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  1. things are looking good, check out the recent posts, this weekend looks a little chilly and wet.
  2. well I guess there are a lot more people fishing for one, which I gess is kind of what we all promote, with take a kid fishing. We do this to help protect the fishing. IT works. sport Fishing is so large we actually got the feds to control the commercail fishing to limit the stripers and now we have lots of stripers to fish. ALso why do you think we can get fresh bunker all the time now? there is a big market for it. I read this all the time, without it I would never have caught a striper. Giving the info to fish does not guarentee a fish. My catches are few and scattered. I have read these posts from the catchers , " caught ten tonite, twenty the other and didn't keep any under 40" :" I go the next day nobbody is catching anything. There are a limited number of holes and such on the beach. And you can catch them alomost anywhere if they are there when you are. I belive that there would be a lot less fishermen on the beach without this post. I would be one of them, I would have stayed in DE and probably never caught a striper on the beach. this info changed the way I look at fishing for stripers. I have thanked you all for the help you have given. BUT personal contact is the best way to hit stipers. Yes is does make it harder to get your spot when you want it, yes there is more traffic on the roads, and yes I am finding out I don't live in the country anymore. things are going to change, yes it will get like jersey here I guess enjoy it while you can, encourage people to enjoy fishing, probably details are not really important anyway. It did help me to decide to take off work and fish when people were catching 20 stripers in one nite! man that does get your adrenalin going, really eats up vacation time though! I know allen he, is a good guy, as are most all of you, I have met some but most I have not. Your all welcome to a beer and conversation and bunker if I have it.
  3. I will be out there the week of the 2oth on and off, stripers were caught alomst year round one year, maybe three years ago. Look at old posts
  4. sorry you had to endure such a traumatic experience!!
  5. gracias!
  6. my first keeper/striper was on clam at ass.
  7. swimmin out with a piece of bait, hmmm, something doesn 't soud right there. I feel kind of funny putting it out with a kyak! How do you fit those big ****s in that tight wet suit????
  8. Fisherman are prohibited from possessing white, dusky, sand tiger, bigeye sand tiger, whale, basking bignose, Galapagos, Night, Caribbean reef, narrowtooth, Caribbean sharpnose, smalltail, Atlantic angel, longfin mako, bigeye thresher, sevengill, sixgill and bigeye sixgill. Except for those sharks that are prohibited, recreational fisherman are allowed to possess one shark per vessel per trip with a minimum size of 54-inches and one Atlantic sharpnose shark per person per trip with no minimum size. looks like minimum of 54", no tigers no dusky and the like, all others 54" which i guess leaves dogfish. nice size fish though.
  9. veeeeery interesting!
  10. sounds like a magical mystery tour!
  11. fantastic story, what a day. Hey how much do you charge to rent those lucky "mojo kids" out for????
  12. fish are also the meat that is not inspected, like beef and chicken. thanks for the update on the bees, we do get a few wild bees swarm every once and a while around here, I guess they are wild anyway.
  13. I guess like everything else you have to find out the most information and judge yourself what you are going to do. Just like ciggerettes, the tobacco companies still have proof that it is not hamful, I guess. Also they found that farm raised salmon has more toxins in it than ocean raised. Because the food they feed them gets its protien from the meat industry. If you don't raise it yourself you don't know what you are eating. Fortunately for me I don't catch enough stripers to worry about it. I have cut down on the fish in general though anyway, its a shame all the way around. On another note I have not seen a single honey bee on my clover this year, that worries me also. That god we have a lot of MONEY, because its the most important thing in the world!!!!
  14. they bring em back from where dune was filmed. They are pretty big, but if you use a 2,00000/0 hook you can catch a whale.
  15. fine fishin!!!