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  1. Slip I will take them please thanks
  2. Mike , don’t let them NY guys fool ya !
  3. Cash paid $ Any plugs Jack made , Banana , darters, etc ...
  4. Or start a go fund me page. Lmfao.
  5. Feb 1973
  6. Just to make things clear
  7. It’s anyone’s guess ? I love it but with the frt and back tail wrap ????
  8. Enjoy I have the complete article but not sure if I can post
  9. Lots of different rabbit plugs , I always liked them and still toss the plastic , lime green
  10. This is from Nantucket Club
  11. Your close Steve , but no cigar
  12. Island surf what JF lure you asking about ? I have a few RR Bridge , Not all Jacks Lure weights have a F stamp on them. It does help ID them . He used decal eyes a lot wrote on the lure as in this picture. So many people copied that same lure on cape cod and the islands
  13. Who has a old flag plug ?
  14. Tom D still hangs around. I just wished him a happy bday last year !