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  1. I assumed the poster was new to Tarpon fishing, 60 pound tarpon would be a hand full to a first timer.
  2. check out 7 mile fly shop in Marathon, good guys, If you are not familiar with Tarpon fishing, I would suggest going after the smaller Tarpon, or something else, it sucks when you waste your entire trip trying to catch a huge Tarpon, only to not be able to hook or land the fish if lucky enough to find one. Lots more fun targeting smaller fish on the fly rod. My opinion having been there myself.
  3. Can I come too? it's been a while
  4. You have 1970's Heddon 150 minnows. They are painted eyes and surface hardware. In the condition they are in with original boxes at a lure show you could buy these for around $50 each. More or less. Hope this helps.
  5. Your reel is most likely american and 1860's to 1890, side mount reel, not sure who made it but I think it's a highly collectible reel, the right collector would give his first born for it. Check out the ORCA website. I think reel might be worth 4 figures. Great find
  6. right on the money here, you can find them a bit cheaper but $75 is about right Wheatley has made boxes in all sorts of configurations some are very rare and highly collectible. I once had a wheatley flask that came in a leather case, nice...
  7. Just found this. Pretty sure 2005 was my first FF, when Bob Pop and Steve Farrar were tying flies. It's definitely a lifetime ago. Things change not always for the better. Bittersweet for sure.
  8. RIP my friend, I've been gone from here for a while now, came back today and saw this. Steve was one of a kind, in the best possible way.
  9. 10x10 flies. Here are a few from my collection. Not for sale at this time.








  10. I have an Orvis Saltrodder fly rod, 9 foot 2 piece for a 7 wt. great condition, with Original Cordura case and sock, $170.00 shipped in the USA,
  11. The CCBco five hooker in the middle is pretty rare, lures look to be in minty shape, would love to see lid, box is awesome. Don't give them away.
  12. Good to see everyone having a good time. Getting harder and harder to get away now a days, have to try to make it down next year.
  13. second vote for Montague
  14. I can do that. I'll PM you my info. thanks.
  15. Pretty decent Penn 700 spinfisher, everything works, strong bail, can probably use some grease and general cleaning. as found condition. $70 shipped to lower 48