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  1. Lots of salty searun cutthroat hanging out in these areas today chowing on chum salmon fry before the tide dropped. SF
  2. Searun Cutthroat city when covered with water. SF
  3. Some chum fry clousers. SF
  4. A few chum fry patterns for this weekends searun cutthroat fishing. SF
  5. One way to do it is to click on his name in this thread which will take you to his profile page. Scroll down the page then you can see the threads he replied to. Click on the thread title and you can see pictures of the flies he posted in the various threads. He ties some great looking flies. SF
  6. Agree on the proportions statement. Mine are way out of whack having caught a lot of squid while jigging for them at night in the past. With that said, the salmon out here don’t really seem to care much about the proportions. A lot of salmon have been released onto the BBQ over the years on rubber hoochie squid. SF
  7. Definitely not normal. They are leaking. SF
  8. Thanks Stu. Things have picked up recently. Had a nice multi species day today on the smelt and chum fry eaters. SF
  9. Chuck, Glad to hear your son got out and enjoyed some time fishing and exploring Puget Sound or Hood Canal. I don’t recognize that pattern. There are a ton of various patterns folks use out here for searun cutts. That does look like it would be really easy to tie up some of those. SF
  10. Saltwater Coastal Cutthroat from a quick morning outing. SF
  11. I’ve been having luck with both of these recently. Alway fun to have visible target to cover with the gurgler after they rise. SF