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  1. I ordered Berkley Prospec Chrome 16lb, 3000 yds 4 days ago..received item today, was only 1000 yds. Called customer service and sent them pics. They said they did not have 3000 yd spools, yet they still show on their website. They said their inventory availability is not current with online system. What??? They said I could call various stores to see if they have availability...how do you run a viable business in this manner?? I ask for a full refund. Said they would email me a return label but I would not receive it for 2-3 days. Then take another 2-4 days to get my refund. What a poorly run facsimile of business!!
  2. I owned a couple SX 6/4....only used the higher gear though....no longer have them.
  3. You asked for the best...not the cheapest.....Daiwa Saltiga 12 braid...PE2 for surf casting.
  4. Will throw 3oz out of sight on a cloudy day.
  5. The weight range is answered in my original post (from Ryan's website)...built by Nicks Custom Rods. I, personally, would not throw 10 oz even with this 7.5' tip.
  6. 13' Surf Machine Max, long (7.5' tip), 60/40. Built with Fuji titanium Torzite Guides, first guide is RV25...tip top is T-mnst. Fuji reel seat. 29 1/4" from butt tip to center of reel seat. Pristine new condition. Has been thrown over grass a couple times. Fished once. Will throw 3 oz out of sight. Replacement costs with these components would be approx $900. My price $699 Postal money order or cashiers check. $725 PayPal..Plus shipping/insurance cost. Here is what Ryan has about this blank on his website: The Century Surf Machine Max was designed as a lightweight easy casting long distance great fish fighting rod that won't beat you up. The surf machine Max 50/50 (#10 tip size) is a great rod for 6 and 8 oz Plus Bait and can go considerably higher on the weight range but is out of its Peak Performance. This is a great rod for the young and not-so-young to use and also very easy for women to cast. The surf machine Max long tip is a seven and a half foot tip and a five and a half foot but that is a bit faster in action and does better with 8oz and 10 oz (#11 tip size) than the max 50/50 as well as still maintaining the 6 oz cast ability. Also has a bit faster action and a stiffer tip than the 50/50 model. Both models come with Century autoclave processing anti twist technology, textreme outer armor, and Fo-Cal design (stiffest point in the rod is under the reel seat to accommodate a punch/pull casting style) and will accept a 20mm reel seat. These are the thinnest diameter heavy bait rods on the market today.
  7. You definitely use the thumb when load hits the water to stop much of the overrun.
  8. With both a carbon Fiber Handle and Knob
  9. The knob position did bother me...perhaps not everyone. Also, I watched a video conducted by British casting experts where they compared casting distance between the Penn Fathom II 15SDCS (Casting Special) and Akios F15...the F15 did consistently perform better...their reasoning was because the F15's spool was lighter. You can google that comparison for more details.
  10. Would handle that just fine.
  11. I have the 13' rated 4-8....and it handles 2-4 best. Be careful with factory ratings. Will throw a 2 oz sting silver out of sight.
  12. Perfect...thanks Inshore....you'd think replacing that bushing with another bearing would not adversely affect their costs a great deal since Shimano buys these small bearings in large quantities from China???
  13. When you say you can't tell any difference between the 7'10' and 8'10' models...don't want to make any assumptions here...are you referring to castability, fish fighting ability, distance potential, something else?