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  1. Maybe. I don't suck at catching though. Now it actually makes me chuckle that they suspended those permits sales. Not that it ever mattered to swarms of pigs that will be on the beach with SUVs without any permits and another swarms of morons that will take their little sedans or crossovers only to get stuck either 5 feet from the first gates or down on the way to the beach blocking all access. Same story every year.
  2. Relax. There's no fish on breezy and tilden anymore.
  3. Where in Queens are you?
  4. So, occasional dunking 5-15 seconds, should be equal or less to high pressure water stream?
  5. That is exactly what I'm trying to achieve, as I noticed that I loose more fish due to weaker hooksets that this rod contribute to in its original configuration. I had this similar model back when it's called Surf and Jetty XS11MS and over the years I broke off a bit of the tip twice. Not sure exactly what length I lost, but I liked it better after that. So, I'm just asking if anyone did something like that and how was their outcome. And what would be the proper tool to cut it.
  6. I have 1322L new gsb. And thinking of cutting it down few inches from the top. To make it a bit stiffer. Wondering if anyone did something similar and how it worked out.
  7. Cut it from the butt or the tip?
  8. I have bootfoot Orvis waders. Boots Size 11 with room to spare.
  9. I had this exact reel and loved it. Used it heavily for quite a few seasons before it gave up on me. Really good reel. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Was it sold?
  11. I'm in
  12. Where's it located?
  13. I'll be interested in case it doesn't work with capri.
  14. Entire Jersey side of the Raritan is covered with dead bunker. They say it happens every year, but I didn't hear that before.
  15. If someone has means and equipment to make the bolster it can be easy fix, as the blade looks like it's nicely forged and grinded. You can tell that the smith was trying to drill a hole to rivet the bolster in, but something went wrong. Although in my opinion the sequence of making the handle would be different. I'd do the bolster first, and then make and rivet the handle and sand and polish it all together.