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    Hi, I'm an old guy who has witnessed the rise and minor fall of the striper in the NE area.
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    Mainly fishing
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    Retired ME
  1. From the album A plea for help!!

  2. I drew and embroidered this striped bass on the jacket for my dad in 1974. A few threads frayed so I fixed it for his 90th surprise party we didn't get to have. A tribute to Casey Ghee aka Ken...
  3. Good evening. Just a reminder to all the memorial service for my dad is Sunday 5/18 at 1 pm, St Luke's Episcopal church, Beacon NY. If you need further info please pm me. Thank you all for your kind words. Kim
  4. Thank you....
  5. For any that might have missed the article on my dad in the 1988 Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Issue...
  6. Thank you so much. How very well said. I am in awe of how many friends he had we knew nothing about.
  7. Thank you so much.
  8. Thank you all. Your thoughts and words are much appreciated.
  9. Thank you. We know the feeling. My dad had a very unusual sense if humor...
  10. Thank you it certainly is
  11. My dad and mom on his 90th birthday, 4/9/14. We had a great day!
  12. From the album A plea for help!!

  13. Thank you all. Kenny the Codfish, I haven't heard that in years! My dad was so many things, but one above all he was a fisherman. I didn't know about this site until recently. I'm so glad he brought you as much joy as you seemed to have brought him. I did not keep up the family fishing legacy but he did teach me to tie flies at age 10....
  14. Thank you all for your condolences. And thank you Steve in Mass for your kindness. I am sure he is fishing with all his old buds...