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  1. Final bump.. I’ll be in Pt pleasant tommorow. $175
  2. Bump. $200 picked up, $225 shipped.
  3. I have no interest in trading for any rods. I have too many.
  4. Daiwa Saltist
  5. Bump.. Open to offers.
  6. I heard a certain somebody on the Monger got 30 keepers and multiple DDs today...
  7. Built this for a friend a few months back. Unfortunately he backed out. It’s 9’0, 50/50 2 piece, fast action, rated 3/4 to 2 1/2 ounces. Guides are Fuji K, the running guides are single foot to keep the rod light/tip responsive. Grips are straight heat shrink. In the pictures, there are water spots from showering/cleaning the rod. Not random/sloppy epoxy work. The blank is MHX SU1085F. I can’t post links here, so feel free to google it. $225 picked up(I live in Staten Island). It’s 2 piece, so I can ship for $250.
  8. I like my Keurig. Dunkin or Green Mountain light roast with some French vanilla and sugar is best to me.
  9. Thanks guys. I fished this rod Saturday and loved it. Had 6 keepers to 5/6 lbs and a bunch of shorts. Rod has a lot of power for its rating without being overkill either.
  10. Thank you. I’m scared to do dec wraps... I know it’ll make me buy more and more blanks I don’t need so I can practice, lol.
  11. Quickly wrapped and put together this XC732 I got from Billy over the past week. The blank is metallic red. I matched the blank with nylon black wraps and a gold trim. The black foam grips and red matagi seat make for an easy match. I cut it to 7 foot, and will be using it for blackfishing. Rear grip is 14’, fore 6’, and I put on 9 Fuji Alconite guides including the tip. This rod feels perfect to me for 8 oz/inshore blackfishing. Looking forward to fishing it this coming weekend on Tagged Fish.
  12. This will be my last bump, if nothing I’ll list else where. $200 meet up on Staten Island, or $215 over bridge in NJ.
  13. Second bump.
  14. I’m not really able to find anything either. I will message you a link of the blank from a rodbuilding retailer website(can’t post link here). All it really has are the ratings. Here is what the original builder commented about the blank a few years ago on a different forum. “This one has a faster tip that becomes a bit more moderate when the rod loads up with a big fish. Great for those guys who like a little crisper feel than the composites but don't want a stiff baseball bat. This is a great rod for both inshore and in the deep, 8-14 oz sinkers and has the power to land big ones. This blank has landed fish over 20# (NY state record Gregg Nardiello) and works well with both braid and mono.”
  15. Bump. Feel free to ask any questions.