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  1. Spoffords = Vineyard Roberts = Nantucket i think
  2. God Bless Steve
  3. I only run regular gas in my gx470 for years , no need for high octane ..... save some money
  4. search for a LRD off road sticker they look great on the truck Best truck I have ever drove on any beach, just let the air out of tires you don't need 4x4 at all The all wheel drive is a beast .... I did change out the air bags. Best thing I did on the truck Lots of room to sleep in back on cot as well enjoy it... Gas prices are the only problem ,,,you can thank sleepy Joe for that ...fjb
  5. Welcome Home
  6. Nice to see your posting again you have not missed anything ,just the world going down the crapper.. Cape Sam Strong !
  7. The Kenden is a tuff tin. Pasquale display card below enjoy
  8. Hope this helps ..
  9. They are all Jack Frech lures that he made .
  10. Some great info , thanks again for posting.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I have been looking high and low !! again thank you
  12. Still looking for any early magazine ads or articles before 1950. Thanks
  13. Thanks already spoke with Ralph !
  14. Any new info or any background info would be great . looking for any connection between point jude tins and Diamond lures ? Looking for any documents, printed material with years etc. thanks in advance
  15. Not mine so I can’t help with any more pictures , glass eyes are different.. best of luck