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  1. Sorry, going to pass, already ordered couple direct from the builder.
  2. Is Alan's a mini dart? If you decide to split, let me know how much is it for? tx.
  3. Thanks for detailed response. I'll give it some thought. I'm a tall guy and would want something like that, but I also have some back issues, so heavy lifting is a bit of a problem for me. Drive 4Runner, would want to avoid trailer.
  4. I might have M Slim, but it's not exactly a blackfish. I forgot what the color called, it is somewhat similar to blackfish, but not exact. Interested in surface slims.
  5. How’d you transport it? Strictly on a trailer? Can it go up on the suv roof? What’s the approximate weight when loaded?
  6. Don't mean to break any rules. But if you still interested in selling 3 light colors I'll take them.
  7. how much for the 3 light colored minnows?
  8. what if you have Gateway Area Parking Permit? Can you stay and fish any time?
  9. $170 shipped. Need to find those extra spools.
  10. Cool. Thanks again.
  11. I have Stradic 5000fi mint. Also have about 4 spools for it.
  12. Thanks. Can we schedule pick up towards the end of this week?