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  1. I grew up in Stewartstown and now live in Lower Windsor Twp, not far from the Susquehanna. I tend to spend more time at Indian River fishing the rocks than on the beach, but as my kids are now big enough to tag along, I have been spending a little more time on the sand. I got a hand-me-down 4x4 pickup this year, and have been thinking about doing the AI thing. My 84 year old grandfather used to be a big surf fisherman and loved going to AI; I'd love to get him down there sometime soon if I can manage to get the truck ready for the beach and get a permit.
  2. Stemple Brothers at the top of the hill on the Cecil County side of Conowingo (Rt 1) opens at 5:00 AM and sells everything.
  3. The water coming out of the North East River seems to be warmer than that coming out of the Susquehanna, so I start there and search for fish on shallow areas near channels and drops. We were getting 54 degrees on Sunday off the VA Hospital, but when we moved over to Carpenter Point we found 58. Never got a better reading than 58 on Sunday. We only found one fish of about 26" in 6 hours.
  4. It's very much legal to be in Deer Creek; you may have to fight for a spot though The hickories have been pretty consistent in the creek and the river, but if you want a fight head to the dam and look for some white shad. We got into some white shad on spinning gear Friday below Conowingo and some nearly spooled us.
  5. The hickories were hitting well up at Conowingo dam on Tuesday evening; I didn't see any whites caught though. It's tough to flyfish up there, but certainly can be done. All of the fish are right along the bank anyway. Just rollcast out and let it swing with the current. They hit right at the end of the swing, and on Tuesday most were hitting only if you left it there for a few seconds. A gold flashabou fly would probably be the ticket; the guys with jigs weren't hooking up, only those fishing spoons were getting action.
  6. Four fish over 20 pounds so far, one over 30. I'm on the Chesapeake Bay and the Susquehanna Flats have been giving up some big fish lately. My 6 year and I caught a 39 incher on Saturday that had some serious girth. He fought the fish for about 2 minutes before asking me to take it off his hands.It, and all the others, have been released to fight again. We've had some good fishing since mid February in areas where C&R is allowed all year. I had the opportunity to take my 80 year old grandfather fishing last week. He caught a few nice fish and helped me land a 42" beauty that ranks as my best ever. It's been a great year for creating memories.
  7. I was out on the boat Wednesday and saw the fleet of which you speak Jim. There must have been over 100 boats fishing off of Turkey Point at 10:00 am. We caught a few smaller fish in that area, but left to seek relative solitude and got a whopper at Red Bank later in the day. There wasn't a boat within half a mile of us there except traffic running out to T.P. I'll be out Saturday evening for a while.
  8. While a slow sinking flyline works sometimes; my go to line for the Flats has always been a 300-400 grain sink tip, especially when the water is cold. Most of the fish seem to hang on the bottom when the WT is in the upper 40s, and the 300 grainer isn't too heavy for water as shallow as 5-6 feet. If you are lucky enough to find fish in 2-3 feet of water, go with the intermediate; if you're searching channels and drops in the 5-8 foot range use a sinktip.
  9. Anyone watch Dari Alexander on Fox News? Great legs, a little bit of attitude, smokin' hot IMHO.
  10. This is a little off topic, but you should try them in the fall in the coastal inlets. I have taken them at Indian River, DE and White Shad feeding on the tides in heavy curreny are an altogether different fish than spawners in fresh water. They will hit big flies too; I caught them while fishing for stripers with a 350 grain head and 1/0 half and halfs. They'll put themselves on the reel in a heartbeat and burn your fingers in the process. Many of the shad I catch at that time of year exceed 22"-23". I usually find them about 2 hours ahead of high tide and the bite lasts until it turns.
  11. I decided based on the water conditions on the Flats (low temps) and predicted crowds that I'd go a little further south and fish the Patapsco. Took a fishing buddy from PA who had never fished for stripers before. It wasn't blazing action, but until the wind turned around from S to E and stopped the action it was steady. The newbie caught 3, including a 15 pounder at about 34" and a fish of about 22 pounds and 37". I only put 3 schoolies in the boat today. It was pretty nasty by about 1:00; I think Sunday is probably a blow out. The fish are around and they are biting. If the Flats look too crowded, ths fish are biting in other, less crowded places too. BTW, all fish were caught on a 1/2 oz red jig and 5" Albino or Opening Night Bass Assassin. It felt good to put a rookie on fish that made his arms hurt all day!
  12. Dick, there was a spot where I saw kayakers putting in on the north side of Elk Neck last Fall. I think it was at the bottom of the hill either directly before or after the road to the boat ramp. I know it's at the bottom of a hill, and I could see the water through the trees and a path about 50-100 feet long to get to the water. Don't know if that helps or not. The ramp on the south side of the park isn't supposed to open in time, and it would be a hell of a paddle if it did.
  13. My favorite intermediate was always the Cortland Clear Camo 444. I was upset when it was discontinued, but I recently bought the 555 Little Tunny line in a 10 weight and it is very reminiscient of the Clear Camo. I think it will be a winner; it is very easy to nail not a leader butt to (does not strip off the coating), and took a 6 turn nail knot to 30 pound backing very well as well. I'm fishing the Chesapeake tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. I'm fishing this weekend, but was thinking about trying another spot south of the flats where we got into some fish last Saturday. The crowds might be tough to deal with as there are a few boat ramps out of commission right now (Tydings Park in Havre de Grace is under construction and that's generally a very busy ramp; some others are frozen in as of yesterday). I do have an alternative location with free parking/ramp access and I know the fish are there. It's possible that I'll start out the day somewhere else and give the Flats a shot either later in the day or perhaps on Sunday. Right now, I'm solo for Saturday, so if anyone wants to fish from a power boat give me a holler.
  15. Actually, reports so far say water conditions are pretty decent as far as visibility goes. WT is on the cold side, ranging from 32-38. Conowingo is only releasing enough water to generate power and has not opened flood gates yet, and winter melt has been slow and steady. We might luck out. The best place to launch a kayak is at Perryville Park on the Cecil County side. If you go into the park and drive back along the water, there is a small gravel beach that's great for launching; you should see several other cars with yak racks parked there. It is very close to the fishing as well. [This message has been edited by Christian White (edited 03-09-2003).]