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  1. Hey CB I no it’s a post to trade but I have a friend that would pay $150 for that JJ2
  2. Ok SS I’ll accept that offer
  3. Hey SS where do u live
  4. Hello I would say 10 feet
  5. Fish on 8 metal lip diver These plugs have only been available at the Asbury Park show They’re tough to come by PP f&f $45 shipped
  6. If anything goes wrong I’m in please
  7. This is the blackfish pattern I was talking about I believe over the years there has been several
  8. Hey buddy I’d b happy to look at them at your convenience but take your time there’s no rush
  9. Surfstryker I thought of something I need, I need it to be March right away after Xmas Lol
  10. I don’t think so as of right now thx
  11. Or maybe blackfish surface or med diver
  12. Hey guys I ended up with 2 of these from the recent sale, so I’m looking to trade this mossbunker medium diver for either a mossbunker surface medium or giant, Rainbow trout surface medium or giant Thx
  13. Hello I have active trade post here titled JJ3 for JJ2 and in that post chuckbull offered me a darker JJ2 that you guys might b able to mark a deal for check it out
  14. PM sent to Goldy
  15. Goldy is that the only JJ2 you have I live in the Woodbridge area not to far from you Would you be interested in meeting somewhere I can come to Monmouth County like Sandy Hook, Rumson boat ramp etc I'll bring some plugs and we can talk trade