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  1. I figured it out when I got down there. The best way is to go to a hotel called Villa Cofressi. Even if you don't stay there it is a very popular place so you can park and walk to the outside bar where you can walk down to the beach. The great thing about this place, besides the fact that you can fish feet from the bar (order a pirate especial and take a cab). The best thing to do is to hit the supermarcado across the street from the resort. Buy a pound of frozen squid and bait some small hooks. The resort offers jet ski and other water rentals during the day so they keep a light pointed on this section of water at night, which attracts fish. You can catch red snapper right from the shore. I never got any large enough to keep but I'm sure if I stayed there and really fished I would have. I was on my honeymoon so fishing wasn't the sole purpose of my trip. Anyway, small hooks like you would use in freshwater lakes for brim or crappie with small bits of squid and you'll get at least one keeper red snapper. You can hook into snapper from the shore too on the east coast with a shallow water crank bait. Not going to give the exact spot but its between Loquillo and Fajardo. Enjoy!
  2. I'm fine with it. Let's do it. I'll PM you with my address and just do the same. I'm not sure if I have the box so it will probably come in a box of some sort in a sock (clean).
  3. Hey, first I should apologize. I was having a bad day dealing with some incompetent doctors that did not seem to have the best interest of my patients in mind. I was not thinking clearly or I would not have been so rude. I didn't, until the other day, read the post that I sent you. First, I am interested in the reel. You have something I want and certain detas do not always dictate a better or worse scenario. However, I don't want to have to put a bunch of cash immediately down buying backer and line. Does it at least have backer? If the reel is still available and you were not too insulted by my post, I would like to revisit our previous conversation. Also, would you consider simply selling it straight out. And if so, how much are you looking to get. Again no matter the outcome I apogize for such a rude response. Just let me know if any offer is still on the table. Thank you and have a happy holiday. Mortimer
  4. I'm interested but I would like something to go with it. The daiwa is more expensive, newer, and ready to fish. What else can you do?
  5. Used but great Daiwa SL30SH. Strung up with Berkley mono 15# and a 50# leader. It's not blown up; the leader just never memorizes like the line itself. 10/10 mechanically and 9/10 cosmetically. Would like to trade for a 4-6 weight fly reel. I've got too many conventionals so I thought I might try to trade one of them out because I just bought a nice fly rod and need a reel. I don't really care what kind of reel just that its in good working order. Thanks for looking.
  6. deleted , posted elsewhere . please read the bst rules before posting . thanks
  7. From the album FS/FT: Daiwa SL30SH

  8. From the album FS/FT: Daiwa SL30SH

  9. Would like to trade for a decent fly reel btw 4-6 wt. Price is $65 on the reel if you just want to buy, Thanks.
  10. I didn't see another thread with this but I only searched two key words so I'll ask and a mod can move if necessary. Recently, I purchased a Mitchell 300 for my dad bc I broke his (very first fishing rod he ever bought when he was 10) and had it fixed. I liked it so much that I purchased another one to put on a cheaper shore casting flounder rig, I'm sold on these reels. A little heavier but the torque is great. The only thing I really would change about the reel is the size of the handle. When I have a 15"+ flounder on, I would like to have a larger reeling diameter. I find myself getting overzealous, which affects my ability to reel. Anyone look at using another reel handle for a Mitchell 300 to combat this problem?
  11. Was thinking about spooling up one of my blue yonders with the 30lb dyneema. I purchased those reels not realizing that I could only get about 150 yards of 15lb mono on them so I'm looking for an alternative. However, I don't want to spend $45 just to spool up one surf casting reel so I may give the Dyneema Spectra braid for $10 for 300 yards. Any experience on casting coventionals with this line? Thanks. I also fish for flounder from the surf pretty regularly and have thought about spooling one of my cheaper reels with it too just to see how it works out. Any advice would be much appreciated. FYI, the only experience I have had with braid is when I have purchased a reel with it already spooled. One of the two blue yonders came with braid on it and I actually didn't find it terribly frustrating. Flounder bites being the way they are, I do find myself responding differently when I'm using one rod in a holder spooled with mono and then actively fishing a braided rod.
  12. EXO sold. Thanks! Still have okuma, cheaper quantum triaxx, and abu Orra
  13. Wow, if I lived a little closer I would definitely take a look but I think it would be at least a 10 hour drive from carolina. You don't have any need for a utility trailer doe you?
  14. Would be willing to trade the Abu for a penn 550 ss that's made in the USA.
  15. Did you want to split shipping on the Abu?