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  1. All the best to you and yours!!
  2. Beckmans closed on Sept. 13 2003
  3. TO insure yourself getting a pass its best to go as soon as thdy become available. Yes there are years that they don't sell out until april but there are years they sell out the first day.
  4. Is for all vets from before Nam to today. You will need Id showing you are a vet, DD214 . There is one question I have asked the folks that got this done and that is the way some parts are worded. Makes it sound like they can ignore this if they choose.
  5. Hair dryer has worked for me . Just use a low setting.
  6. no murder just a reference about asbury
  7. that refers to the long sleep you do in the box.
  8. Do the dirt sleep there.
  9. Pure fantasy land
  10. This fishery is still a dead issue and will most likely be that way for our life time There are a few caught every vear but not enoug to make it worth the effort. BTW your little guy is not a whiting
  11. The hook is what you make it. Some folks do well there all the time and some don't do squat at any time. The only way you can find out is to go wet a line.
  12. only you would carry a phone with a weak battery 0
  13. Heavy fog can't see the beach need a compass look at your cell phone most of them come with a compass app and you can always add one for free
  14. Hey Sudsy nice color on that one squid.