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  1. You should use whatever you like best. I like using a swivel. The Palomar knot is incredibly easy to tie and is one of the strongest knots around. Tying improved clinch for leader is also incredibly easy and strong. A swivel combines simplicity and strength. While I agree more points of failure is generally a bad thing, both Palomar and the Improved Clinch are super easy knots. Alberto/Albright knots are relatively easy to tie but prone to randomly slipping. The FG Knot is obviously great but not the easiest to tie either. I'd fish a Palomar with Improved Clinch for years with confidence. The swivel would rust out before the knots ever break. Reeling a swivel past your tip shouldn't be a problem for any experienced fisherman. You should have an idea of where your swivel is based off the length of your leader/distance to your plug. It's second nature.
  2. PPW is custom only to my knowledge. Doubt he has a factory rod but great guy to go to for a custom build.
  3. Danny’s
  4. I have not fished a conventional 701. I have a spinning 701 I built and built another one for a friend. A 6 ounce sinker would be heavy on that rod. I find 2-3 ounce jigs to be the sweet spot. 4 oz is the most I've put on and that's starting to push it. Since it's fluke 6 ounce is okay but it's not ideal for that rod. 2-3 ounce jigs is where the 701 shines 9.5 lb fluke in Jersey last summer on my 701.
  5. Sold. Thank you Chris.
  6. PMs exchanged. Cya tomorrow, thank you.
  7. Rear grip is 12 inches from bottom of butt cap to reel seat. Foregrip is 5 inches. EVA foam. I see I made a mistake in my post. The rod is actually 7 foot, not 7’6 like I originally thought.
  8. Bump. $200.
  9. Rod is built on an MHX L905 blank. It’s 7’6, wrapped conventional with Fuji guides, EVA grips. Only used once. Good all around rod to 8 ounces. Great for an older kid. Located in Staten Island, can meet within reason. $225 picked up.
  10. Captain Jacks Boating School is where I got mine. Highly recommended.
  11. Such sad news. Have fished many, many times with Chris. He truly loved to fish like few can. I remember one day togging where we didn't get back to 4PM(and he left early in the morning, 5:30 or so), he had a trip the next day and we were talking about surf fishing. He was going out right after the boat docked to surfcast for stripers. RIP to a legend.
  12. Fished Northern New Jersey today on a friends boat. Caught 3 keepers 5 shorts first hour after sun up. Other 2 guys had 3 keepers. Bite rest of the day was awful, just a few shorts and 1 more keeper for the boat. Bounced between Sea Bright, Rattlesnake and Newgrounds.
  13. John Skinner is an excellent fisherman. I'm not trying to take anything away from the guy but the video you're showing is from Shinnecock Reef in August 2015 when the fishing was just stupid there. Fluking in Eastern Long Island is not the same as fluking in New Jersey. The average quality of fish just can't be compared. I've been out there plenty of times and have met plenty of NJ guys too(typically Mohawkers) and they always clean up like Skinner did in the video. As fun as Rhode Island is similarly you can't compare blackfishing out there to New Jersey. One is easy mode and the other is hard. I don't think anybody is saying John Skinner isn't an excellent fisherman. Just that he's not a God and if he fished Jersey waters for example his catch would be more pedestrian than in Eastern Long Island.
  14. Yeah it’s a Tsunami Talking Popper. They’re great plugs I don’t think I’ll buy an expensive wooden one again. They cast great, have great action, are cheap and readily available. Just make sure to replace the tail hook that’s the only weak point.