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  1. Great PM with details and ill get you the funds. Thanks
  2. I’ll take it for asking
  3. I’ll take #66 please pm me your pp info and I’ll transfer funds. Thanks
  4. Payment sent thanks!
  5. Done quite well with 2oz darters on steep beaches throughout our area. I have a darter in the bag when im doing early afternoon into evening fishing. Same with needles. I usually work them like a pencil rather than the traditional approach. They work great when the fish want some thrashing that sits a little lower in the water.
  6. Send me your info and I’ll PayPal you thanks
  7. Offer $150 for the lot with immediate paypal
  8. No worries.
  9. 6.5” and 2.25oz To confirm, you want the gold/brown? ill do it for $25 shipped.
  10. I’ve got a couple 2016’s that are just too big for me. One is fished, the other is brand new in the plastic. Was as a bit difficult to get these being from CA, so I paid a little extra for someone to pick-up for me at a show. Yellow 3.3oz @ $65 - Thrown and carried but still looks good. Pulled the flag to adjust its swim a bit. White 3-5/8oz @ $75 - brand new in bag
  11. They look brand new. Have a few storage scratches. Been in bags since I got them. Took them out to take pictures. 6.5” @ 2.25oz Id take $50 shipped for the pair with paypal
  12. I have a couple left hook spooks brand new in plastic. Will post pics if you are interested
  13. Payment sent
  14. Payment sent
  15. I’ll take this one too will send PayPal right now