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  1. I'm in - thanks!
  2. Looking for a little help- we never fished Barnstable w/yaks and wondering best, easiest place to put in for rookies to this area. We’ll be fly fishing.
  3. I'm in - thanks.
  4. Caught both of these in water temps of 36' - both chased down small clousers stripped through the current. [ATTACHMENT=11739][ATTACHMENT=11740]002.JPG (660k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]
  5. I've drug the Trailex trailer up and down the East Coast at highway speeds of at least 75 with no problems whatsoever. I carry 3 yaks and have had the trailer for almost 10 years - never any problems. You may want to consider changing the 8" wheels to 10" but I've had the 8" all these years with no problems.
  6. I'm in, thanks
  7. I'm in - thanks
  8. water is coming but it seems that the flapper closes too soon. if you hold the handle down until it flushes all the way, the bowl fills to normal level.
  9. Asked this same question several years ago but no viable answers - thought I'd try again as we are starting to market our house for sale. When you flush the master bath and powder room toilets - they flush fine but the bowl doesn't fill back up. If you hold the handle down until all the water flushes, the bowl fills back to normal level. The same thing happened to the guest bath toilet some time ago but a plumber who was checking on something else fixed it but I don't what he did. I tried adjusting the chain and replaced the flapper several times with no success. Any thoughts?
  10. Anyone have any thoughts/info on kayak flyfishing for Albies in the Pensacola area? Doable?
  11. Stockers or natives - my best exploratory presentation is either a San Juan Worn with a Sucker Spawn dropper or a small Clouser. Again, the purists may have problems with the worm and sucker spawn use, but it sure produces - a lot of time when nothing else will!
  12. Just picked up a 6'9" Fenwick Elite Tech (found it online for +/-$78 and took the last one they had) but haven't fished it yet. Can't wait! I agree it is the best feeing rod I've yet run across. Paired it with a Daiwa Rojo Procast reel - hope to get it broken in soon.
  13. My brother and I are looking to book a guide for a 2-day Montauk striper trip. Any suggestions as the best guide? Also is April too early for Montauk stripers?
  14. Hey Mullet - I'm in - I don't tink I've seen you since the first one we did on the Flats!!! Just a question - looking at swhere the campground is - wouldn't Elk Neck Park be a closer paddle to get to productive waters. Nice park with good ammenities.
  15. There is a super glue specifically for soft plastics sold in tackle shops and Cabelas and Bass Pro. It is thinner than regular superglue and dries almost instantly. I carry a bottle in my surf bag and fix Storm wildeyes in a second and resume fishing. You've got to be a little careful using it as it tends to run everywhere - works great though!