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  1. Don.t forget to use the zest
  2. Wallis is also directly 1/4 mi south of +seal point rocks+
  3. / yellow /
  4. Those creek chubs work great on a 1-----1--2------1-----1--2------- pop. Get a lot of hits after the 1--2. Redhead.Esp in the morning first light.
  5. NH Beaches were full of fish tonight. Only picked up 2 mid 20's but many other hits. Still stuck with a sandspike n bait for the year. Torque and slammer are already hung up. Fish we're VERY light on the hit.
  6. I wish..... Love me some big blues for grilling steaks up.25's fight like 35's
  7. No blues here for 4+ years.
  8. Love my torque. I would buy another.
  9. From the album I.m still here.

  10. Bad hips and all I had A buddy of mine come around 2hr drive just to go fishing. We reeled up this massive 24" skate. 5 mins later. Zzz zzz we pulled up this nice 41" 27-29# cow. Gotta love being able to put an old friend on some really nice fish. Tight lines everyone. [/img]
  11. From the album I.m still here.

  12. Caught a nice Mako while back bout 4 miles north of boon isl in Maine. Well worth the fight.
  13. Slammers are TANKS. 560 that's 6 years old and been through he'll and a lot of fish. Just now replacing line roller and main gear .
  14. Can.t explain to you out of the fish I keep are loaded with 2-3 lobbies in their belly. However that's $500 a pc in NH fined. I know every officer by name. And would expect them to fine me for every one I had in my can.