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  1. Thanks for all the comments on the sun/storm pic, glad you guys enjoyed. That was taken the morning after the NE blow two weeks ago. Wind gusts - measured at the AI station - built up all day Wed, low-mid 30s. Peaked 1:40 AM @ 49 MPH, then dropped like a stone. Got on beach sunrise, winds calm near 5 MPH. Crazy what can happen in a few hours. Storm moving out, the sun peaking through the fog over the angry sea made for a neat, almost otherwordly, color vibe. Awesome drum pics guys, congrats to all
  2. A few from last week on AI. No drum for us, but did have some pullage though so all was good. Congrats to all those catching. Magical place
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  7. Allen - Love the aerial pics/gallery! Great stuff as always. Thanks for posting and for the history lessons. I need to find some time for some hiking in between fishing
  8. Just got back from fishing @ AI past two weeks. Slow fishing for the most part, most days no fish, a few blowfish and shorts on metal the exception. Until yesterday...dead low tide on bunker chunk. 43". Healthy, chunky fish. Fished two weeks for that knockdown, fight, and fish on the beach, and it was well worth it
  9. So ready for spring Does make for some pretty scenery though
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  12. Slow few days. Small blues on metal. Nothing else until this AM. [img= Landed 23" pup @ daybreak AI. Only fish of day, caught on first cast. Few other nibbles through early afternoon, but mostly just watching rods and changing bait