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  1. Great plugs Slaptail. That little Jerry's in a tough one!
  2. Dave, Dimensionally it's Soco / Pt. Jude but the rigging style was Lido. If memory serves, it was a bike wheel spoke for through wire which was threaded on the end to fasten the flaptail hardware. I can think of a long list of things I'd rather do than bend a nose loop using spoke wire!
  3. Here's one I received in a plug builders swap that was geared toward knocking off an antique plug. GooGooMan did this. Incredible work, talented builder.
  4. Thanks Blank Disc. The middle redhead is a Kenden. The green one is a Roy Whitehead.
  5. A few more from NY
  6. Couple of pretty New York redheads...
  7. Couple more from Rhode Island. SC - one on the right should look familiar
  8. Here's some that you don't see everyday. Clearly no duplicator was used in the manufacture of these! I won't post the name yet - anyone know?
  9. Some Masterlure flaptails called "Jet Bombers". Not sure what the little one was called but it's an oddball. These are heavy enough I can picture casting them with a squidder - many of the ones from this era are surprisingly light - but I can't imagine how bad the head hook must have fouled on the leader!
  10. Hi Dave. Left row and center row are Point Jude / Striper Experts. Right row: the two herring patterns are definitely Soco. The top was found in the box and assumed correct, the other has a much different paint pattern that the standard PJ. The red head could be either. I assumed because the red head matches a Soco popper I have it was a Soco but PJ's have been found in the box with the same paint job. It is virtually impossible to tell a Soco from PJ in many cases so I can't say for sure which it is. The bottom right is a Cal-Kay and below that is another PJ. It's about 1/2" shorter than the Cal-Kay. I've seen the same plug in a box, previously I thought it was a Cal-Kay but it's apparently not. It's likely a transition between styles, the cut head version followed it. The PJ's had a lot of changes over the years, hook placement, eye location, etc. There's a bunch of SWLCC guys that have a much deeper knowledge of the Rhode Island plugs, maybe someone will chime in and add some info.
  11. Hey mr Adam 

    hope your fine.   Any  idea if these lures are Murats ? 

    Rumor has it Ed Poore found one new in a box ? 

    I thought it was on a very long thread but I can’t seem to find .. 




  12. A few from Rhode Island...
  13. I haven't had any problems with adhesion using gloss finishes but I'm applying all colors in a very short period of time - previous coat / colors still wet. I doubt there's much durability difference between flat and gloss but I have not sprayed a lot of flat. One other thing, let it dry and cure before you start installing hardware / wiring. I usually let them sit for a few days. Hope this helps.
  14. I only use oil based finishes. There's several good ones on the market, Rustoleum works fine. I air brush outside with a respirator on and bring inside to dry. I would not spray it in the house. 1. it stinks. 2. it's flammable.