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  1. Can’t meet today. I can meet tommorow wedsneday if that works.
  2. From the bottom of the buttcap to reel seat is 14.5 inches.
  3. I will get to you tommorow on that. I believe it’s 12 inches but not 100%. Might be a tad longer
  4. Rod is available still.
  5. Sounds good, I’ll be off Monday so that works. I’ll message you on Sunday for time and location. Which bridge will you be coming from?
  6. I can’t meet today. If we meet in Staten Island I can do 125. Let me know. Thank you, appreciated. I started rodbuilding this past winter.
  7. The blank weight is 9.4 oz. For a tog rod I don’t feel it’s heavy at all but that’s just my opinion. Not sure what most tog blanks actually weigh. The action is moderate fast. Rod has a nice bend when fighting fish.
  8. Bump, $140 now.
  9. Bump, $160.
  10. I built this rod a few months ago but have no use for it. I have too many rods. It has not been fished and is basically brand new. It’s a 7’0 E-Glass blank, 15-25 lb line. I would put 6-8 ounce on it, no more then 10. Good rod for inshore fishing with a sinker, especially blackfishing. $175 I live in Staten Island. Can meet in reasonable distance.
  11. Final bump. Thank you.
  12. Bump... 175 for the rod. I will be in Point Pleasant again wedsneday if anybody wants to arrange anything.
  13. Casting/conventional.
  14. Where are you located/would want to meet? Sorry for late answer.
  15. Bump. I’ll be in Point Pleasant on wedsneday.