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  1. Definitely from the sixties, maybe even the late fifties, don't know who made it but if you are going to fish, you need to clean up all the corrosion on guides or your line will not hold up.
  2. Most likely made by Thomas Chub or even Montague. Solid rod, with trumpet guides, spigot ferrules, boat trolling rod, Ca. 1920's. Trumpet guides were easy to rig while in a moving boat or windy conditions, or better explanation for older folk with poor vision. Nice rod, not much value maybe $50 but awesome wall hanger with a vintage reel.
  3. After Sept. 30th. it's C&R only, just a reminder. Streams look great right now, a bit on the high side. Careful wading Beaverkill, anything over 800 to 900 CFS is hard to wade, good luck and post pics.
  4. If by any chance they glow in the dark more than $25-35 What's the number on the box?
  5. That rod and reel date from late 20's to 30's, depression era. Back then most families used the rod and reel to put food on the table, used it for anything they could catch, probably only outfit they owned. the reel is most likely a Pennel and the rod a Bristol,
  6. I have a Penn G 1.5 if interested. right around $160
  7. they never bothered me but that was a few years ago, who knows how the react to that now.
  8. We knew this was bound to happen sooner or later, Used to fish right there across from the old diner on 17, had to park right next to train tracks. kinda hairy when trains went by/
  9. Up for sale is a Penn international fly reel, model 4G, like new with box and papers including blank warranty card, (not sure it's still good), reel is loaded with what looks like Dacron backing, hard to say this was ever used. Will sell for $425 $395 shipped and insured to lower 48
  10. I researched this company a bit and found their reels are sort of collectible. Most collectors want big name companies, few collectors want small name companies if that makes any sense. What I couldn't find is price info. If you give a model number, maybe even a picture I'm sure I could help with pricing. FYI Company would engrave your name on reel free, they also made spinning reels.
  11. Even says Hendryx on the foot.
  12. How do you know it's a Vom Hoffe? Looks like a Hendryx reel to me but that's just going by your pictures.
  13. Can you post some better pics of the Edward Vom Hoff reel, definitely NOT from same maker. Vom Hoffe made their own reels and were very good at it, high quality and very collectible.
  14. That's a Pennel reel, sold as a trade reel so no name. Hendryx marked everything they made including birdcages Lol.
  15. Paypal is fine, I'll PM you details. thanks