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  1. red white is a fish master ..nice plug
  2. Kevin Nice collection. They all on the jacket ? Very cool
  3. This old club Patch ! love my old patches, anything interesting to share ?
  4. None of my wadds have grommets so that’s wrong. Also the eyes are way off .way to large they look more like a Musso so Klams gets my vote !
  5. Made by a master plug builder , lol made a few like a RI egg for Albies
  6. The kid is mental, just sayin Took me to the dump on our first date .
  7. Found Dino walking around as well. Lol fishing was very very slow.
  8. Found this at Wasque on MV last month. Pretty cool and lucky find that showed up after all the beach erosion. Made my derby complete !
  9. Why is it that I just can’t see Conn Yankee in any form with these ? Eyes, colors , nothing shouts out Walter What am I totally missing ....
  10. Lol. Great Trade baits in Curly Condition !