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  1. First attempt at a floating shrimp pattern. These things were hopping out of the water last weekend with searun cutthroat obit on their tails. It came out ok but I need to get some brushes for the legs. SF
  2. Stu, That is a pile perch. Have caught them before in the sound, but never on a fly. SF
  3. Losing a pet is very difficult as they become part of your family.. Have been through it multiple times with many dogs and cats. Sorry for your loss BFD. SF
  4. You can’t compare Wilson’s contract to Brady’s. Brady should be the highest paid QB and player in the league but he takes a hometown discount just about every contract. One interesting stat on Wilson. He has started something like 112 games in his career. Of those games, the Seahawks only lost five by 8 points or more. Sure the defense has been good, but he also keeps them in the game nearly every game despite a lot of suspect offensive line and receiver play over the years. SF
  5. SWR, I think you and I might be the only Washingtonians here. There are a few from Oregon. I don't even have anything close to the gear for fishing out there. Good luck if you can put something together. SF
  6. Probably the IMX Pro. About the same dollars today as what your IMX was new back in the day if I recall correctly. If you want something different like a NRX, see if they’ll work with you and maybe charge you a bit more then the Expiditor repair fee to upgrade. It never hurts to ask.... SF
  7. My guess is they’ll take care of you. SF
  8. I’d definitely consider then for the salt. Barnacles and oysters eat up boots pretty quickly. I’ve been getting maybe three years out of boots at $150 or so per pair. I’ve had Danner wading boots before and they held up well. One of the selling points is that they can be refurbished. I wonder what the charge is for that? SF
  9. I believe I read on one of the guides websites that there are tarpon available, though that might have been on Provo. I fished around both East and South Caicos as well as Provo and it certainly looked like there should be tarpon around, though I never saw any. Too focused on bones. I also caught and lost some decent sized cudas and caught some mutton and yellowtail snapper. Also saw some decent size jacks. SF
  10. The OBS lines are the same lines, whether they are labeled for fresh or salt. My personal choice are full intermediate lines over the F / I lines. SF
  11. Hard to find Loomis Signature Series IM6 9' 5 wt two piece. Good luck finding a solid wood reel seat in a mass produced factory rod today. I have two of these. I'm selling one since I don't fish trout much anymore and to fund another saltwater rod purchase in the future. If you like fishing old school medium action graphite rods, this might be worth a look. Comes with an aluminum tube and sock. $210.00 + Shipping. I'll work with the buyer to make the shipping as economical as possible if it is required. PayPal is fine or we can work out other forms of payment...check, money order etc. Feel free to PM me with and questions. Thanks, SF
  12. Wrong side of the country, but I fish a six in the salt nearly 100% of the time. Current set-up is a Sage X 697-4 and Galvan Torque 6. I’ll be adding a Scott Radian sometime soon to the rod quiver. SF