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  1. Still available
  2. Let’s compromise at $30?
  3. Hello, where do u live?
  4. Brand New never fished Big Dons Small Surfster Killer plug Great color Paypal $ 35 including shipping
  5. Closed thread because of lack of interest
  6. is this a Giant or Slim Surface or medium diver
  7. One Big Don's small yellow back white belly swimmer left for purchase
  8. Jbaer stupid auto spell not Janet
  9. Janet check ur pm
  10. J they have have sold already i have to check ill get back to you
  11. Closed due to lack of interest
  12. Price reduced to $30 each $5 shipping paypal
  13. I believe I have one yellow with white belly left. I’ll check and get back to you
  14. wow I thought I was the only one who had those The KVD suspending ones are killers for smallmouths
  15. 2 Brand new 6 inch Trouble Maker metal lips for sale. Beautiful plug Nice finish Not a mark on them 1 - Pearl 1 - Olive over white $35 each plus $ 5 shipping Paypal