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  1. Final bump..
  2. Bump. $225 for the UC700M, $100 for the PPW rod, $100 for the jacket. Firm.
  3. Bump. I’m negotiable
  4. Thanks, added them. Not sure why link didn’t work. I’m 5’8, 185, Jacket is large.
  5. I’m looking to sell 3 items. I’m located in Staten Island and will meet within reason. If you are interested or have any questions text me at 718-612-6405 First is a United Composite 700M I built for myself. Only used once. It has blue underwraps and a blue Project X Aluminum Seat. Good all around tog rod, good for 8-14 oz. I’m only selling because I want 7’6 not 7’0. $250 Second is a surf fluke rod made by PPW Tackle. It’s 7’6, rated 1/4-3/4 ounce with microwave guides. Rod is nice, but I want my gear to be all built by me now that I started building. $125 Third is a Stormr Typhoon Jacket work 7-8 times over 4 years. It’s large, in very good condition. It’s a little too tight on me. $110
  6. Any day in the summer time you have conditions you’ll do really well up there. Even without them you’ll still do good.
  7. Is that the Bounty Hunter new boat? Limited trip of 12 with bunks sounds like a great cost effective way to fish like a charter but spend PB price with no hotel.
  8. I am allergic to epoxy. Epoxy for grips/reel seats gives me bad itchy rashes. The finish gives me dry skin and burn like cuts where it touched my skin. This significantly hurt my quality of life when I first started to build last year and was oblivious to my allergy. They all have similar properties so if you’re allergic to prokote you’ll be allergic to all of them. What’s helped me greatly is bundling up(long sleeve, gloves, face protection) whenever I’m using epoxy. If I don’t have protection I won’t even bother with epoxy now.
  9. Final bump.. I will be in New Jersey Sunday morning if anybody is interested in the UC. Perth Amboy area.
  10. Second bump. UC and Saltiga still available in great condition. UC700M $250 Saltiga 15 $285 picked up or $305 shipped
  11. I will sell you mine for 170 shipped. It’s brand new in box, not used. I know you say 130, but it’s brand new and I bought in summer before the mega sale.
  12. Sounds good. Will arrange meet up details in PM. Thank you Randy.
  13. You sure? It works for me. I'll send you his email.
  14. Check in with PPW Tackle, he has a page on facebook. He should have the blank, but not 100% sure