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  1. Decent cutthroat action this weekend. The weather was way to bright and sunny for my liking. SF
  2. Go Loggers! Grew up just a short distance from there. SF
  3. I grew up in Tacoma. We’re you going to UPS or PLU? SF
  4. Not my photo, but hard to believe today marks 42 years since Mt St Helen’s blew. I remember I was fishing a lake with a couple friends when we heard a big boom that morning. We used to catch some beautiful steelhead out of the NF Toutle. Coldwater Lake which was formed by the eruption had some excellent fishing now. Damn time flies…. SF
  5. New driver. Backed over the corner then had to be towed out of the ditch. Second time they’ve done it. No note, luckily my neighbor got pics so I know who did the damage. SF
  6. So much for my corner makeover…. SF
  7. Wet cold spring so far out here. Hit a number of beaches in the wind and rain. SF
  8. Same weather up here. Pouring today. Cold and wet spring with insane amounts of pollen. I'll take it though over the 110 degree weather we had last June. I'm hoping the La Nina provides us with a cool, cloudy summer. As a PNW lifer, I'd rather rust than melt! SF
  9. I saw this pattern on another forum and thought I’d try it. I absolutely suck at getting the grizzly saddle hackle to lay straight and flat on the back. Maybe the wrong type of hackle as it isn’t specifically for flatwings? I’m not even sure this pattern would be considered a flat wing though. Any suggestions on how to get the hackle to lay would be appreciated. SF
  10. If you are going to northern Idaho in August, westslope cutthroat should be the main attraction. Not many boards just dedicated to freshwater. You can’t post links here but drop me a pm if you need some west coast board suggestions for your trip. SF
  11. I tend to move around and rarely change flies. I generally move because I'm looking for current. Without tidal current, where I fish you generally won't have a lot of success. I did a little over three miles on one beach on Sunday looking for current as the tides sucked. Where I found current, I caught fish. The tide (incoming or outgoing) and the height will also dictate where I'll fish or move to next. SF
  12. A few cutts from today. The tides sucked so I experimented with some different stuff today. SF