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  1. I always thought CCBC made lots of lures LOL , mine has brass hardware and may be a different size ?
  2. Phil I will take this pls
  3. Find a old black Atom with brass hardware and you have a great combo Or yes sell the box. Lol
  4. Hard box to find. Black color congrats. No find the lure
  5. Looking for a few tattoo 1-2 Oz poppers anyone ?
  6. Danny P
  7. South Bend Bass Oreno is a guess w/o looking up
  8. Last one is a home made Nantucket Rabbit lure
  9. I have a 2007 with 127k on it and it drives like it just came from the plant it was made in. I picked it up just for the beach. Drove 6 weeks last fall , every day and never had any issues. it is hands down the best of the best , beach driving is a sneeze for a GX I will get another when this one rusts away lol
  10. Slip I will take them please thanks
  11. Mike , don’t let them NY guys fool ya !
  12. Cash paid $ Any plugs Jack made , Banana , darters, etc ...
  13. Or start a go fund me page. Lmfao.
  14. Feb 1973
  15. Just to make things clear