good at the seven bridges. Probably do the parkway Friday night. Wind picked up a little bit but was going with the tide so it wasn't even choppy.
  7. I was out there Tuesday night from dusk til high tide. Didn't see no big weakies or big stripers. Got 2 slots, about 5 shorts (real short) and 5 blues. Got most of the fish trolling the down-current side of the bridge shadowline. Got the stripers when it was lower and the blues when it was higher. Not much was popping and I didn't want to wait out the slack tide so when it slowed, I left. Was using a 4-1/2 Yozuri Crystal Minnow that I added holographic sparkles to with clearcoat. If School = get out early tonight Then intFish = 7 Bridges Else Friday night.
  8. What sold me on the Loon was the seat. After siting in a bunch of others, when I sat in that, my back said "Yeah, I can sit in this all night." I also got the skirt for it, it makes a big difference in the cold weather. Your lower body feels like it's in a tent. I mainly got it for fishing the back bays at night in the spring and fall. You sound like your fishing from shore and just using the kayak to get there, so confort may not matter so much. On the negative side, like Bernie mentioned, they don't turn on a dime. Also if you capsize, you aint just climbing back on board. Also awkward to get out of back in the sodbanks, especially at mid tide,have to sometimes paddle a way just to find a sandbar.And last but not least, if your going to be around waves or alot of boat wakes, the sit-on-top would be better..
  9. Went down last night early to some bridge. Took a look before I leaped and it looked calm enough. Got out there and in 5 minutes the wind kicked up. Under the bridge was like a wind tunnel. To much trouble to turn the kayak around in the wind, so I went with it through the bridge and turned around on the other side. Went to Plan B, sodbanks, ended up with a 32" and 27-3/4", homemade plug I made from wood and epoxyed a piece of a CD on each side, fished til the tide slowed and was home by 11:30. At least the wind and rain was at my back.
  10. Not tonight for me, didn't get much sleep last night and rather save my energy for Friday (not a flyers fan) and Saturday night.
  11. Get one single kayak and leave the wife at home.
  12. Have school Thursday night til possibly 10:40, wouldn't get down til about midnight, what time ya going? Free Friday night, what time? This the same spot as last year?
  13. Only problem with running lights is that boaters would probably assume your in a boat and might not be to careful about there wake.Plus it's just another thing to smash and repair.
  14. Try, they got (or had) some free viewer thing there. You could select topo map, coastal map or ariel photo. They cover the navigatable waters but only go up the river so far. Last time I was there they moved it and it was hard to find. I also use the Patton county maps, they show all the water details that are on the USGS Topos. AAA used to carry them if your a member. Haven't seen them in the WAWA's lately
  15. I caught a tagged striper last night out in the kayak. Inside the fishes body cavity at the end of this wire was this plastic strip about 1"'X 1/4" that said "Reward - USFWS" and had a toll free # on it. The wire on the out side said "If under size cut off tag release fish" So I called and there going to send me a hat with a striper on it and a "Certificate of Appreciation". Not only did I get a Christmas gift from a striper, now I'm a USFWS Certified Striper Fisherman (with papers to prove it). Pssst......Don't tell anyone it was only 26", I'll lose what little credibility I have left.