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  1. My order took about 2 weeks. They're swamped and got less workers so just be a little patient.
  2. Seen a gator caught end of April and there's been some cocktails around by me but not thick. I don't anticipate an "invasion" this year.
  3. Sorry for your loss.
  4. I like D better and only use A on lighter builds(single foot guides, light fluke rod, etc). I agree A looks a little better once epoxied but D is so much easier to work with.
  5. Time for some new spots. I would expect the boat reports to be lousy, May is for quality, not action. You don't have to trust me but I assure you you're doing yourself a disfavor writing May off for shore fluking.
  6. Why's that? Fluke are in shallow for all of May. This is the best time of year to get some quality fluke consistently from land.
  7. Here’s a 9 foot ODM Nex1 I finished recently. Built it for myself to fish bucktails, artificials and smaller plugs in Raritan Bay. I have a heavier Nex1 so I knew it’d be nice but I’m still really impressed with how well this rod casts. I hope some blues can help break it in soon. Guides are Fuji Ks. 9 in total including tip. Except for the stripper they’re single foot. 30-25-16-10-8s. A 4000 sized reel/VS150 balances perfectly on here.
  8. I figure you require a two piece, but if you're open to a 1 piece the 9' ODM Nex1 1/2- 3 1/2 oz is moderate and perfect for your use. It's very light and casts the whole range great.
  9. I love my 1-5 NEX1.
  10. Let’s do 4:00 then. I’ll be in a Bright Green 4 Door Wrangler.
  11. If we meet there I could do $160.
  12. Sweet spot is 1-1.5 oz for jigs and handles 2 oz. Excellent rod for tog jigging. It's rated 1-5 ounce sinker weight by Rodgeeks.
  13. 732 sold, thanks Jared74.
  14. Sounds good. I'll be in a bright green 4 door Wrangler with a rac a rod on roof. Hard to miss.
  15. Yes off the butt. Are you able to meet at the Quick Check in Perth Amboy, 853 Convery Blvd at 5:45 or gotta go home first?