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  1. Frog Gurgler SF
  2. A few searun cutthroat from a wet morning. SF
  3. A few searun cutts from a wet morning. SF
  4. If anyone ever finds themselves up north and wants to target salmon, or searun cutthroat or maybe some other species for that matter without dealing with surf, feel free drop me a line. SF
  5. Not in California, but I’ve seen a number of different lures catch multiple salmon species off salt beaches. Here are a few. Buzz Bombs / Buzz Bombs with a mini hoochie Rotators / Rotators with a mini hoochie Hoochie Spinners Brads Super Baits Cut Plug Herring Whole or Cut Plug Herring under a float Chartreuse or Pink Steelhead Jigs Twitched Steelhead jigs under a float Krocodiles Spoons Kastmaster Spoons Flies SF
  6. Glad you enjoyed the video. It is a truly beautiful area. While several dams came down, now they are thinking of building a new dam on one of the last few decent remaining salmon streams up here. It is a ridiculous idea to build a dam on the Chehalis, especially in this day and age. How about quit building in the floodplain? If you have an hour, this is video to watch on the proposed project. SF
  7. Definitely not trying to break anyone’s dreams, just telling the truth how I’ve seen fishing for salmon and steelhead decline over the past 60 years I’ve fished for them in Washington. One of my home rivers closed in 1993 to steelhead fishing to let the fish rebound. 27 years later and it is still closed.... Puget Sound steelhead fishing is pretty much a thing of the past. It isn’t coming back. My point is that if people base there fishing up here solely on salmon and steelhead, there is a good chance you’ll be highly disappointed. If you get out of the salmon and steelhead box, there are a lot of fish to catch as I mentioned and you’ll have a lot of fun. flyntus, good luck with your fishing. You live in a area for some good fishing. Feel free to drop me a pm. I don’t fish east as much as I used to but I’ll be glad to help you with what I know or point you in the right direction. SF
  8. More of a winter deal up north here. Definitely fun to jig as well as eat. SF
  9. For someone new, likely the case. For anyone who got to experience back in the day, likely not. Angling opportunities up here for both salmon and steelhead keep vanishing and the states co-management system is broken beyond repair. Every time I read on my local boards that someone just moved to Washington because they want to fish for steelhead, I think that would have been a good move if you had done it 30-40 years ago..... There are still a lot of other types of fish to catch up here. SF
  10. True Pacific Northwesterners like myself would rather rust them melt, lol. SF
  11. Nice, so you’re a Logger! I grew up just a short distance from the campus. SF
  12. What school? I grew up in Tacoma. SF
  13. Not my image, but I certainly remember that day. Hard to believe it was 40 years ago today. Damn time flies..... I was fishing that morning and heard the boom. Luckily never got covered in ash but had relatives that did. Used to catch some beautiful fish out of the north fork of the Toutle prior to the eruption. SF
  14. The Columbia and lower Yakima has some excellent smallmouth fishing. Good walleye fishing as well. You aren’t that far from Potholes Res which has multiple species. Tons of big carp around that will rip some drag. There is also a pikeminnow bounty program on the Columbia. Some folks have made over $100K per year fishing that program. SF