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  1. Solid red both sides?
  2. I can't get a reliable quote online from ups or usps... Usps asks me to come to the post office and ups give me some ridiculous quote. so I guess I'll just let it ride for a little more until I have time to go to their office and get the quote.
  3. disregard. wrong response to wrong thread...
  4. no problem. glwys.
  5. I will keep that in mind. Thank you.
  6. I'd rather not. But would consider it if there're no pick-upers. Shipping is extra, obviously.
  7. It’s actually 9’ Powerod by Shakspeare PBWS 590 2M Medium. Possible to cut 1’ off the tip?? I also found another one, conventional Power Stick G by Penn. PS 270. 7’ cut from tip to 6’6”. Suppose you can lift a fish with it. If you want all 3 rod with ugly stick, you can have them for $40.
  8. I have this Tica Dolphin rod that I purchased new a while ago and used it probably 2-3 times during all that time. UGSA90M2S M 9’0″ 2 pc 10-25 lbs test ½-3 oz $90 pick up in Brooklyn, NY.
  9. I have one inexpensive rod. Don't remember exact brand/model, but I used it years ago for pier fishing I think it's 8'. I'm in sheepshead bay in brooklyn. If interested I'll get the model later tonight. You can have it for $20 if you come down. I also have 7' Ugly Stick with 2 top sections, if you'd be interested. You can lift a fish with it, but not very big fish. If you take both of those rod we could work out a nice deal.
  10. Yeah that’s the rod. Ok to everything. I will send you pics. Thread closed pending sale.
  11. I was confirming the location. Can you do $110? I work all week and can get there over the weekend.