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  1. that's one way to deal with it. unfortunately I'm not much the man of the words. especially if the surf and boat engine are roaring. I'd ask him to move aside once. After that: I'd cast in front and to the sides of the boat. He'll move.
  2. Nothing wrong with that smell.
  3. You got that right, I have 02 and bought her with the sticker from dealer that timing belt was replaced. Other stuff that you mentioned: to me it's a given, no car over 140 can run on the original shocks or use original pads. Mine has 160 and original radiator is fine. Just flush the coolant once in 5 years. Those things designed to run up to half a mil with proper maintenance.
  4. Can't go wrong with decent shape 3rd Generation 4Runner (98-02). As it's safe to assume that by now all of them are over 140K, make sure that timing belt and water pump were changed at least once.
  5. I'm on the market for new 4Runner, but was thinking Tacoma for a while. Until I actually sat in one. I'm 6'3" and 2019 Tacoma Double Cab is more constrictive inside (with the seat adjusted as much as possible) then my current 3rd Gen 2002 4Runner. Cannot even compare the space of the 5th Gen 4Runner to new Taco. It was big disappointment for me since I actually seriously considered one. But at the end it simplified the choice.
  6. I have Albright 10' 4pc rod in sturdy tube case w/ cordura cover. don't remember exact rating, but pretty sure it's within your desired range. I can check at home if interested.
  7. yep. stamped and sealed.
  8. Not every time. Only if you walk away with your tail between your legs. 50% of the boaters will move after you yell to them, 90% out of the remaining 50% will move after first warning shots that you lend in front or to the side of them. 99% of the remaining 10% will leave after you snag their lines with your jigs. And only 1% of the remaining 10 would be that hard headed idiot who just won't budge until he gets it in the hull.
  9. You can stay whenever you want. But next time you on your boat - remember what people say in this thread.
  10. My point exactly. Those nicer boaters are an exception, that only confirms the rule.
  11. I don’t need to flex muscles at anybody. And mirror and kids have nothing to do with any of it. You were tough enough to call me an idiot, or express your opinion, as you put it, and I simply suggested for you to go and screw yourself, that’s my opinion. I think it’s fair. You have luxury of choosing your own schedule and fish at night-good for you, not everyone here has that. At least not every day. And for those days when I’m out there, and some idiot pulls a boat in front of me, he will be asked to move away, if he wouldn’t that’s too bad. BTW, most boats that I see were coming close to begin with, after jetty guys were landing their lures around them were smart enough not to do that anymore. So they learn. Show them they have much more water at their disposal and if they have half a brain they will understand.
  12. Screw you, Ben. Read my previous post carefully.
  13. Idiots are the ones who have boats and still encroach to the tips of the jetties or shallower surf and interfere with surf and jetty fishers. And if surf and jetty fishers politely leave and let the boaters-idiots fish their spots, well then they are even worse idiots. Fishing rocks most of the time I’ve seen my share of both. Ok, I admit, that casting sinker deliberately into the boat is excessive measure, but usually if a guy doesn’t react to a polite request to get the f**k out, I do a warning shot few yards away from his boat. Works every time. And by the way, not 100% sure, but I think there’s a regulation that prohibits boats to approach the structure like jetty tips etc by 200’ or so. Not sure of exact distance.
  14. Precisely, Valentine. thats why you should use a bank sinker and not a tin ;-)
  15. 3oz is good enough. If after taking it in the hull he wants to stay put or come closer, then he’s got much serious issues then etiquette.