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  1. Thank you im good now
  2. Yellow back with white belly is still available
  3. Sold to JerseyGoFish
  4. Ok let me see what he replies
  5. it’s the plug on the right red eyes white belly Vmc hooks upgrrings Here’s a bunch of new photos
  6. Sold to FPhaney
  7. Ok
  8. Yes
  9. Thread closed
  10. Still available
  11. brand new 6 inch Pencils Weight 2oz Casts well Nice colors, beautiful finish Quality plug $30 each shipped paypal
  12. Ok sounds good PM coming
  13. Gibbs Canal Pencils 8” long Flat bottom design to get to the surface quickly Weighted design to cast a mile VMC hooks and hd rings added Casted a couple times but like new $30 each plus $8 shipping paypal
  14. Wonderbread pattern 4 inches long $ 20 plus shipping $8 paypal
  15. You got it PM coming